Miles Supermarket

Supermarket in Mahes & Fuhais District

Updated: March 08, 2024 02:54 PM

Miles Supermarket is located in Mahes & Fuhais District, Jordan. It's address is Mecca Mall, Abdullah Al Dawoud St 20, Amman, Jordan.

Mecca Mall, Abdullah Al Dawoud St 20, Amman, Jordan

XRHV+3P Amman, Jordan

+962 6 585 3444

Check Time Table for Miles Supermarket

Monday8 AM to 12 AM
Tuesday8 AM to 12 AM
Wednesday8 AM to 12 AM
Thursday8 AM to 12 AM
Friday8 AM to 12 AM
Saturday8 AM to 12 AM
Sunday8 AM to 12 AM

Questions & Answers

Where is Miles Supermarket?

Miles Supermarket is located at: Mecca Mall, Abdullah Al Dawoud St 20, Amman, Jordan.

What is the phone number of Miles Supermarket?

You can try to calling this number: +962 6 585 3444

What are the coordinates of Miles Supermarket?

Coordinates: 31.9776326, 35.8442973

Miles Supermarket Reviews

sam nassar
2023-06-01 17:09:08 GMT

Very clean and modern, you will feel like you are in the USA or Europe.

Ameera Suliman
2021-01-14 22:59:41 GMT

Love this place 😍. (all the home shopping needs in one place - The side where the chocolate found is my favourite 😁-) ... U can find there all the things that u may not find in other place with perfect quality ... Will organized. Great staff

Abdullah Anati
2020-09-05 20:22:43 GMT

You can find every high quality foods items there!

They have all sauces you need!
So organized. Shopping there is so amazing and interesting! :)

Owais.H Qafisheh
2023-08-19 08:38:27 GMT

Very good place for shopping. I like it

Heba Mahfouz
2019-09-13 22:11:55 GMT

I love it. It’s elegant quiet place for peaceful shopping experience. I also loved their bakery too, they have pretty good croissants.

hisham j
2020-11-24 10:10:50 GMT

Best place for groceries & fresh food.
Great staff, great service and great quality.


Hanin Kanan
2024-01-02 06:29:48 GMT

I love their bakery 😍 and you can find everything you need there from different brands, and they have premium quality groceries

Ali Laftah
2024-02-23 15:26:58 GMT

Great variety of food, I loved the bakery.

Mohammad Shabsogh
2023-03-31 10:54:40 GMT

Great place to do your grocery, you will find what you want. The unexpected.

Khaled Kurdi
2019-02-27 10:35:58 GMT

Miles has always been my favorite supermarket. Although I may get things from the corner market at times, but when I need to get the long list I always go there. One thing that I only buy from miles is Fish. I never get it from anywhere else. Today the fish were outstanding. I could not but buy some Salmon. I strongly recommend Miles for fish. Prices are comparable to the others. As a guy who enjoys cooking, I enjoy shopping from miles as things are organized in a way that simply make sense. Go there and enjoy the experience.

Elie Khalil
2022-05-29 16:10:40 GMT

In miles you go the extra one;) a bit crowded but many choices

Mahmoud Al-Wreikat (JY5HL)
2023-10-17 15:14:51 GMT

The place was good but expensive compared to other similar places

Rasheed Qassim
2023-12-26 18:08:05 GMT

I like doing shopping there although the prices are not that great but I think it is worth it

samar hammad
2023-11-29 19:51:17 GMT

Market is clean organised with good quality products and easy access

Cathryn Wilson
2023-03-14 08:12:03 GMT

I love coming to this supermarket! The employees are always so helpful and very nice. For example if you ask where something is they will walk you to the product. They have everything that I could possibly want coming from the United states. A little bit expensive but I can't find these things anywhere else. I'm very thankful for their selection and quality products!

2023-09-19 17:49:52 GMT

Miles Supermarket is very efficient and reasonable pricing. I always get my groceries from this place and it is very convenient.

Mohammad Abdulkarem Al.Kubaisi
2023-08-20 20:51:23 GMT

A great supermarket for all the items you need, you can find items not available in another markets, but some items are expensive.

maher khalifa
2023-07-01 14:17:23 GMT

Good hypermarket , you can find most of items with some luxurious food brands
the casher queue is a bit long, but within acceptable range of waiting time
has a fresh vegetable and fruits

Nadia Al-Mudaffar Fawzi
2023-07-01 09:31:17 GMT

I love shopping at miles, specially the meat and fish sections, the butchers are very friendly curious and they provide v. good service.

Wasim Zayed
2023-10-30 18:56:58 GMT

Good variety of products, good store location inside the mall.
Products prices are not cheap but you get the quality of the products.
Noticeably clean and good service inside.

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