Yemen Palace Mandi

Yemeni restaurant in Ma'an

Updated: March 11, 2024 01:01 PM

Yemen Palace Mandi is located in Ma'an (City in Jordan), Jordan. It's address is الجامعة حي عليان, Ma'an, Jordan.

الجامعة حي عليان, Ma'an, Jordan

6P3H+8R Ma'an, Jordan

+962 7 7915 1213

Check Time Table for Yemen Palace Mandi

Monday10 AM to 11:45 PM
Tuesday10 AM to 11:45 PM
Wednesday10 AM to 11:45 PM
Thursday10 AM to 11:45 PM
Friday10 AM to 11:45 PM
Saturday10 AM to 11:45 PM
Sunday10 AM to 11:45 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Yemen Palace Mandi?

Yemen Palace Mandi is located at: الجامعة حي عليان, Ma'an, Jordan.

What is the phone number of Yemen Palace Mandi?

You can try to calling this number: +962 7 7915 1213

What are the coordinates of Yemen Palace Mandi?

Coordinates: 30.2033179, 35.7295534

Yemen Palace Mandi Reviews

Mateusz O.
2023-03-21 14:22:32 GMT

The food at this restaurant is great and tasty. I definitely recommend this place, but what I also suggest is to order less. We ordered four meals, and even though we were hungry, we left plenty of food on the table.

The restaurant is located at a busy intersection, but there are many parking spaces available.

Unfortunately, it was difficult to communicate with the staff because of their limited English proficiency. The menu card is also lacking in information.

Anyway, it was a nice experience, and we would still recommend this place.

Alfredo Moya
2024-01-19 00:03:52 GMT

It was the first time that I tried cuisine from Yemen and I need to say that it was delicious. The bread they do is from another level, together with the beans dishes and the rice they prepare, well, all dishes are amazing. We took 5 of them to share and we ended so full.

Plenty of options for vegetarians and vegans.

Recommended 100%

Raissel Ramirez
2023-10-21 14:16:46 GMT

We found the place online when visiting Petra and it was definitely worth the 30min drive to have lunch here. Genuine traditional food in a local environment, service was friendly and welcoming and the price was way better than touristic Petra.

Akihiro Seita
2022-06-18 10:49:54 GMT

Everything is so delicious. Super yummy. Probably the best in Jordan, and better than Yemeni restaurants in Yemen :). Salta is supper. Mandi as well. Bread is the very best!!! Enjoy

Łukasz Kozak (kozluk)
2022-12-31 20:30:49 GMT

The best Yemen food I have ever eaten. And in good price. It’s worth to take a little bit longer path while heading to Aqaba and have a food stop at this place! My wife loves it!!!

Beau Brant Piano
2019-10-17 13:06:12 GMT

Wonderful and some of the best meats around. Just order one dish as they are very large and include salad etc. we loved our food experience and nice staff. Colorado USA

Eng A
2024-03-03 18:04:13 GMT

Tasty ,

2021-05-30 11:41:49 GMT

Very friendly staff, nice atmosphere and super delicious food .

Would recommend everyone to try the Yemeni cuisine at this restaurant .

Dan Bendelic
2018-10-13 17:02:43 GMT

Everything we had here was delicious! Highly recommend this place. Very inexpensive as well.

Ahmed Turk
2022-06-03 16:07:21 GMT

The best mandi ever, reasonable prices, the quantity and quality of food is amazing and the staff are very friendly

Bassam (bassam_36)
2023-08-01 18:50:01 GMT

Delicious food.

Tariq Albeetar
2019-03-07 07:28:52 GMT

Its very delicious and 6 persons can eat 25 jd

S a m u e l
2017-10-16 18:05:53 GMT

Good vibes. Good food. You can lay down and eat like a true Yemen. Yalla!

Rafiq Otaibi
2023-05-11 16:35:46 GMT

The food was excellent 👌

Yaman Khtoom
2020-01-11 16:04:18 GMT

Great staff and an amazing delicious food

Hakam Madi
2019-08-16 14:09:23 GMT

If you are in Ma’an, make sure to have your launch at Yemen Palace Mandi. It’s as perfect as it can get.

2023-02-19 05:25:56 GMT

Good food good price

ِEhab Abuobaid
2018-01-15 13:07:15 GMT

It is have very nice food ❤❤

Haytham Alawneh
2020-07-06 11:46:55 GMT

Very good restaurant and tasty food

Visit and Education Jo
2023-08-28 20:55:27 GMT


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