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NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY ANDHRA PRADESH is located in Tadepalligudem (City in India), India. It's address is old aerodrome, Near Kondruprolu, Tadepalligudem, Andhra Pradesh 534101, India.

old aerodrome, Near Kondruprolu, Tadepalligudem, Andhra Pradesh 534101, India

RGPQ+M5 Tadepalligudem, Andhra Pradesh, India

+91 94927 43842


Monday9 AM to 5 PM
Tuesday9 AM to 5 PM
Wednesday9 AM to 5 PM
Thursday9 AM to 5 PM
Friday9 AM to 5 PM

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NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY ANDHRA PRADESH is located at: old aerodrome, Near Kondruprolu, Tadepalligudem, Andhra Pradesh 534101, India.


You can try to calling this number: +91 94927 43842


Coordinates: 16.8367167, 81.5379642


Atanu Kumar Paul
2023-09-09 06:28:39 GMT

National Institute of Technology Andhra Pradesh is a public technical university that is also one of the National Institutes of Technology. It was established by the government of India and its campus can be found in Tadepalligudem, which is located in the West Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh State. The government of India has designated this establishment as an Institute of National Importance. NIT Andhra Pradesh was developed in Tadepalligudem (also known as TDD), which is located in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

The land that makes up the campus is 178 acres in size, and it can be found in Tadepalligudem.

The West Godavari district is exceptionally fertile and receives an abundance of water because to the Cotton barrage that was erected on the Godavari River in the City of Rajamahendravaram. The West Godavari district is sometimes referred to as the Granary of India due to the fact that about half of the state's total rice output is produced in this region. The campus is so well connected that one of its entrances will be on the National Highway 16, and the other side of the campus will be connected into the central business district of Tadepalligudem. The campus is very well connected by road to Rajamahendravaram-Eluru (NH 216A), by rail to the Howrah-Chennai main line, and by air to Rajahmundry Airport, which is located approximately 50 kilometres away. All of the aspects of the campus that contribute to the growth of the infrastructure would not require a significant amount of time to create.

NIT Beginning on January 1, 2020, the state of Andhra Pradesh moved its administrative and academic operations to permanent campuses. There is neither a temporary nor a transit campus.
NIT stands for the Andhra Pradesh Tadepalligudem.

A total of 176 acres make up the campus, which can be found in the Tadepalligudem town that is situated in the West Godavari region of Andhra Pradesh. A funding from the Government of India in the amount of around 400 billion rupees will be used to develop the campus. During Phase I, CPWD was tasked with the activity of constructing Academic, Hostel, Guest House, and Admin buildings, but they were only able to finish a select handful of them. The first day of full operations at the permanent campus of NIT Tadepalligudem was January 1, 2020. The former airport grounds, which already contained an airfield, were chosen to serve as the site for the NIT campus. The historic airstrip currently functions as a two-kilometer-long, eight-line campus access road. No other college in India possesses such a large campus access road. The campus is extremely well connected by road Rajamahendravaram – Eluru (NH 216A), by rail Howrah-Chennai main line, and by air Rajahmundry Airport is 50 kilometres distant correspondingly.

Devid Yadav
2023-07-25 12:57:07 GMT

To be honest

National Institute of Technology Andhra pradesh ( NIT AP) Tadepalligudam is one of the 31 NIT and youngest one as well. But dont judge just reading youngest one. Even though it is better than lots of NITs and competing with top 5 NITs.

Achievement :- NIT Andhra Pradesh has been recognised as the 'Best Institute in South India 2021' by the Centre for Education Growth and Research, a New Delhi-based Education. NIT Andhra pradesh secured “Platinum” rating by IGBC Green campus rating system.

Infrastructure :- It has now own permanent campus of 178 acers (72 ha) with excellent infrastructure. And NIT Andhra pradesh also provide major-minor course which is great things.

Placement:- In 2019 highest package was offered 12 LPA and average was 5.89 LPA.

In 2020 highest package was offered 16 LPA and average was 6.54 LPA.

In 2021 highest package was offered 32 LPA and average was 6.54 LPA.

In 2022 highest package was offered 47.5 LPA and average was 7.2 LPA

In 2023 average package is 8.42 LPA

Hostel and mess :- NIT Andhra has seven boys' and five girls' hostels with an accommodation capacity of about 2,000 students. The first years have a four seater room, second and third years have two seater and fourth years have single seater rooms.

Thank you😊

veeru k
2023-10-29 14:07:16 GMT

We proud so much. We have prestigious institution NIT present in Tadepalligudem. Is it requires review?

venkatesu sariam
2019-11-27 05:56:04 GMT

One of the best NITs....faculty is good..Great place and good ambience.
Location of AP NIT is the best. New Campus is ready with all facilities...Connectivity from Tadepalligudem to all other major towns and cities in India is there..Nearest airports are at VIJAYAWADA and RAJAHMUNDRY.

Harshith Sasubelli
2022-08-14 20:24:15 GMT

The best college in andhra pradesh and top nit

GC Section
2018-04-23 14:49:21 GMT

తాడేపల్లిగూడెం ప్రాంతం చాల అబివృద్ది చెందినా ప్రాంతం, నిట్ తాడేపల్లిగూడెం లో మంచి స్టాఫ్ వున్నారు. సౌకర్యాలు బాగున్నాయి. NIT Climate is awesome and faculty is nice. We can suggest AP NIT for those who are looking for better NITs. Tadepalligudem is a business town in the lap of nature and its well connected to AIR/RAIL/ROAD. Nearest Airport is at Gannavaram (85KM) and Rajahmundry (80KM)

Tahsildar Bhimadole
2020-01-19 09:01:51 GMT

Infrastructure is good..Even though this NIT is relatively new, staff and placements are decent.
One can opt this institution. Will be top ten NITs in coming 5 years.

Yaduvamsee Sathu
2020-10-17 06:49:44 GMT

Fast emerging NIT , with providing good facilities , education , sports etc.
Even though it is new NIT , it's performance is excellent . I hope this NIT will compete with older NITs in upcoming years . It also has good greenery environment and fresh air .

Tarak Pavan
2019-12-18 12:45:39 GMT

simply good. and will be in top 20 in next 5yrs.
Even though it is new NIT, faculty and other facilities in new campus are on par with other NITs. Till 2019 May it was in transit campus and now own campus is ready from 2019 june onwards. So no worries for students.

Nataraj Bhupathi
2019-10-31 12:31:08 GMT

Definitely it's a good institute, Permanent campus infrastructure is very good, but it's need support & encouragement of students of NIT andhra pradesh to improve their Institute to get top place and give good competition to remaining NIT's of India, all the best...keep going to improve..

Adabala Saibaba
2019-08-24 07:29:15 GMT

AP NIT is a good college present in Tadepalligudem of Andhra Pradesh. A beautiful town in the lap of nature full of paddy fields around and good ambience. Nearest Airports are at Vijayawada and Rajahmundry.

Professors, placements and other support faculty are nice in this college. This college may soon become top 10 NITs in India.
Students can opt this college instead of choosing far areas and Tadepalligudem is 100 KM from Vijayawada and a decent town to live in.

Satyendra Kumar Beera
2020-03-05 13:28:54 GMT

Excellent College with good infrastructure and great staff. One can opt. Location is good and developing fast. Will be top 10 NITs in Country in future. Tadepalligudem is a business town on NH-16 (Chennai-Calcutta Highway) and on Chennai Howrah Main Railway Line.
Nearest Airports: Rajahmundry 55 KM; Vijayawada Airport: 85 KM
Railway Station: Tadepalligudem - Code: TDD

2024-01-28 13:05:25 GMT

Good institute woth good infrastructure

2022-11-13 00:06:59 GMT

NIP AP Campus, buildings, infra structure is really nice & Awesome.. The students who are studying here will have bright future..

Tuvva David
2019-01-29 06:15:26 GMT

very good faculty, environment and good connectivity to all Major towns and cities in India. Nearest Airports are at Vijayawada (90KM) and Rajahmundry (45KM).
New Campus coming up in Tadepalligudem and mentored by NIT Warangal. One who are looking for bright future can opt this institution and there is no doubt Tadepalligudem is a decent town with good infrastructure and other facilities for decent living..

Rama Krishna Kalyanam
2020-11-13 06:53:34 GMT

National Institute of Technology is a premier educational institution planned by the union government of India. These instructions have been established across the breadth and width of India to bring quality engineering education to the youth of this nation. It's a feather in the cap for West Godavari in general and Tadepalligudem in particular to have earned this institution. It has been established with an outlay of Rs.200 crores budget and inaugurated recently.

M Bharathi
2016-08-10 15:46:08 GMT

this is a good nit . own infrastructure will be built with in 2 years. the mentor is warangal nit. south indian food will be good that to west godavari district where nit is situated is famous for good food. hostel facilities are good. vasavi college voluntarly provided all the facilities. within a short span of time it will fly up into top 10 nits list. well furnished physics and chemistry labs are provided. many students from different states are preferring this nit. i myself had an experience when i went to physical reporting at the nit. this is going to be a good nit.

Yash Kumar
2017-06-14 16:26:23 GMT

Managing is so nice although it was a newly formed NIT and the intake is also too high.Good college and it will be one of the top most NIT's in India within two to three years.

Raghu Ram Chitturi
2019-01-08 06:23:11 GMT

The construction of the permanent campus of National Institute Of Technology, Andhra Pradesh is going at medium pace, compound wall has been constructed by the state government. And temporary campuses have been alloted meanwhile. NIT has their first and second year student classes at Akula Gopayya college of engineering, opposite to near 3F factory. The third and final year classes in Vasavi institute of technology and engineering, Tadepalligudem.

All eminities and staff are available near the Vasavi campus, not sure about them in A.G college.

satti vvsreddy
2024-03-13 07:16:53 GMT

Best in Andhra Pradesh


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Tadepalligudem is a city in West Godavari district of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. It is a Selection Grade municipality and the mandal headquarters of Tadepalligudem mandal and Tadepalligudem Revenue Division. source

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