West Hills Mall

Shopping mall in Kokrobite

Updated: March 01, 2024 09:40 AM

West Hills Mall is located in Kokrobite (Town in Ghana), Ghana. It's address is Accra, Ghana.

Accra, Ghana

GMV4+W4 Accra, Ghana

+233 30 293 3232

Check Time Table for West Hills Mall

Monday9 AM to 9 PM
Tuesday9 AM to 9 PM
Wednesday9 AM to 9 PM
Thursday9 AM to 9 PM
Friday9 AM to 9 PM
Saturday9 AM to 9 PM
Sunday9 AM to 9 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is West Hills Mall?

West Hills Mall is located at: Accra, Ghana.

What is the phone number of West Hills Mall?

You can try to calling this number: +233 30 293 3232

What are the coordinates of West Hills Mall?

Coordinates: 5.544829, -0.34469

West Hills Mall Reviews

Mckay Brewster
2023-12-10 17:00:17 GMT

As the biggest mall in West Africa , you don't expect to get served normally or averagely
Services on point especially from the Barcelos, AJ Boaz staff, and most of their stores
Spacious car park area and enough at their washroom

Samuel Amoakoh
2023-12-05 13:00:06 GMT

Wow, I must admit the movies where great, such a wonderful theater 🎭. I had the opportunity to play snookers and feels so great 😃.

While I didn't fully plan to go on tour, what I call a mini tour at West Hills Mall is memorable.

It brightened up my day. It I had a car😀 which I don't, I wouldn't have problem at the parking lot.

I also admire the strong security unit, their assistance alone is enough. The security helps everyone including kids and school children. So beautiful ❤. I'm planning a proper tour and shopping 🛒 this Christmas 🎄. I think it's going to be a blast .

Ibrahim Labaran
2024-01-02 07:55:04 GMT

it's a nice place to shop and enjoy life, .

Nana Yaw Gabby
2024-01-04 05:40:33 GMT

Good space for anything you want to do

Kwaku Ntim
2023-03-28 17:35:47 GMT

The place is indeed large, beautiful and has a good surroundings... Anything that can keep man's survival is available. Whether being it clothes, food, foot wears etc.

Gospel News
2023-08-30 17:51:14 GMT

Very nice and beautiful environment, I heard that it's the biggest mall in West Africa 🌍 😀

Prince Andrew Ardayfio
2023-06-18 23:49:38 GMT

Big Big Big! Easily accessible by car but not so much by road when crossing. Shops change from time to time so your favorite shop might not be there next time.

Kerri Richardson
2022-06-25 22:13:11 GMT

Love this mall. From native to American wear and accessories. I purchased a lot of native items to bring back to the states. Security all around the mall so I felt safe and taxi drivers avaliable to take you home

Dorcas Jozyana
2024-01-21 19:56:56 GMT

Great and lovely place. You can get whatever you want at the shopping center. Prices are a little higher plus taxes

His Excellency
2023-11-29 05:35:31 GMT

West Hills mall is the best mall in Accra to visit. Management have provided long benches in the middle of the walkways for visitors to rest. These benches help a lot, especially the aged and children, they sit and rest before they start or continue with their shopping.

Dorcas Agyemang
2024-02-22 12:09:44 GMT

The place has a beautiful and serene ambience with good smelly air even though the place is always not empty

Andrew Alikwe
2023-06-02 07:47:31 GMT

It was fun in Westhills Mall Accra, spacious, beautiful environs and a place of comfort. If you ever find yourself in Accra, visit the Westhills Mall

Isaac Otoo
2021-07-27 11:34:33 GMT

A really good place to shop and relax in safety. I appreciate the alertness of security personnel with an eye on all visitors. What i like most about this largest West African Mall is SPACE! Spacious shops, spacious corridors, and spacious open and basement parking lots - the choice is yours!
Eateries! You have choices from local to continental fast foods and ice creams, and you can go cashless. The mall has one of the best, yet least noticed shop for herbal and organic products... and yes, lots of fresh air, you could just take a walk around and come back refreshed.

Gabby Ak
2022-09-17 08:32:44 GMT

The place is exclusive, environment looks good, items sold there are categorized into sections to make buys buy whatever they want easily.#WestHillsMall #Ghana #WestAfrica

Godfred N.
2021-08-14 11:14:26 GMT

They have a very big and secured car park.
Moderate product prices and a perfect spot for big events.

But I think 🤞🏼Most shops with gadgets are at one place which might create competition within them and I still think it’s inappropriate for me. Just my thought tho. ISTBC 🤞🏼
But I love there security system.

So far among the malls
Westhills Mall security is my best.

#Kudos guys

Goldy Kladvia
2024-01-11 18:57:37 GMT

Great place to shop and meet friends. Very fun experience

Henry Nii Teiko Adjin-Tettey
2023-08-08 14:29:15 GMT

Absolutely nice shopping experience, but it would seem to me that the price of items, even trivial irked are looking more expensive in recent times. Its probably because of the exchange rate as most of their items are imported.

But its all good and beneficial cos there are some goods you'd easily find there that will be difficult to find in town

McKenzie Dannison
2023-09-10 11:07:52 GMT

West Hills Mall is a shopping haven that embodies the essence of style and luxury. It is located in the bustling city of Accra, Ghana. You will be immersed in a setting that exudes elegance and sophistication from the moment you enter.

You'll be greeted by a delightful mix of local boutiques and international brands as you wander through the mall, each offering a distinctive and carefully selected selection of goods. Every store at West Hills Mall is easily accessible thanks to its well-planned layout, making shopping a breeze and enjoyable experience.

The dynamic environment of the shopping center is additionally improved by the cordial and mindful staff who are consistently prepared to help you with a comforting grin. They go above and beyond to make sure your visit is one to remember, giving your shopping experience a more personal touch.

But West Hills Mall's lovely atmosphere isn't just due to the stores and staff. An inviting and aesthetically pleasing environment is created by the architectural design. Regular light streams through the lookout windows, making a breezy and merry air that cheers you up and adds to the general shopping experience.

West Hills Mall has everything you need, from the most recent fashion trends to high-quality electronics to one-of-a-kind local crafts. As you look through the many shops, you'll get lost in a world of possibilities where each one has something unique for every taste and preference.

However, West Hills Mall is about more than just shopping. It's a destination with a lot of family-friendly entertainment options. From a cutting edge film to an intriguing food court with a different choice of cooking styles, this shopping center guarantees that there's something for everybody to appreciate.

Therefore, West Hills Mall is the place to go if you want a shopping experience that combines style, luxury, and a lovely atmosphere. Prepare to be captivated by its charm and leave with a shopping experience that will leave you wanting more.

Mawuko Normeshie
2024-01-24 18:39:56 GMT

This mall is huge and has variety of shops; for food, clothing, entertainment and a great area for relaxation.

Michael Kwesi Tei-Wayo Mauledey
2024-02-12 11:19:09 GMT

Perfect place for shopping, entertainment and relaxation

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Kokrobite is a town along the Atlantic coast, 30 km to the west of Accra the capital city of Ghana. It is known for traditional sea fishing, its white-sand beaches and its lively nightlife. source

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