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Updated: March 19, 2024 03:26 PM

Regent Restaurant and Bar is located in Barrackpur Cantonment, India. It's address is F/1 & 112, F/2, Barrackpore Trunk Rd, S S Roy Colony, Agarpara, Kolkata, Panihati, West Bengal 700109, India.

F/1 & 112, F/2, Barrackpore Trunk Rd, S S Roy Colony, Agarpara, Kolkata, Panihati, West Bengal 700109, India

M9HG+PF Kolkata, West Bengal, India

+91 33 2523 1313

Check Time Table for Regent Restaurant and Bar

Monday11 AM to 10:45 PM
Tuesday11 AM to 10:45 PM
Wednesday11 AM to 10:45 PM
Thursday11 AM to 10:45 PM
Friday11 AM to 10:45 PM
Saturday11 AM to 10:45 PM
Sunday11 AM to 10:45 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Regent Restaurant and Bar?

Regent Restaurant and Bar is located at: F/1 & 112, F/2, Barrackpore Trunk Rd, S S Roy Colony, Agarpara, Kolkata, Panihati, West Bengal 700109, India.

What is the phone number of Regent Restaurant and Bar?

You can try to calling this number: +91 33 2523 1313

What are the coordinates of Regent Restaurant and Bar?

Coordinates: 22.6792966, 88.3761636

Regent Restaurant and Bar Reviews

bangaliana mmb
2023-10-11 13:37:08 GMT

From the moment I stepped into Regent restaurant & bar, I was captivated by its inviting ambiance. The warm lighting and stylish decor set the perfect mood for a memorable dining experience. The menu offered a delightful array of dishes, indian,chinese,continental,each bursting with flavor and presented with artistic flair. The attentive staff provided impeccable service, ensuring every need was met. To top it off, the expertly crafted cocktails at the bar were a highlight, making this establishment a must-visit for both food enthusiasts and cocktail connoisseurs.Recommended By Bangali-ana.

Bikram Bhattacharjya
2023-10-11 15:22:43 GMT

Weekend timepass , boozing , Birthday celebration, if you live near Dunlop , Madhyamgram or Sodepur the perfect place for your gate always are one and only "Regent Restaurant & Bar " . The ambience is good also the food quality is top notch. Also they maintain punctuality. So what are you waiting for go and have a table for you soon. Have a delightful and quality time with your close and loved ones.

Kolkata Sutra
2023-10-15 18:35:13 GMT

I really liked their food and affordable drinks.

One can visit this place to try their amazing mughlai and north indian dishes.

A perfect place to hangout with friends over a drink and delectable food.

2024-02-21 18:16:33 GMT

Really I was overwhelmed to the Regent Restaurant nd Bar....exotic feelings,good vives, amazing environment, pure nd natural Air .....well behaved staffs....nd lastly delicious quality of foods....THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Saurav Mukherjee
2023-10-15 17:51:09 GMT

Discovered a hidden gem near Kamarhati! Regent Restaurant on BT Road is a culinary delight with its lip-smacking North Indian and Chinese cuisine. 🍛🥢 Affordable drinks and cocktails add to the charm. 😍 The perfect spot to hang out with friends and loved ones. ❤

2023-10-02 04:42:50 GMT

Very good restaurants and bar, food quality is very good, service is prompt and ambience is well

Abhirupa Laha
2019-07-08 05:29:44 GMT

Awsome place it is ❤ lovely foods & amazing reasonable price .

Kuhumita Laha
2021-10-04 13:32:27 GMT

Loved kebabs and Chinese foods there… but other normal rice and dal is not good

Tapas Paul
2020-01-27 20:40:27 GMT

Perfect for spending a few times with friends as well as family ..Nice ambiance ..

Raj-kr Saraf
2022-09-13 09:52:19 GMT

Ambience is really very good... You can chill out with your friends . There sitting arrangement are really very nice like for smokers you can chill out . Both ac and non AC place is there . And the main thing is their staff . Amazing 😍😍 service was like I was sitting in a 5 star Hotel.

Pallabi Dutta
2023-10-26 10:39:03 GMT

Superb ambience. .. very nice food

Sougata Mukherjee
2023-05-21 03:14:39 GMT

Good place and quality food. Very nice behavior. Decorations is also good. Nice place

Amitabha Ghosh
2023-05-20 05:42:45 GMT

very good ambience behavior of the staffs are so polite food & beverages are too delicious

Amit Chatterjee
2022-06-21 09:21:15 GMT

The place is very nice. The weather here is very well served. The seating is very good. There are two types of seating. There is a non-smoking zone and a smoking zone. The whole environment is very nice and pleasant.

bed prakash mukherjee
2021-07-24 12:51:07 GMT

Awesome dinning place...
Now little expensive.
Variety of food decreased...

Sharmistha Rakshit
2020-12-24 17:41:53 GMT

Very calm and decent place to dine in. It serves both alcohol and normal dinner. The food quality is really good and reasonably priced. The drinks section too has a decent variety. Overall good choice to relax over good food and drink.

Raunak Chakrabarti
2018-08-11 08:11:51 GMT

This is a great restaurant to have food. They have a huge stock of items in their menu . The have Chinese and thandoor food available and recently they have add in continental items in their food .

The taste of the food is so great that once you have it you will never forget the taste . They make the best food in that region .

Their services are also great , you may fill that you are just having food at your home . The people over their are like a guy who you actually don't know but they make you feel that they are someone who you know for decade .

Finally I would say that it is a place where you can take your family and spend a great time with some great food .

Thank you

2021-10-03 19:01:24 GMT

Ambience and food quality was awesome

Tanweer Alam
2023-10-10 08:19:15 GMT

Food is good and the infrastructure is also good

Chandan Banerjee
2021-10-14 17:06:46 GMT

Our favorite place for dinning with family. Very good boys to serve and attend. Their warm behaviour will definitely satisfy you.

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