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Updated: April 15, 2024 07:42 PM

Tranquility Bay Beach Retreat is located in Tocoa (City in Honduras), Honduras. It's address is Colon, Trujillo, Honduras.

Colon, Trujillo, Honduras

W246+2R Trujillo, Honduras

+504 9928-2095

Questions & Answers

Where is Tranquility Bay Beach Retreat?

Tranquility Bay Beach Retreat is located at: Colon, Trujillo, Honduras.

What is the phone number of Tranquility Bay Beach Retreat?

You can try to calling this number: +504 9928-2095

What are the coordinates of Tranquility Bay Beach Retreat?

Coordinates: 15.9051064, -85.9879075

Tranquility Bay Beach Retreat Reviews

Bradley Campkin
2023-12-13 00:00:11 GMT

Great spot to relax and enjoy the water, the beach and even go for a horseback ride!

Ian Parks
2020-08-11 18:47:25 GMT

My family and I spent 2 days at Tranquility Bay Beach Retreat in April 2019. It was Fantastic, Larry and Linda were Amazing Hosts and the food in the Restaurant was very very good. The rooms were very well equipped and had AC. The Beach access was perfect. we wished that we could have stayed longer. We will definitely return ! Thank you for Making a memorable mark on our quick trip to Trujillo!

Wayne Cates
2023-03-18 14:04:36 GMT

Larry, Linda and the staff here are lovely! The location is beautiful right on the beach. Great facilities and a wonderful place to stay

C Smith
2019-05-11 19:24:38 GMT

Deeply satisfying and refreshing stay. We stayed two nights spanning a week-long mission to a nearby community. The hosts, Larry and Linda, were outstanding for their hospitality and congeniality. We had arrived on Tranquility Air via Roatan; captain Patrick piloted us across the crystalline waters with a perfect touchdown and arrival in their hangar. We arrived via the hotel land cruiser expertly driven by Linda, who explained the unique area, peoples, and wonders of the region. The arrival is unique with their animal rescue and pet welcoming committee, and the beautifully landscaped grounds, decorated with ancient Mayan stone carvings. The room was clean, everything worked, and we decided to just use the fan as we were going to be in the tropics for 10 days. The small restaurant served excellent food by friendly staff, and a great selection of local and international beverages. We thoroughly enjoyed the relaxed pace and hospitality of owners and staff. We will be coming back as soon as we can!

Ruth Wiebe
2021-10-26 05:49:58 GMT

What an incredibly, wonderful time I had at Tranquility Bay. Every morning I woke up to the beautiful sounds of the multitude of birds and to the fresh brewing Honduran coffee. I slept on a bed that was fit for a Queen and a Queen I certainly felt like. Once I ventured out of my comfortable and air conditioned suite, I was met with a short walk through beautiful gardens til I arrived at the beach. (Probably about 50 steps.) The water called me every day and it was crystal clear, pristine and oh so warm. What a wonderful dandy and clean beach. It certainly is not hard to do water aerobics in the morning when all you have to do is ease into the warm water and celebrate the fact that you have the opportunity to exercise in such exotic conditions.

The breakfast had a number of delicious choices and I enjoyed the smoothies and fresh fruit and homemade yogurt , the most.

I took out the paddle board and kyacks, , such good quality, and explored the shoreline which was shallow and crystal clear.

Having shelter from the hot sun under the developed tiki hut (where you could sip cool and special drinks) was also so inviting to a person who loves to spend most of the day at the beach and in the water.

The staff were incredibly friendly and worked so hard to make my experience a unique one and also one to remember for years to come. Thank you Louisa and Carlos. Thank you Carlos for the snorkelling trip. The most amazing snorkeling trip I have ever been to…..and I’ve been to many around the world.

The rescue animals were a delight and made me want to have an animal rescue myself . They take good care of those precious animals. Miss you Sophie and Chimmy.

The owners, Larry and Linda Forseth , made my trip extra special by sharing with me their experience in Honduras and by teaching me about the surrounding area and sharing the needs of the community which they have come to love so very much. Thank you for such and incredible experience. I will always be grateful for your kindness and generosity…not just for me but for what I witnessed amongst your community.

I will always consider my trip as a special experience and hope to go back as soon as possible.

Bless you, Tranquility Bay

Ruth Wiebe

Franklin VDiaz
2022-06-29 02:06:03 GMT

man….. this place is literally the best place here in trujillo. Larry is one of the best person you’ll meet here and the personnel is so attentive in everything. One of the best experience i have had. No doubt I will be coming here every year from now on.

Iris Payne
2019-03-12 04:06:55 GMT

Great hosts. Beautiful resort with an awesome beach. Wonderful place to relax or enjoy water activities. Larry also offers flights to multiple destinations. Food was also the best. Can't go wrong staying here.

Edmundo Pazzetti
2019-08-30 01:49:50 GMT

This is a must place to visit. Clear waters, calm ocean and the best hospitality this side of the beach.
This getaway is located at 10 minutes from Trujillo with lots of activities that includes: padleboard, kayaking, horseback riding and trips to snorkel. Scuba and fishing.
Food is great, even when traveling with kids.
Rooms are confortable with A/C, smart TV, hot water and a small kitchen.

Liliana Nuñez
2020-01-31 05:17:15 GMT

Best place to stay, friendly personal, the restaurant has great food, the cabins are cozy, is pet friendly, family place, beautiful Nature surrounds, accesible, near downtown, WiFi, parking, animal friendly💗, the best beach in all Trujillo!!! I'm in love of Tranquility Bay.

Finn Dawg!
2018-10-01 20:45:11 GMT

Incredible place! Magical. Hosts Larry and Linda go out of their way to accommodate all requests. This resort held our large group and did not disappoint. The cabanas on the beach are are spacious and amazingly clean. Eat safely here. The food! Ask for the locally caught Yellowtail! The bar! Ask for Jesson and a margarita! Visit the locals in historic Trujillo on the Caribbean at the site where Columbus first landed in the Americas and celebrated mass! Charter Larry and his plane for a short jaunt to Roatan! This is your spot for a clean, relaxing non-commercialized getaway. Love it. thank you!

Sharron Steinbach
2015-02-23 15:47:48 GMT

We just spent 10 glorious days at Tranquility Bay Beach Retreat. Wow what an adventure. The weather was perfect and the Caribbean Trujillo Bay was warm and calm so you could swim and play any time of day. The large sandy beach was clean and so beautiful to watch the Sunset from. There are paddle boards, kayaks, and snorkeling available. The hosts Larry and Linda are professional, friendly and very accommodating. If you desire they will take you to areas to experience the true incredible Honduran Culture. The family includes two monkey's Chimi and Chika, Toucans' Nettie & Chester and several well trained horses. And, Bambi of course. Piper and Amega the pet dogs. The staff are beautiful, friendly and eager to learn English and teach Spanish. The grounds are well maintained, colourful and beautiful with flowering shrubs and palms. Enjoy reading or snoozing or just the view from several hammocks overlooking the Caribbean. The large Cabana's are so comfortable, clean and well stocked. Enjoy the breeze from the opened shuttered windows. Each has a covered porch with hammock. There is a full time cook preparing delicious meals daily at extraordinary reasonable prices. The setting is perfect! Larry, a 30+ year pilot can fly you to and from Roatan, La Ceiba or other main entry points right to Trujillo, making getting there a breeze! We can't wait to return.

Rick Cotton
2023-03-25 13:50:57 GMT

Linda and Larry are always warm and welcoming. The location and amenities are top notch.

Gary Stucki
2022-01-14 17:28:24 GMT

My amazing wife and I have been serving a voluntary 23 month Mission here in Honduras, with many responsibilities and demands. Our 3 year Anniversary was last week. She first found Tranquility Bay Beach Retreat on Google Maps.
Larry and Linda have truly created a magical retreat of peace and beauty. The restaurant and cabanas are well screened providing a dining experience free from pesky flies and other insects so common at other beach restaurants and resorts of the area.
The restaurant menu includes a heavenly variety of delicious meals, including traditional foods as well as my favorite Sopa Marinara (seafood soup) for lunch one day, all prepared from delicious recipes. And the fresh fruit drinks and smoothies are amazing and refreshing.
We frolicked and played in the beautiful Caribbean Sea almost all of our first full day. Larry and Linda are remarkable and extraordinary people. Our lives have been enriched in becoming acquainted and visiting with them.
If your stay includes a clear night, bring a green laser pointer. Your star gazing experience will be all the more fun. The private peacefulness of the Retreat was just what we needed. We hope you feel that same spirit of peace during your stay.
We would recommend arriving during daylight hours. Many streets along the waterfront in Trujillo are closed off in sections to replace dirt and gravel streets with nice concrete streets. We arrived after dark in the rain, so finally getting to the Tranquility Bay Beach Retreat was a bit of an Indian Jones adventure, but after we arrived and got settled in, we enjoyed a wonderful dinner and the beginning a of marvelous two-day stay. We will definitely be back!!! Thanks to you Larry and Linda, and to your incredible staff.
¡¡¡Muchísimas Gracias!!!

2017-06-28 14:58:11 GMT

Great place. Very peaceful and the beach is awesome. The suites are comfortable. No free breakfast. And the nights per suite are US$65

2021-10-05 04:13:25 GMT

Excellent staff, make you feel like home... The beach is a minute walk away from the room, is really a Tranquility retreat

Charzie McC
2018-01-28 01:56:31 GMT

What a beautiful, tranquil setting. It's very clean, has good food, an exercise area, good caring owners, and, an ocean right in front.

Adam Brakhane
2021-06-20 18:52:42 GMT

If it added a pool, this place would be perfect. The food is really good, but the prices are a little high.

Esther Cruz
2018-08-03 00:57:41 GMT

Good service and very nice staff.and the owner always on the look out for customer service.i will recommend to my family and friends. “they have rescue Aminals that’s a plus”

Roxana Miranda
2018-10-20 14:24:13 GMT

If u want a quiet getaway away from the city this is the place the staff are super friendly and helpful near the beach if fully equipped with everything

Steven Solheim
2018-01-07 21:26:22 GMT

Good food and great cabins.

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