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Updated: March 20, 2024 02:17 AM

Pritsumaja Grill & Bar is located in Kuressaare (Town in Saaremaa, Estonia), Estonia. It's address is Tallinna 4, Kuressaare, 93819 Saare maakond, Estonia.

Tallinna 4, Kuressaare, 93819 Saare maakond, Estonia

7F3P+59 Kuressaare, Saare County, Estonia

+372 453 3787

Check Time Table for Pritsumaja Grill & Bar

Monday11:30 AM to 10 PM
Tuesday11:30 AM to 10 PM
Wednesday11:30 AM to 10 PM
Thursday11:30 AM to 10 PM
Friday11:30 AM to 11 PM
Saturday12 to 11 PM
Sunday12 to 9 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Pritsumaja Grill & Bar?

Pritsumaja Grill & Bar is located at: Tallinna 4, Kuressaare, 93819 Saare maakond, Estonia.

What is the phone number of Pritsumaja Grill & Bar?

You can try to calling this number: +372 453 3787

What are the coordinates of Pritsumaja Grill & Bar?

Coordinates: 58.252937, 22.4859264

Pritsumaja Grill & Bar Reviews

2022-08-28 17:23:47 GMT

The dinner was simply SO good! And the guy who attended our table was so friendly, helpful and funny - he really made our evening special. Thanks 😊 it's all it takes - friendliness and little smile 😊😁

Mikko Kaikkonen
2022-11-15 17:52:08 GMT

Excellent customer service.
Perch was crunchy and tasty.
Bruschetta was garlicy and nice!
Vegan burger meal was also very tasty, a bit chilled, but good overall 9/10 for the whole dish. We highly recommend.

Very good value for money!!

2023-08-10 10:29:09 GMT

Lovely pub building and location, Sat under large parasols protected from a heavy downpour of rain. Fine service and beer.

Jūratė Bareikė
2023-10-20 12:45:59 GMT

We had try pork shashlik and ribs. It was sooo delicious! Meet cooked perfect!
Place very warm, nice.

Timo Tänav
2019-03-14 15:39:36 GMT

I really loved that a guy like me cannot stand up from the chair because the stomach is full from excellent food and large portions. And it is cheap if you think about price and quality. Definetly visit this place again and recommend to people who like good food and a good atmosphere.

2022-05-21 15:20:05 GMT

The food was really good, we took the daily offer which was cheese snitchel with fries. The snitchel was honestly heavenly, dip was one of the best and suited really well and the fresh salad was also really good. Waitress was very friendly.

naglis kontautas
2023-08-14 15:39:03 GMT

The waitresses were friendly and spoke English well. The food was delicious and served in solid portions. I highly recommend the beef burger

2023-08-18 12:49:18 GMT

What a lovely experience. Chicken was excellent and portion very good - thanks to Rena😊

Kristina Kizlo
2021-09-04 15:37:24 GMT

We visited this restaurant in the beginning of September with my family. Everything was great, service and food. We had shnitzel, ribs and pasta. Ribs and shrimp pasta were spicy, more than our liking, but that's up to individual taste :)
Medium price range, main dishes ranged from 10-14 euros.

Arnis V.
2023-07-31 13:45:06 GMT

Great restaurant with tasty local food.
The schnitzel was excellent!

Marcus Cibulis
2022-06-25 21:46:42 GMT

Of the few places we tried there, this was the best.
10/10 chicken wings
Portion size was very good - definitely on the bigger side
Staff very professional and spoke in very good English.

Lauri Greenbaum
2022-08-26 17:58:46 GMT

Awesome pearl in Kuresaare. Burger was awesome, ceasar salad was great and the lime ice cream cheesecake was tasty.

Aleksandra Z.
2023-10-14 17:49:21 GMT

Very tasty burger!

Elīza Zalinkevica
2022-07-13 16:19:02 GMT

Food was very delicious, wait was not long. Overall great and competent staff, price was adequate for service and food received.

Martin Käär
2019-11-02 20:30:23 GMT

Had beef. Meat was very tasty and juicy. Didnt take very long time to wait. Nice place to visit with children.

Tomi Leskinen
2020-08-21 12:36:24 GMT

Only place in town that was willing to show champions league semi-final! Cheese balls were good also

Elias “Raaraa” Rajala
2023-07-12 17:14:10 GMT

Best burger in my trip.

Ragnhild Prim
2021-12-09 18:36:10 GMT

Lovely place and food was superb! Will come again for sure.

Vaidas Lizūnas
2022-07-27 10:56:48 GMT

Every thing was good, good food, very good bred with chees

Olga Wróblewska
2021-12-09 18:40:11 GMT

Food was very good, and fast service. Thank you!

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Kuressaare is a town on the island of Saaremaa in Estonia. It is the administrative centre of Saaremaa Municipality and the seat of Saare County. Kuressaare is the westernmost town in Estonia. The recorded population on 1 January 2018 was 13,276. source

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