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Restaurant in Nagykanizsa

Updated: March 01, 2024 09:41 AM

Szőlőskert Étterem is located in Nagykanizsa (City in Hungary), Hungary. It's address is Nagykanizsa, 1, Szőlősgazda út, 61-es elkerülő út, Csónakázó tó bejárata, 8800 Hungary.

Nagykanizsa, 1, Szőlősgazda út, 61-es elkerülő út, Csónakázó tó bejárata, 8800 Hungary

C2RM+96 Nagykanizsa, Hungary

+36 93 516 016

Questions & Answers

Where is Szőlőskert Étterem?

Szőlőskert Étterem is located at: Nagykanizsa, 1, Szőlősgazda út, 61-es elkerülő út, Csónakázó tó bejárata, 8800 Hungary.

What is the phone number of Szőlőskert Étterem?

You can try to calling this number: +36 93 516 016

What are the coordinates of Szőlőskert Étterem?

Coordinates: 46.4409044, 17.0330394

Szőlőskert Étterem Reviews

ItsOur World
2023-07-10 13:21:23 GMT

+ we had here a very excellent and tasteful lunch in an mix of typical Hungarian and modern stylish ambiente and athmosphere
+ good offer of menu selection
+ very friendly, patient and multilingual staff
+ very nice decoration on the walls and around with love for details
+ fast service
+ free of charge parking

--> nothing else to complain

Caryn Khoo
2020-08-11 00:26:31 GMT

was a pleasant surprise! The ambience and interior range from simplicity to elegance in a very cottage way. They have indoor and outdoor seating.

Food: amazing quality, we ordered from their daily lunch menu which offers at a reasonable price for such exquisite taste. We had a stuffed paprika with rice dish and a pan-seared pork chop with garlic and fries. On top of that, we had their bean soup which was really great. The only thing missing was Eros Pista (the paprika paste).

I had a taste of a Tokaji wine as I wanted something demi sweet but they do offer their own house wine.

Staff: super friendly, English speaking and very helpful with everything.

This is undoubtedly one of the stops you should try if you’re in the area.

2022-09-11 07:41:32 GMT

The Wild Boar dish was phenomenal! And for only 5400 Forint. If you’re in the neighborhood, you should definitely try it.

Ágnes B.
2022-02-09 18:16:35 GMT

We visited the place in 2021 summer based on TripAdviror reviews. We really loved the atmosphere and the design, and we enjoyed fantastic meals and wine. I definitely recommend the place and I'm quite sure we'll take a break there every time we pass the M7 highway :)

2019-05-05 05:21:40 GMT

Great atmosphere and waiting staff.
Food was very well cooked, presented and delicious.
Went back on 2 consecutive nights (Saturday was strangely quiet) and both nights the same quality service and food.
Absolutely the number one etterem (restaurant) in Nagykanizsa.

Alessandro Coriele
2024-01-16 18:51:24 GMT

Very good restaurant and service!

Balázs Békeffy
2021-08-05 13:53:15 GMT

Visiting it regularly when passing through on the M7 highway. Waiters always smiling and they always have some extra besides the already great menu

Alin Spatacean
2022-08-30 15:16:18 GMT

Good location,friendly staff,good food,quiet place,very good local palinka.
A lot of nice places around.

Sabina B
2021-07-01 20:45:16 GMT

Very nice soup with meat, something like stew. Dinner was good and the service nice.

2018-11-27 17:48:30 GMT

Nice location, very good food and kind staff. I enjoyed lunch during a business trip.

Balázs Bereczky
2018-05-08 08:24:49 GMT

Delicious food, friendly serving

Rebecca De Troch
2021-12-18 19:16:01 GMT

Delicious food, kind service, fast, beautiful environment. Highly recommended!

Janka Csernák
2022-07-27 15:18:08 GMT

Great service, friendly staff, nice seasonal menu.

Stephen Valentine
2019-05-04 21:42:09 GMT

Amazing food. Freindly staff. Great service. It is a must visit

2019-07-15 17:51:14 GMT

Perfect place for journey brake , very good fish, nice service.

Alex Kavell
2018-03-26 19:16:22 GMT

Excellent food, reasonable prices, right by the main road - recommended

Kovács Fülöp
2017-09-24 00:14:44 GMT

Lovely place + great food + nice people. :) 5/5

Frank T
2018-08-31 11:22:09 GMT

Beautiful Restaurant, great food and good service.

Bogdan Prejneanu
2021-07-22 16:32:36 GMT

Great food, quick and friendly service

Tamás Szentiványi
2021-08-26 16:18:55 GMT

Good food

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Nagykanizsa, known colloquially as Kanizsa, is a medium-sized city in Zala County in southwestern Hungary. It is a city with county rights. It lies not far from Lake Balaton at the meeting point of five routes. For centuries the town has been a connecting link. source

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