HOTEL VI-CHANNEL ( London Bar Plaza)

Hotel in Kokrobite

Updated: March 08, 2024 11:46 AM

HOTEL VI-CHANNEL ( London Bar Plaza) is located in Kokrobite (Town in Ghana), Ghana. It's address is Gbawe, Ghana.

Gbawe, Ghana

HM3F+6X Gbawe, Ghana

+233 54 039 1386

Questions & Answers

Where is HOTEL VI-CHANNEL ( London Bar Plaza)?

HOTEL VI-CHANNEL ( London Bar Plaza) is located at: Gbawe, Ghana.

What is the phone number of HOTEL VI-CHANNEL ( London Bar Plaza)?

You can try to calling this number: +233 54 039 1386

What are the coordinates of HOTEL VI-CHANNEL ( London Bar Plaza)?

Coordinates: 5.5530936, -0.3250898

HOTEL VI-CHANNEL ( London Bar Plaza) Reviews

Faisal Gariba (Alhaji Faisal)
2023-05-09 08:13:40 GMT

Great place to have fun 🤩
Place gets busy at night especially on holidays.
You gotta be there and experience everything happening.. swimming pool,snooker and more .if you really wanna have full package fun 🤩 just visit London bar after 9pm .

Easy to locate.. just by the main Accra to kasoa road.

Kojo Sadick
2023-10-24 08:50:43 GMT

It's a nice place.

Jonathan Fenni
2024-01-27 18:44:42 GMT

So cloudy and Entertaining

Sekyere Richard
2019-10-06 08:17:55 GMT

Excellent place but there is very busy at night per my analysis so far. But bringing your children there is at your own risk although is a good place to feel free and enjoy yourself with family, friends and love ones !!!

Godfred Boateng
2020-11-10 10:51:05 GMT

If u love Nigerian music, then u be got a DJ and an MC who get spend all you have and even borrow. Fridays, Saturdays are thr days to be there.

For live band, try Sunday's

James Twum
2023-05-18 09:02:07 GMT

Very serene environment with top notch service

Frank-chris Amegbe
2022-01-02 20:09:07 GMT

I just love the atmosphere there😘 Nice place you have. Keep on doing the great work

yvan dario nyamat
2024-03-03 08:59:18 GMT

Very well.

Emmanuel Omoroko-Okolo
2022-03-04 16:21:10 GMT

It's a cool place to chill and have some fun

Brendan Bryan
2023-06-08 22:45:29 GMT

Good night club with lot of hookups

Marrina Ajaa
2022-09-25 09:47:58 GMT

It's a very good relaxing place to be

Boatemaa Gh
2019-04-26 19:43:15 GMT

Too many pros*****tes... Very noisy but a good place to have fun if ok with all these...

effah isaac
2020-03-16 23:10:24 GMT

It's a very lovely place to be you will enjoy real African music

lemuel leumas
2023-02-10 07:47:04 GMT

Great atmosphere to have fun

Frezh Kevis
2020-07-12 22:44:10 GMT

Best pub to be. If u not a fan of crowds don't go there

Adegoke B Austin
2019-08-11 17:05:05 GMT

Its basically and solely the centre of attention here every other day. It keeps the street alive. I like it.

SupaMan Gh
2019-11-10 02:17:32 GMT

Was fun, I loved every single moment I spent there.

Jonathan Neequaye (Sexy T.O.T.O)
2019-09-05 04:21:11 GMT

A good place to be for leisure, experience nightlife differently with a poolside aswell.

Edward Elim Kodzo
2023-12-29 11:36:47 GMT


2019-05-21 11:36:33 GMT

Very nice. ..full of prostitutes on the street

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Kokrobite is a town along the Atlantic coast, 30 km to the west of Accra the capital city of Ghana. It is known for traditional sea fishing, its white-sand beaches and its lively nightlife. source

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