Triple Hill Hotel

Hotel in Kokrobite

Updated: March 01, 2024 09:40 AM

Triple Hill Hotel is located in Kokrobite (Town in Ghana), Ghana. It's address is Ghana.


HM5F+R2 Weija, Ghana

+233 55 821 5600

Questions & Answers

Where is Triple Hill Hotel?

Triple Hill Hotel is located at: Ghana.

What is the phone number of Triple Hill Hotel?

You can try to calling this number: +233 55 821 5600

What are the coordinates of Triple Hill Hotel?

Coordinates: 5.5596042, -0.3274175

Triple Hill Hotel Reviews

Ismail Akwei
2024-01-10 09:10:13 GMT

So far, the best place I have been in that part of town. Great scenery, lots of space for parties etc. The hotel rooms are standard and their food is not bad at all. Very good location with a good view of the city from the hill.

Franklin Kwadu Somiah
2023-09-12 08:42:08 GMT

Indeed, I have been here severally and have also recommend it to a lot of my friends and none of them regretted coming. Their prices are moderate in terms of rooms, food and what have you. Trust me, you would simply love to patronize this place every second, every minute and every hour.

Jerry nGbarlea
2023-07-26 10:31:03 GMT

Triple Hill was amazing. I met the owner. A great gentleman. He moved my ambition to be like him. The hotel is great- good price, nice free breakfast, air-cond room, good pool, bars, fresh food- fish, meat, etc at a very less expensive price. Attendants are very curteous, young looking individuals looking for greater opportunities as well.

Michael Opoku
2024-01-07 21:11:02 GMT

Nice place, good and well maintained pool

Innocent Dzorvakpor
2022-06-22 09:38:58 GMT

They're everything was perfect. but except the road leading there was very terrible .and i will like to advice our follow members or friends not to use the saloon cars so i have arrest my case 🙇🤔

Emmanuel “Zappy” Yeboah
2023-01-10 21:48:34 GMT

I loved everything about this place. Offers a superior serene view. Customer service is on point. I'm just in love with the place.

Maurice Black
2022-02-21 07:55:49 GMT

Wow this is such a beautiful hotel. They have a very nice view from the mountain top. You can see part of Accra and the sea side from here. The swimming pool is very clean and the rooms are cosy with modern technology.

Dedy Deynu
2023-01-06 07:32:54 GMT

This is what we called the view from the edge.. super beautiful place. Service was on point.. everyone is always ready to help.

Francis Kpotor
2022-11-26 18:05:49 GMT

So so amazing. A very good place for all kinds of events.

Charles Mireku
2023-04-24 01:48:22 GMT

Very nice place, the manager and his workers are very

Joyce Farrar
2018-06-05 14:28:40 GMT

We stayed in this hotel from the 23rd of May to the 3rd of June 2018 and it was worth it. I really enjoyed my stay. Everyone over there was very pleasant. The house keeper Lavish and the driver Enoch were great help. They have a car that will take you to and fro without an additional charge. I strongly recommend you give them a try next time you are in Ghana.

Okoronkwo chinweokwu
2019-10-09 02:45:59 GMT

Wonderful, serene environment, clean space aerial view of city of Accra. Can be for relaxation, pleasure or events or a touch of all 3 and more. Hospitality at it's best and at a cost that is worth it with delicious meals.

Adofo Comfort
2022-11-06 04:25:34 GMT

Is a very gud place tht everyone wl love to hv fun dere

Tibau Akpakli
2022-01-01 23:03:19 GMT

Good serene environment, with location being on the hill, you'd enjoy the view of the city from up there

Aseidu Enoch
2022-05-03 02:46:07 GMT

Very very cool place and u can get all kinds of food over there.

kinikachi achor
2020-10-23 10:59:06 GMT

I love the place, it's neat, eco-friendly, the view is really superb... And their dish is very delicious.... 5star for them... All the way

Isaac Adjei
2022-04-27 18:52:47 GMT

Very nice place and a wonderful view at niģht good service is also assured

clifford aheto
2022-03-23 15:43:47 GMT

Nice place for relaxation. I really enjoyed swimming from the hill top

Emmanuel Adjei
2022-07-26 09:20:54 GMT

I really loved it
A cool place for all parties and good

Alfred Sackey
2021-01-01 20:34:37 GMT

Triple Hill Hotel is a wonderful place to be. I have been there twice and believe me the view from the Hotel is splendid.Honestly I will rate it as a five-star Hotel.

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Kokrobite is a town along the Atlantic coast, 30 km to the west of Accra the capital city of Ghana. It is known for traditional sea fishing, its white-sand beaches and its lively nightlife. source

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