Sri Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao Municipal Park

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Updated: April 28, 2024 04:06 AM

Sri Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao Municipal Park is located in Eluru (City in India), India. It's address is Temple Rd, opp. Venkateswara Swamy, Ramachandra Rao Pet, Eluru, Andhra Pradesh 534006, India.

Temple Rd, opp. Venkateswara Swamy, Ramachandra Rao Pet, Eluru, Andhra Pradesh 534006, India

P37X+4P Eluru, Andhra Pradesh, India

Check Time Table for Sri Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao Municipal Park

Monday4:30 AM to 8 PM
Tuesday4:30 AM to 8 PM
Wednesday4:30 AM to 8 PM
Thursday4:30 AM to 8 PM
Friday4:30 AM to 8 PM
Saturday4:30 AM to 8 PM
Sunday4:30 AM to 8 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Sri Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao Municipal Park?

Sri Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao Municipal Park is located at: Temple Rd, opp. Venkateswara Swamy, Ramachandra Rao Pet, Eluru, Andhra Pradesh 534006, India.

What are the coordinates of Sri Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao Municipal Park?

Coordinates: 16.7127896, 81.0992543

Sri Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao Municipal Park Reviews

sai kiran
2023-10-11 13:41:15 GMT

This park is one of the popular parks in eluru located opposite to RR pet Venkateswara swammy temple. Contains children play ground and also foot path for walkers.

Subash Chandra
2023-07-23 18:45:19 GMT

Best place for kids, evening spent well with beautiful memories.

Pradeep Tadikonda
2022-05-07 07:50:31 GMT

Its very good place for children evening play and open free gym available for audults

Priyatam miriyala
2024-01-06 11:21:09 GMT

Nice place for kids and public

Ravizzz B
2019-10-30 16:02:03 GMT

I'm a resident of Eluru and I have seen this park growing old and dilapidated and nearing complete shut down.
But when I went to this park recently I am so shocked. It's full of bustling activity with masses of playing children, old people and parents. And I suddenly understood that it's renovated..

After entering this is what you see —
1 The same fountain which used to be present almost 10-15 years ago is renovated and is now a good place to take some selfies to commemorate the visit.. Lighting is also good for taking pics.
2 A large section is given to children playing area with lots of play things, swings, sliders etc.. It is most busiest place I have seen. Lots of children are playing under the watchful gazes of parents and grand parents..
3 A tabernacle is constructed to have some seating arrangement and watch the kids playing area. After walking for some time, it is a good place to relax..
4 A BODY WEIGHT GYMNASIUM is also constructed with Body weight equipment which is quite good. Only people greater than 14 years are allowed to enter.
5 A walking track is constructed with some seat in the middle so that people can walk and have a bit of rest in the middle..
6 A guard is vigilantly doing his duty and preventing the adults from climbing the children's equipment and also refraining kids from entering the adult gymnasium..

My only dissatisfaction is that the other half of the park is dull and did not undergo much modifications.. It would be nice if some renovations were made.
I'm so happy to see a sweet, relaxing spot in the middle of the concrete jungle..

V Hannah
2022-11-27 09:57:16 GMT

Place where you can find open Gym equipment at the dead end of the Park .

srikanth s
2017-08-17 03:24:00 GMT

Park is small but it's good. Every weekend so many kids were coming for play.
Mainly here, opposite to this park Lord venkateswara temple is located. It is very famous temple for eluriens.

Balakumar Gedela
2019-04-24 02:10:09 GMT

Recently this park is renovated. Now it is looking very nice. This time Eluru Corporation incorporated Zym items also in this park. These are very useful to the people who are coming to the park for exercises morning and evenings. Cement benches are arranged in a particular order to sit and relax for senior citizens. Fresh air is coming from four sides of the park. Every Sunday and Holidays children come along with their parents and enjoy very well. So now it is one of the nice parks in Eluru.

2022-07-07 04:54:22 GMT

It's free. Spacious and many games for children and also exercise equipments and good walking track

Prasad Reddy
2023-09-26 08:42:17 GMT

Still I am going to this park from my childhood days

Pittu Siva Reddy
2023-04-26 14:20:18 GMT

Excellent place for children chill out at park in RR peta

sree chandra sekhara sai Sure
2024-01-09 09:28:15 GMT

Pleasant place for refreshing and enjoyable park for all

Ramarao Mvs
2018-04-14 14:27:11 GMT

It is a local area in eluru, famous venkateswara Swamy temple, municipal park either side of the road, low cost good eateries around make this area a weekend spot, has good shopping line up also

Naga sai kiran
2018-11-25 11:32:30 GMT

Different varieties available. Paneer dosa and mushroom dosa are awesome. Can hangout with family or friends. Pure tiffin hotel.

Paramkusem S R kumar
2022-09-27 13:27:39 GMT

Good place to n joy children and family also

Bala Krishna
2017-08-29 13:09:35 GMT

Good park for kids to play. Also good snacks sale behind lord Venkateswara temple

Sachchidanand Pandey
2020-02-18 08:11:40 GMT

For family,. Best place

K S U Chandra
2023-07-27 16:08:11 GMT

A place to visit with family on week days and weekends

2019-06-07 08:06:25 GMT

Good place to enjoy with friends and family members and children.

Sridhar Babu
2019-04-01 01:18:07 GMT

Best place for refreshment and the kids love these kids of play equipments in parks.

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