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Updated: March 01, 2024 09:16 AM

Paras Hospitals, Gurgaon is located in Gurugram (City in India), India. It's address is Phase- I, C-1, Sushant Lok Rd, Sector 43, Gurugram, Haryana 122002, India.

Phase- I, C-1, Sushant Lok Rd, Sector 43, Gurugram, Haryana 122002, India

F32Q+C3 Gurugram, Haryana, India

+91 80 3535 8702

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Questions & Answers

Where is Paras Hospitals, Gurgaon?

Paras Hospitals, Gurgaon is located at: Phase- I, C-1, Sushant Lok Rd, Sector 43, Gurugram, Haryana 122002, India.

What is the phone number of Paras Hospitals, Gurgaon?

You can try to calling this number: +91 80 3535 8702

What are the coordinates of Paras Hospitals, Gurgaon?

Coordinates: 28.4511221, 77.0876594

Paras Hospitals, Gurgaon Reviews

Manoj Upadhyay
2024-02-14 12:04:32 GMT

Paras hospital is a very good hospital tor critical treatment my mother admitted here and be hope she is now be safe and doctors , staffs are very good and nurses staff are so good in nature here specially one named Ankona she is too good and coperate all time patients.

Jyotirakesh Chandra
2024-01-26 11:08:33 GMT

My father came here on 24th january for a procedure under MAS Team and admitted Room no. 406 B. I am highly impressed with all the services, especially with the concerned doctors
(Dr. Naveen satija & Dr. Nitin Arora)and nursing . Wanna say great thanks to Miss Varsha and Urmila from discharge department for looking up the discharge of my father and intimating me at every point . Very much happy with the smooth process .

Divya Reddy
2024-02-23 02:57:35 GMT

The doctors and other staff at hospital are very helpful. They take good care about the patient. Services at the hospital are easily accessible for all the age groups. Less waiting at the billing counters. Overall very good experience.

2023-12-21 07:21:16 GMT

“Having experienced a variety of hospital food during my stay, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and thought put into the meals. While the options were somewhat limited, the meals were well-balanced and nutritionally sound. The vegetable selections were fresh, and the portion sizes were adequate. However, there’s room for improvement in terms of variety and flavor profiles to cater to different dietary needs. Overall, considering the circumstances, the hospital did a commendable job providing nourishing meals.”

Amarjeet Sabharwal
2023-10-09 05:39:43 GMT

My wife underwent total knee replacement both knees at Paras hospital.
The complete experience from initial visit to operation and follow up was extremely satisfying.
Dr Logani is a great surgeon and a wonderful human being.
His conversation to the patient, his patient hearing and compassion makes the patient undergo surgery without any fear.
The entire team of Dr Logani is thoroughly professional and dedicated.
My complements and best wishes to Dr Logani and his team for the yeoman service being done by them.
Undoubtedly Dr Logani is one of the best Joint replacement surgeons in the country.
My wife started walking within two weeks of surgery.
God bless you Dr Logani.

Munish Masubrakes
2024-02-16 07:32:24 GMT

As u enter Paras Hospital u feel comfortable and welcomed right from the admissions and all other department , would like to specifically putting word of appreciation towards the nursing staff once day care,who are the torch bearers of the hospital and their attitude to care given is commendable

Salloni Vig
2023-11-18 04:27:27 GMT

We have had two procedures (MRI and Endoscopy) for my parents at the hospital and the experience from the time of entry into the hospital to exit has been smooth and convenient. The staff is so hospitable- customer experience at the centre of everything. Doctors have been so supportive - spending time explaining the issues and ensuring it’s not overly complicated medical terms!
Thank you for your service.

2024-01-23 10:09:48 GMT

My mother is having cancer in the pancreas and giving treatment in this hospital.
It's a very good Hospital in Gurugram, The Doctors and staff are very experienced, very neat and clean hospital.
Doctors, nurses and support staff are very helpful and you will get proper guidance related to the diseases and provide step by step treatment process. Patient handling by the doctors is excellent they know how to discuss critical disease patients. Each and every ground staff member is ready to assist you and you will not get any confusion and issues when you visit for the first time.

madhu Tanwar
2024-02-26 06:15:44 GMT

Very good experience , we are consulting Dr. Rajneesh from Neuro who is very cooperative and understanding , he listens to the problem with utmost importance and gives very good review and medication .

From GRE , Jyotika has helped us soo much , she has a very pleasant attitude and is extremely helpful and thoughtful . Even at follow ups she was very supportive .

Varsha from discharge team made our discharge very smooth .

Meena Kumari
2024-02-18 06:26:45 GMT

I'm getting discharged today.
Roo. No. 355
Happy with sister Bharti & Neha , she helped alot in the care and they were very helpful.
Doctor PN Gupta was such a good consultant.
Thanks to tge Paras Hospital. 🙂

Shweta Singh
2024-02-24 07:38:30 GMT

The front desk personnel should be well turned out; they should have a pleasant personality, greeting guests with a smiling face and showing interest in their concerns. It is important for front desk personnel to be physically fit as they have to be constantly on their feet during their long working ,,,,,,, This is specially Sumit for front office,,,, she always smile face,,,, she is very positively handle to petient,,,,,, THANKS for Sumit,,,,,,,

Satish Kumar
2024-02-15 03:33:39 GMT

I am happy to writed about Paras hospital. Service as well as customer handling is so decent in hospital.

Doctor name Sumit Bhatia in Gastroenterology department is so experience and having great knowledge about disease related to stomach. I will have him 5 start for his service towards patients.

Akshat Mahawar
2024-02-22 09:51:32 GMT

Sanjay 410B. is my father was admitted in this hospital and he got his phone lost during the treatment and I was with him and we both got in tension. And thought we lost the phone but CRO Vasudev tracked the cameras and found the phone he had done a great job and I’m very happy form the security of the hospital.

Priyanka Upadhyay
2024-01-13 07:18:15 GMT

The services have been great at Paras. Got my dad's colo-rectal surgical and medical oncology treatment done here. The staff is promt and kind and always helpful. The ward as well as the day care for patients is comfortable and the experience with the doctors and nurses have been great.

R C Bhatnagar
2024-02-18 02:38:22 GMT

We came to Gurgaon in 2009 post retirement . Ever since then we have been under medical care of Doctors at Paras Hospital. Some of best doctors are Dr Rajesh Kumar, Dr Arunesh Kumar ,Dr Pooja Mehta and Dr Indu Bansal Agarwal . Their approach to patients is positive and very comforting They treat them with a human touch
God bless them

nawang palzor
2024-02-21 21:32:14 GMT

Overall pre-eminent acquaintance with the hospital. This hospital really was beyond my expectations simultaneously giving a huge credit to Mrs. Rebica from the front desk who was efficacious, conducive, facilitative, salutary and productive.. The eminence of her duty and guidance towards the needy and sick patients and their family are prodigious and phenomenal. The doctors were extravagant given the hours they put in their drudgery and labour proficiently. The class that this institute provides is marvelous in taking outstanding care of their patients! Would like to post my heartiest gratitude towards Rebica for executing all her duties in an unparalleled and unbiased way and sincerely grateful to all the doctors and nurses that played a huge role in the treatment!

Dhruv Janghu
2024-02-24 11:23:36 GMT

Nishant Chaudhary transit room 2, nursing staff- pushpa, Rakesh, Kapil; GDA staff- Pooja; security - Sucheta pal, babu Rajat; ward secretary- Gauri. Had one of the best service, the management was really top tier. Help was great and fast.

Naman Agrawal
2023-11-04 08:12:40 GMT

I had booked an appointment with Dr. Rajesh Kumar.It was a good decision as Dr. had listen to my each and every problem and suggested good methods.I would highly recommend to visit Paras if you are not well.

vishal lohia
2024-02-21 05:47:58 GMT

Great hospital! The staff was attentive and caring, the facilities were clean and modern, and the doctors provided excellent care. Highly recommend

Tushar Girdhar
2024-02-13 09:35:07 GMT

"I highly recommend Manisha as a security guard. She consistently goes above and beyond, demonstrating exceptional helpfulness in ensuring a safe environment. Her dedication and proactive approach make her an invaluable asset to our community."

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