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Updated: March 01, 2024 09:16 AM

Hotel RRR Mysore is located in Mysuru, India. It's address is Gandhi Square, Near, Mahatma Gandhi Statue, Lashkar Mohalla, Chamrajpura, Mysuru, Karnataka 570001, India.

Gandhi Square, Near, Mahatma Gandhi Statue, Lashkar Mohalla, Chamrajpura, Mysuru, Karnataka 570001, India

8M63+CX Mysuru, Karnataka, India

+91 821 244 1979

Check Time Table for Hotel RRR Mysore

Monday11:30 AM to 4:30 PM
Tuesday11:30 AM to 4:30 PM
Wednesday11:30 AM to 4:30 PM
Thursday11:30 AM to 4:30 PM
Friday11:30 AM to 4:30 PM
Saturday11:30 AM to 4:30 PM
Sunday11:30 AM to 4:30 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Hotel RRR Mysore?

Hotel RRR Mysore is located at: Gandhi Square, Near, Mahatma Gandhi Statue, Lashkar Mohalla, Chamrajpura, Mysuru, Karnataka 570001, India.

What is the phone number of Hotel RRR Mysore?

You can try to calling this number: +91 821 244 1979

What are the coordinates of Hotel RRR Mysore?

Coordinates: 12.311104, 76.6549884

Hotel RRR Mysore Reviews

naren mallya
2024-02-18 21:39:47 GMT

Easily one of the best biryanis I ever had 😄
I had chicken fry, chicken biryani and chicken 65. The food was really tasty. The gravy is also awesome. The staff is really good you can expect quick service even on weekends which is something you dont see very often. The price is also very reasonable for the quality and quantity.
Please keep up the good work!


2024-01-31 06:27:48 GMT

A Culinary Masterpiece - RRR Chicken & Mutton Biryani Delight!

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (5/5)

Be ready to wait for 20-30mins ‼

Oh, what an absolute treat for the taste buds! RRR Chicken & Mutton Biryani has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on my palate, creating an unforgettable culinary experience.

From the moment the aromatic fragrance wafted through the air, I knew I was in for something extraordinary. The biryani was a symphony of flavors and textures, perfectly balanced to create a gastronomic masterpiece.

The mutton, oh the mutton! Cooked to perfection, it was melt-in-the-mouth goodness. The spices had permeated every fiber of the meat, creating a harmonious union of taste that left me craving for more. The biryani showcased an excellent marriage of meat and spice, delivering an unparalleled taste sensation.

The rice grains were long, fluffy, and generously coated with the aromatic blend of spices. Each mouthful was a journey through the layers of flavors, and the basmati rice contributed to the overall authenticity of the dish.

The accompanying raita was a refreshing complement to the robust biryani. The coolness of the yogurt and the subtle hint of mint provided a perfect contrast, soothing the palate between bites of the flavorful biryani.

What truly sets RRR Chicken & Mutton Biryani apart is the attention to detail. It's evident that the chefs have mastered the art of biryani-making, ensuring that every component is cooked to perfection and infused with love.

Whether you're a biryani connoisseur or someone looking to embark on a culinary adventure, RRR Chicken & Mutton Biryani is a must-try. Each bite is a testament to the passion and expertise that goes into crafting this exceptional dish. I, for one, am already planning my next visit to indulge in this delightful experience once again. Bravo, RRR – you've earned a permanent spot on my list of favorite biryani joints!

Redelia Acosta
2024-02-10 09:52:29 GMT

me and my husband come from Udupi City and we hired a rickshaw to drive us around and we asked him to recommend us a restaurant that is more like a restaurant that combines traditional and he took us to RRR MYSORE RESTAURANT which is a few minutes away from Mysore palace and I am very happy with the foods and ive got the chance to experience the traditional way we've been served with the banana leaf and location is convenient to everyone...

Heather Eves
2024-02-21 03:46:07 GMT

Really enjoyed our biriani and chilli chicken. Good, fast service, high turnover of tables but that is because of the queue! Good pricing, nice staff, tasty food.

Akshay Amin
2024-02-02 14:15:20 GMT

Limited options in food but taste wise they are good. One plate of biryani can be shared by 2 depending on your hunger.
In starters there are many options.
Service is 5/5
Food is 4/5. Room for improvement in menus. Very less options in veg
Atmosphere is 4/5. Usually crowded and waiting time is there on peak hours. Parking available on FCFS basis.

Ami Rai E.
2023-07-25 03:34:12 GMT

I strongly recommend this restaurant to have mutton Biriyani.

They are serving food on banana leaf. Staff are friendly and good service. They didn’t take so much time to serve the food.

They have limited menu items. Parking is difficult. Reach the place around 12 to avoid standing in long queue to get the seats.

AJ Jacob
2023-12-29 00:36:14 GMT

It can get really crowded during peak time but the mutton biriyani here is heavenly. Must try if you are a non-vegetarian and visiting Mysuru palace. Chicken biriyani is good too but the meat portion is less.

Meera Balachandran
2023-10-07 15:02:50 GMT

I would give 5 star for the food
But the long queue is the big problem especially during peak lunch times
Since it was a one time visit we waited around 25 mins and had Biryani which was really good

Prudhvi Reddy
2024-02-09 09:16:35 GMT

Decent place. Mutton biriyani and chicken kabab are fresh and delicious; perfect blend of spices. Service is fast and good.

Vineeth Rao
2023-10-26 02:26:35 GMT

Super awesome spicy biryani and for the side Andhra chilli chicken is the best. Must try for foodies who love hot and spicy cuisine.

Gaurab Sarkar
2023-08-31 17:00:59 GMT

Super food, electric service, satisfied customers, repeat customers, no nonsense menu, authentic taste and lovely food! Non veg lovers please try their chicken biryani and chicken chilly! The biryani is very satiating and comes with salan and raita! Must try!!! Worth every penny, worth spending your time! Their veg meals were also tasty!

SreeKiran V
2024-02-12 05:40:49 GMT

RRR is famous for lunch and the restaurant has the best menu for rice items. So I would prefer to go in the afternoon rather than morning or night unless you are willing to have biriyani/ meals during this time. Parking is a little tricky in the afternoon, so be careful when you park as the police may charge fine.

Sivaprasad S
2023-03-08 16:27:53 GMT

Had Podi veg meals @ just Rs.205/- for dinner. Food was tasty. Service was really pleasing. Ambience & cleanliness of place is good. Easy to find out. Cost is optimum considering the coziness & facilities provided in the restaurant.

Santosh Vellara
2023-08-28 14:32:58 GMT

Same old taste of biryani we relished nearly 2 decades back. Chicken biryani was yummy and their chilli chicken gravy was awesome. Worth the price.

Manoj Kumar Sanapala
2023-06-02 10:05:28 GMT

The place is crowded we had to wait for the table but it was all worth waiting. The food was delicious 😋. The food will be served on the banana leaf which was meant to eat only by hands. The aroma was very much pleasing, mutton biryani with chilli chicken is what I ordered and they were well cooked with good amount of spices. Also found out that this place has been serving since 1949.
I recommend you to try food at this place.

Jashwanth H
2023-08-07 17:12:09 GMT

Have tried both the branches of RRR many times
Not a go to place for Usual biryani lovers,
If you really like RRR biryani then its a must visit, RRR has been serving its own style authentic biryanis on banana leaf from many many years.
So this is best place for RRR biryani ,Tender meat, flavourful rice must try! Even the starters are delicious and many options

Abhishek Jha
2023-07-01 12:55:44 GMT

I was having very negative opinion about mutton biryani but Mysore changed my mind. You will fell in love with mutton biryani in mysore. It is not flooded with spices or scent instead authentic and finger licking. They can improve thier services through professional crew

manjunath singh
2024-02-20 11:06:17 GMT

Its purely andhra styled food. Most of the tym its crowded have to wait for the seats chilli chicken and chicken 65 is the favourite food its like heaven. The veg thali is very great to have in a non veg hotel 1 person serving can be eaten by 2 members stomach full. Parking is hasle and crowded as the street is one way.

Suku Samuel
2022-12-31 11:29:19 GMT

Stopped at Hotel RRR after hearing and watching multiple positive reviews:

We reached the hotel around 1 PM and were fortunate to find a seat. We ordered mutton biryani as chicken biryani was not available at that moment. We also order chicken 64, a RRR signature dish.

Mutton biryani - meat was tender and very soft. The rice was cooked with precision perfection. The quantity may not be sufficient for an adult. The raita served was thick. Sherba was tasty.

Chicken 64 - boneless slices marinated well and cooked to retain the meat juices. Quantity was sufficient.

Staff were very respectful and responsive. The ambience of the place was fine.

Rajith Krishna Valluru
2022-05-12 13:22:06 GMT

We had to wait for atleast 20-25 minutes to get a table , such was the flood of people thronging here . Has Mutton Biryani which was OKish , felt the pieces needed further marination / cooking . Also , Ordered Mutton fry which was very good . We also had Veg meals which was satisfactory . Overall we were content with the food .

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