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Updated: March 11, 2024 10:11 AM

Maruti Temple is located in Mysuru, India. It's address is 8J3C+2C9, Sahukar Chennaiah Road, Gangothri Layout, Mysuru, Karnataka 570009, India.

8J3C+2C9, Sahukar Chennaiah Road, Gangothri Layout, Mysuru, Karnataka 570009, India

Check Time Table for Maruti Temple

Monday6 AM to 6 PM
Tuesday6 AM to 6 PM
Wednesday6 AM to 6 PM
Thursday6 AM to 6 PM
Friday6 AM to 6 PM
Saturday6 AM to 6 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Maruti Temple?

Maruti Temple is located at: 8J3C+2C9, Sahukar Chennaiah Road, Gangothri Layout, Mysuru, Karnataka 570009, India.

What are the coordinates of Maruti Temple?

Coordinates: 12.3025487, 76.6211063

Maruti Temple Reviews

Shankar S
2024-03-04 03:02:52 GMT

Very popular temple in the area. Located at a very convenient place for the localites to visit the temple. The junction itself is called Maruti Temple stop. Apart from Lord Hanuman various other deities are also worshipped here. Very well maintained temple. Special Pooja and other activities will take place during festivals, especially during ಹನುಮ ಜಯಂತಿ grand celebration is organised. Very very divine place to visit.

Ajith Hegde
2017-09-19 12:38:33 GMT

There are many Gods to worship in a single place. Saturdays are densely crowded to go hence ppl can visit other days if you need peaceful environment.

Tejas Gowda
2019-03-05 13:51:50 GMT

Very Devine place and very old temple and place is very famous as maruthi temple and very famous place with many no of God placed under one roof 😍 good to come

Sumanth Prabhu
2020-08-10 14:16:32 GMT

I visit this temple more often and it is really beautiful and serine. It's maintained very neatly. It is also in a prime place which is accessible to everyone.

sahana s
2019-09-27 02:12:51 GMT

I hv gn many a times,, it was really good,, we were blessed 🙏

Pavithra Acharya
2020-12-20 17:50:51 GMT

More than 20 years am visiting, I pray here for my all good results like exams interview..
I get positive vibes if I feel confusion😵😕🤔
After visiting here I really find my mind is calm to decide what to do next.

2022-11-05 13:16:55 GMT

Very calm place very neatly maintained.

Vishwanath vallabha
2020-02-22 17:03:49 GMT

I visit this place religistic, I pray to hanuman so I visit this temple. on Saturdays, the crowd will too much as this special day for hanuman. There are other gods viz, shiva, ganesha, Venkateswara, Navagraha idols in the same temple.

Harshit Jain
2019-05-07 16:48:02 GMT

☮ peaceful place . Well maintained . Equipped with camera's inside and outside also for security purposes . Prayer atmosphere . You can pray to God like lord Hanuman , Balaji, Shiva etc

Jain Vikram Pitliya
2021-12-26 15:11:16 GMT

Really a mind blowing work by our Ancestor, big campus and you can sit and chant mantras without disturbance ..
I request you all to visit the place and enjoy the past…svt

2018-10-03 07:45:52 GMT

Cleanliness is very good .very peaceful atmosphere

Ananda Krishna
2023-11-11 11:39:59 GMT

Excellent place for worship

T N Hemanth
2023-03-19 10:38:18 GMT

The temple was nice huge devotees will come every Saturday

prasad joshi
2020-09-28 14:56:32 GMT

There are statues of lord Shiva, Ganapthi,balaji, Satya Narayana, Varaha,godess laxmi and navagraha.
Very good place of worship.

2018-03-16 06:56:35 GMT

Maruti Temple is popular in Mysore, especially to the residents of Saraswathipuram & Kuvempu Nagar.

Temple is clean and will be well lit up in the evening.

Good Temple to be visited.

Very well connected with Mysore City Bus Service.

You have time
2019-01-05 13:48:13 GMT

Very good devotional place. You can offer your prayers to lord Hanuman, Venkateswara and navagrahas at one place.

shridhar nagansur
2020-12-27 16:31:36 GMT

Saturday visit to maruthi temple is ritual for most people including me. Hepls you to be spirutally grounded.

Manjunath HT
2019-09-20 08:12:21 GMT

Most pleasant place in the area. Full of positive vibes. The temple is usually crowded on Saturdays.

Santhosh Gowda
2023-05-09 13:00:20 GMT

Superb and Wonderful temple to visit..

2016-12-29 15:57:01 GMT

Hi all about this temple one rooftop you will be blessed by 6 gods , Lord shiva, Ganesha, Lakshmi venkateshwara, Varaha swamy , Anjaneya, Subramanya

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