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Updated: March 08, 2024 11:45 AM

Chesville Hotel, Sunyani is located in Sunyani (Town in Ghana), Ghana. It's address is 9M23+Q6P, Berekum Road, Sunyani, Ghana.

9M23+Q6P, Berekum Road, Sunyani, Ghana

+233 35 202 8412

Questions & Answers

Where is Chesville Hotel, Sunyani?

Chesville Hotel, Sunyani is located at: 9M23+Q6P, Berekum Road, Sunyani, Ghana.

What is the phone number of Chesville Hotel, Sunyani?

You can try to calling this number: +233 35 202 8412

What are the coordinates of Chesville Hotel, Sunyani?

Coordinates: 7.3519697, -2.3469291

Chesville Hotel, Sunyani Reviews

Rick Dale
2023-01-02 06:52:49 GMT

I stayed here for quite a few days. It has very good facilities. A pool, small shop & small convention area. There is a dining room that serves meals throughout the day. I would recommend this hotel as a good but reasonably priced facility for professionals & tourists.

Amasah Blankson
2021-05-19 07:54:00 GMT

I recently visited the Hotel for lodging and also to use their conference hall for a training seminar. Their rooms are big enough with good washrooms. Their conference rooms are also big enough to accomodate alot of people whirls he social distancing is also maintained. Their car park is also big enough. They have nice receptionist. They have a swimming pool which is also opened to the general public.

Salawu Adebayo
2023-12-13 16:19:50 GMT

This is the real definition of hospitality

Rabeea Almelli
2019-03-08 14:49:27 GMT

Nice and quiet hotel and there was a restaurant three deferent deferent prices for the rooms
Each room has a path room , Television , small fridge and air conditioning
The room the bed ,the bed sheet and the pillows were clean and smelling nice
There is car parking
No wheelchairs road

Kelvin Enu
2023-07-22 10:55:45 GMT

We had a dinner and an awards night there and it was epic

Takyi Derrick
2020-12-13 09:17:36 GMT

Ladies and gentlemen's love this place because this is so quite and nice too many people comes from far to come and take videos and pictures why because that place is so quite and nice many love place. And I love this place too.thanks my people.

2022-02-23 22:39:07 GMT

Nice place and affordable. The food and service at the restaurant is great.

Joel Adjetey Okine
2022-08-07 12:06:32 GMT

Great place to come and relax with love one's..

Augustine Agbo
2022-10-23 05:21:08 GMT

All the directives of this app is so far so good.

Лпф 5к 09б Акелийета_Клетус
2017-11-16 09:37:53 GMT

They had an atmosphere of tranquility and their meals were good

Francis Reginald Dzamposu
2019-03-24 13:57:02 GMT

Amazing Hotel, great service, clean sheets. 5 star rating

Asante Elvis
2018-11-06 16:54:28 GMT

A very nice and convenient hotel right at a serene location

Saint Abed
2019-11-09 22:44:53 GMT

It is a home away from home. Good place for your holiday or weekend relaxation.

Hector Quaye
2021-07-04 10:42:07 GMT

A very cool place very neat environment

Solomon Yin
2018-09-06 13:28:41 GMT

U will love this place, no doubts

Smith Adenike
2017-03-16 08:36:02 GMT

Nice place but it's really expensive.

agyemang maxwell
2023-07-15 11:32:13 GMT

Great Service

Don Terrius
2022-07-13 12:59:36 GMT

Come experience good hospitality

Victor Aheto
2022-11-01 12:55:54 GMT

Great place!❤❤

A2E Tv
2018-04-29 07:20:24 GMT

Very cool and nice place

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Sunyani is the capital town of the Bono Region and the Sunyani Municipal of Ghana. Sunyani had a population of 1,208,649 at the 2021 population and housing census. The city consists mainly of the Bonos other tribes. source

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