Campo Marte

Park in Comayaguela

Updated: March 12, 2024 02:13 PM

Campo Marte is located in Comayaguela (City in Honduras), Honduras. It's address is 3P7Q+7V3, Tegucigalpa, Francisco Morazán, Honduras.

3P7Q+7V3, Tegucigalpa, Francisco Morazán, Honduras

Check Time Table for Campo Marte

Monday5 AM to 8 PM
Tuesday5 AM to 8 PM
Wednesday5 AM to 8 PM
Thursday5 AM to 8 PM
Friday5 AM to 8 PM
Saturday5 AM to 8 PM
Sunday5 AM to 8 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Campo Marte?

Campo Marte is located at: 3P7Q+7V3, Tegucigalpa, Francisco Morazán, Honduras.

What are the coordinates of Campo Marte?

Coordinates: 14.0631296, -87.2603173

Campo Marte Reviews

Karla Soto
2019-02-06 00:53:09 GMT

A place to run, play basketball, soccer,walk on the trails also a place for kids, it has a playground for kids with monkey bars, swings a wooden boats, it has public restroom and lots more..

Josias Madrid
2021-12-15 17:07:51 GMT

Beautiful place , very clean and good maintenance. I went there for running (up to 20Km) and I do recommend this place.
Go and enjoy.

Alejandro Carbajal
2022-07-14 12:16:37 GMT

Great place ! To walk and come to do exercise

Jose Morales
2018-12-22 17:21:37 GMT

I was in a mission to support people with hearing problems, the army was very helpful to this mission and working all day long to help the Honduras people, everyone was friendly and cooperative, congratulations to the highest range responsible.

Ruben Ayes
2021-10-27 23:25:29 GMT

Very good place to have fun with your family and have a good time.

Carlos G. Lopez
2021-04-26 13:37:22 GMT

Great place to spend outdoors with your family

Vladimir Humberto Pineda Aguilar
2018-12-05 00:13:23 GMT

Good place for hiking, and sports as basket, volley ball, rapid soccer, base ball for adult and childs. Also at evening time they do Zumba Dance. Good security, Parking lot available, have public's restrooms and convenience store.

Arianna Diaz del Valle
2023-05-25 21:43:24 GMT

It is a beautiful place to work out and play

Jose Estrada
2023-12-25 19:40:33 GMT

Good place!

luis castellanos
2018-03-05 14:09:41 GMT

It is a nice place to exercise and breathe fresh air

Elias Mendoza
2018-12-23 18:34:35 GMT

A good dirt track and many sports courts for free.

Elianne Vilches
2018-03-11 22:23:19 GMT

Very good place for running and other activities

Gustavo Rodriguez
2020-03-17 16:10:52 GMT

Great place to relax and jog.

Reina Molfino
2019-12-23 05:50:31 GMT

It was safe, well lit and family friendly.

Luifer Alonzo Padilla
2016-12-26 05:08:12 GMT

It's a good place for work out!

juan Carlos Sanchez Mejia
2020-03-01 22:33:22 GMT

Great place to do exercise

victor torres
2020-01-25 04:32:24 GMT

Nice place to visit and enjoy.

Yohana amador Aguilar Amador
2023-09-24 14:36:19 GMT


Juan Villeda
2022-01-11 20:59:18 GMT

Love to exercise there

Victor Figueroa
2018-03-19 13:12:33 GMT

Great for doing workout!

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