تلفريك عجلون Ajloun cable car

Mountain cable car in Ajloun

Updated: March 15, 2024 06:55 AM

تلفريك عجلون Ajloun cable car is located in Ajloun (City in Jordan), Jordan. It's address is بالقرب من مار لياس, Ajloun, Jordan.

بالقرب من مار لياس, Ajloun, Jordan

8PXG+WG Ajloun, Jordan

Check Time Table for تلفريك عجلون Ajloun cable car

Monday11 AM to 4:30 PM
Wednesday11 AM to 4:30 PM
Thursday11 AM to 4:30 PM
Friday11 AM to 4:30 PM
Saturday11 AM to 4:30 PM
Sunday11 AM to 4:30 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is تلفريك عجلون Ajloun cable car?

تلفريك عجلون Ajloun cable car is located at: بالقرب من مار لياس, Ajloun, Jordan.

What are the coordinates of تلفريك عجلون Ajloun cable car?

Coordinates: 32.3498042, 35.7263301

تلفريك عجلون Ajloun cable car Reviews

randa turkmani
2024-01-19 18:23:31 GMT

It's my first time visiting ,sure not to be the last, every thing was arranged, for luck the weather was sunny and warm despite the fact that we were in January and mountains were usually cold, we chose Jett company for transportation to go there which was a successful choice, I recommend and advice all to go and visit 😁 👍🇯🇴

Mohammad Altheeb (TSM)
2023-12-19 08:43:37 GMT

Beyond amazing
The experience is very nice and is IMO a Jordan essential .

The cable cabinets are extremely good and clean , the process is very on point and accurate, the views are very relaxing.

Should be included In the Jordan pass ,Highly highly recommended

Bashar Serbel
2023-10-09 08:01:22 GMT

One of the best experiences that I’ve had in Jordan.
The staff are really nice and helpful, the safety is a priority and they really care about their visitors.
The trip have a good view, and you will enjoy every moment of your time.
I do recommend going there, and if I have time I will definitely try it again and again.

Mahmoud Alkurdi
2023-09-30 10:38:29 GMT

Amazing experience and lovely staff , recommended to go during week days and Saturday not on Friday , Gate 1 is less busy than gate 2 , the telefric is so long so you enjoy it , make sure to take your kids as they will love it

2023-08-17 08:58:30 GMT

I encourage anyone in Jordan to visit here and experience this. The view is gorgeous and the process was effortless. The ticket are 8 jd for tourists and 4 jd for locals. The staff is professional and welcoming. The lines move along quickly. The ride is about 10 minutes each direction. You must exit and stand in line on the opposite station to return. Our car had calming Asian music which was effective in getting us relaxed. The cars are equipped with intercom.

Mostafa Sobh
2024-03-03 09:31:46 GMT

30 minutes both ways. Nice view

Polina Kirillova
2023-06-16 14:41:46 GMT

Really nice! I fell as in Europe 😀Everything very organized and safe. Good service, has markets and Planet Donuts shop at the station. Adults 4 jd, kids under 3yo for free. Highly recommended

Tamara Sh
2024-02-11 14:40:51 GMT

Excellent service
The tour was very enjoyable

Mohammed Kettaneh
2023-08-01 09:51:52 GMT

Discover the magic of Ajloun, Jordan with the Ajloun Teleferic cable car! Glide above lush valleys, historical sites, and captivating landscapes. A thrilling must-try activity for all adventurers! 🚠🏔 #Ajloun #Jordan
Friendly staff, services available

Wajde Boarat
2023-08-23 19:52:39 GMT

Amazing experience with high nice view
And the location was great
The staff friendly all was organized .

Special thanks to Mr. ( Waheeb sawagneh )
For he's sporting and explaining everything he made our experience great with he's smile and helpful ♥

High recommended .
ajlun the best 💯♥

Ayat Khrisat
2023-09-05 09:18:49 GMT

Well organized, safe , really nice view, and the distance is good

sara sami
2023-10-07 19:15:23 GMT

Relaxing, safe, overall nice experience

Marwan Joudeh
2023-07-25 11:28:20 GMT

A must visit attraction. The cool breeze up there and the views are awesome

Fatma Sabri
2023-10-07 14:28:57 GMT

Very well managed, I can easily compare it to similar ones in Europe. The ride is two ways. Each way is around 7 minutes long. The view is nice. Went on a Friday at 1 pm and waited for 10 minutes to get into the actual ride. I image if i went earlier ( 11 am the wait would have been less)
Worth visiting and I will definitely do it again.

Adi Smadi
2023-07-29 09:49:39 GMT

Have tried before the teleferices at Barcelins, Istanbul, Paris, and Jounieh in Lebanon, I would rate Ajloun’s teleferic as number one or two, definitely an exceptional experience. Views were amazing, 20 mins duration in total, organized, friendly staff. Just amazing. Cannot miss it if you plan to visit Jordan.

Arqam Alshishani
2023-08-09 17:10:57 GMT

It was amazing, and should be visited again

Bassam Shahrour
2023-11-10 18:27:31 GMT

The first time we went there was a disaster as it was really full and we couldn't even get inside! Today was really good, no traffic and the staff there are the friendliest! We really loved it!

2023-07-26 09:19:07 GMT

Excellent, amazing views from the top

Mahmoud Al Dallah
2023-07-29 17:34:15 GMT

The experience is nice, Very well organized staff, Attention to the cleanliness of the cabins, Overall staff behavior is excellent

Abdulla Masoud
2023-06-19 08:51:25 GMT

Excellent customer service, welcoming staff, nice facilities with beautiful view

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Ajloun, also spelled Ajlun, is the capital town of the Ajloun Governorate, a hilly town in the north of Jordan, located 76 kilometers north west of Amman. It is noted for its impressive ruins of the 12th-century Ajloun Castle. source

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