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Updated: March 09, 2024 03:45 AM

Decathlon is located in Pécs (City in Hungary), Hungary. It's address is Pécs, Makay István út 7, 7634 Hungary.

Pécs, Makay István út 7, 7634 Hungary

357J+MC Pécs, Hungary

+36 20 881 9286

Check Time Table for Decathlon

Monday9 AM to 8 PM
Tuesday9 AM to 8 PM
Wednesday9 AM to 8 PM
Thursday9 AM to 8 PM
Friday9 AM to 8 PM
Saturday9 AM to 8 PM
Sunday9 AM to 6 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Decathlon?

Decathlon is located at: Pécs, Makay István út 7, 7634 Hungary.

What is the phone number of Decathlon?

You can try to calling this number: +36 20 881 9286

What are the coordinates of Decathlon?

Coordinates: 46.0642358, 18.1810048

Decathlon Reviews

2023-03-14 22:28:16 GMT

Big store. They had everything you could need as an active person. The staff were also really nice and helpful. highly recommend!

Tamás Vendl
2023-12-01 19:19:41 GMT


Kornel Novak
2019-09-23 17:29:53 GMT

Frequent interior reorganizing makes it difficult to find the articles. Fortunately the staff is really helpful and friendly.

Donát Horváth
2021-07-28 14:21:54 GMT

Very good shop, low prices, helpful staff

Tamás Krisztián (Kerub89)
2021-01-15 14:41:21 GMT

Helpful staff, good things if you are looking for sports equipment

Dr. Schrick Diana
2019-04-24 20:06:16 GMT

Best ever! Good quality, fair prices.

József Jakab
2017-09-21 13:12:51 GMT

Wide range of sport clothing and sport equipments. Helpful staff and reasonable prices.

Едвин Сарвак
2019-03-14 20:19:02 GMT

Helpfull staff, proffesional ambient, good prices.

mohamad alrefaie
2019-03-06 19:54:55 GMT

Best place in pecs for sport staff , you find what you want for the best prices

Hajnalka Cseke
2016-12-07 09:54:52 GMT

Affordable prices, fast paying and valuable products.

Alexander Öberg
2019-03-24 16:59:17 GMT

Better than i thought, great staff!

Máté Bodó
2019-04-07 14:15:09 GMT

Best sports accessories shop on planet Earth.

Tibor Hornyák
2017-02-16 22:07:03 GMT

cheap and good. rare, but true

Dusica Stilic
2023-07-24 18:20:39 GMT

excellent shop

2019-11-24 23:10:26 GMT

Best place in Pécs to buy affordable sport supplies, sportswear etc.

Linda Tapaszti
2020-10-01 15:01:27 GMT

Nice store with helpful staff

anas adham
2022-07-01 08:06:23 GMT

Cheap an good products

Bonyár Anita
2020-04-09 10:42:26 GMT

I❤ IT!

András Nochta
2019-07-03 12:00:38 GMT

Seems to have sport accessories for all kinds of sports

Devesh Singh
2018-03-18 16:37:17 GMT

Good quality sports accessories

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Pécs is the fifth largest city in Hungary, on the slopes of the Mecsek mountains in the country's southwest, close to its border with Croatia. source

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