Cinepolis Altara

Movie theater in San Pedro Sula

Updated: March 01, 2024 09:40 AM

Cinepolis Altara is located in San Pedro Sula (City in Honduras), Honduras. It's address is HX6H+W96, ALTARA, Blvr.Armenta, 21102 San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

HX6H+W96, ALTARA, Blvr.Armenta, 21102 San Pedro Sula, Honduras

+504 9433-4215

Questions & Answers

Where is Cinepolis Altara?

Cinepolis Altara is located at: HX6H+W96, ALTARA, Blvr.Armenta, 21102 San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

What is the phone number of Cinepolis Altara?

You can try to calling this number: +504 9433-4215

What are the coordinates of Cinepolis Altara?

Coordinates: 15.5622976, -88.0216248

Cinepolis Altara Reviews

Roman Chace
2024-02-18 20:24:33 GMT

So comfy , very outstanding , great experience

Christian Camacho
2023-08-16 19:19:34 GMT

Went to watch a movie and the seat are reclining and was very good atmosphere

Logan Garcia
2019-03-07 22:31:25 GMT

Easy understanding on the seating and professional service, snack area very clean and quick service. Screenroom was very clean and fresh air.

Benjamin Mejia
2018-05-24 17:58:55 GMT

Super lugar para ver las películas de estreno. It's a great place to watch movies an share with family, secure and clean.

2019-09-15 02:29:42 GMT

Enjoyed the variety of popcorn and snack selection. Tickets are at a fair price

Francisco Martinez
2018-06-13 21:51:53 GMT

Great movie place, comfortable chairs, inside a nice Small Mall, offers panninis and alcohol.

Efrain Baires
2019-12-24 01:42:38 GMT

IT is a good theather, we enjoyed the movie the raise of Sky Walker.

Elena Toledo
2022-12-10 14:17:43 GMT

The best cinema theater in town!

Alex Cast
2019-03-10 16:37:33 GMT

Best movie theater in town. Great Customer service.

Ana Luisa Pinel Tróchez
2020-01-02 15:28:17 GMT

Nice place, and I love the idea of presenting the movies in their original language

Blue Monkey Logs
2019-05-13 21:05:50 GMT

Great imstalation and options inside the cinema for a great experience

Maria Fernanda Moncada Caraccioli
2018-05-30 15:11:57 GMT

The best movie theater in SPS. Quality, sound, space, everything is great!

Cindy Ponce
2023-05-06 23:26:23 GMT

My favorite Movie theater. They have comfortable chairs and great audio.

Franklin Leonardo Menjivar Pagoada
2017-12-07 23:42:36 GMT

Great place to enjoy movies! Popcorn, nachos, hotdogs and other snacks availabe.

karla calderon
2018-12-22 04:37:20 GMT

Excellent service n amazing movie rooms

Alvaro Maldonado
2018-07-23 13:34:12 GMT

Best movie theather in SAP. sorround sound, widest screen. It was nice.

Jose Angel Menjivar
2018-11-06 13:33:06 GMT

Good theater saloons and nice prices and promotions.
Good food variety.

Will Dez
2018-08-14 19:05:40 GMT

good seats and good sound great place for a movie

2018-11-22 18:57:01 GMT

Secure and a full place to enjoy best movie teathers on town

Tony T.R.
2018-02-18 19:23:05 GMT

Superb. By far, the best movie theaters I've been in Honduras.

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San Pedro Sula is the capital of Cortés Department, Honduras. It is located in the northwest corner of the country in the Sula Valley, about 50 kilometers south of Puerto Cortés on the Caribbean Sea. source

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