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Updated: May 04, 2024 08:34 PM

Traffic cafe is located in Narva-Jõesuu (Town in Estonia), Estonia. It's address is Kiriku 2, Narva-Jõesuu, 29021 Ida-Viru maakond, Estonia.

Kiriku 2, Narva-Jõesuu, 29021 Ida-Viru maakond, Estonia

F23H+44 Narva-Jõesuu, Ida-Viru County, Estonia

+372 354 4035

Check Time Table for Traffic cafe

Monday12 to 10 PM
Tuesday12 to 10 PM
Wednesday12 to 10 PM
Thursday12 to 10 PM
Friday12 to 10 PM
Saturday12 to 10 PM
Sunday12 to 10 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Traffic cafe?

Traffic cafe is located at: Kiriku 2, Narva-Jõesuu, 29021 Ida-Viru maakond, Estonia.

What is the phone number of Traffic cafe?

You can try to calling this number: +372 354 4035

What are the coordinates of Traffic cafe?

Coordinates: 59.4528095, 28.0277952

Traffic cafe Reviews

Leonid Kuritsin
2023-04-08 16:22:35 GMT

Very nice place. Stopped for a short coffee break. Latte was really nice. Good selection of cakes. Only one ice cream unfortunately though.
Staff was very friendly and helpful. Definitely 5 star.
Thank you.

Alina Gumirova
2023-08-26 18:18:26 GMT

Best restaurant in Narva-Joesuu. I adore their cuisine: beef cheeks, mozzarella salad and panna-kota are totally incredible! Staff is also nice and helpful.

Sander Piibemann
2022-07-03 17:05:54 GMT

Service alone was worth 5 stars, friendly, no-stress, smiling, helpful staff, fluent both in Estonian and Russian (and probably more). I mean - they alone lifted my mood a bit.
But also food was delivered rather quickly and was delicious.
Best food-experience in Estonia in 2022,
Thank you:)

Goetz Schrader
2023-03-10 23:05:32 GMT

Great location. Nice food. Small and cozy.
Minus one star: Still the old "order at the bar" Kind of Service... not Western Standard.

Andrei Pavlov
2019-04-22 08:15:12 GMT

Delicious! Seasonal menu: 1. Salmon cream soup is fantastic! 2. Pikeperch fillet (local) is great! 3. Fried chicken wings is very tasty. 4. Home made pelmeny (russian ravioli) are very good also! Price is very friendly, even drinks are quite affordable. One minus is no draft beer. Interior is modern and hygge!

Tõnis Tali
2023-07-22 19:05:16 GMT

Super good food and service. Highly recommended!

Mariann Linde
2022-10-30 10:14:26 GMT

Good food, good prices (better than other places around), a cosy and homey feeling.

Pavel Romanov
2023-10-25 12:55:15 GMT

Nice prices, and coffee is good

Arda Yüzbaşıoğlu
2021-05-10 20:26:56 GMT

All the meals we ordered exceeded our expectations. Very nice staff too.

Sergei Aleksandrov
2022-02-16 15:08:33 GMT

Best food in this town, slow cooked beef dish was amazing!

Sergey Sk
2021-08-24 05:08:43 GMT

Very good value for money in general. Pizza exceeded our expectations!

Anton Vask
2019-01-28 14:44:06 GMT

Great place, nice food, good prices

Rene Veskimäe
2020-10-26 14:42:31 GMT

Very good food, good prices. Recommend.

Magnus Koinberg
2023-06-07 19:06:05 GMT

Best food in town

Daniil Solomykov
2018-04-24 20:53:07 GMT

Very tasty and nice place!

Alexey Popov
2019-01-03 15:10:41 GMT

Cheap and very tasty

Anna Rozman
2018-12-27 18:08:24 GMT

nice food

Papa's Technick
2019-03-05 07:11:48 GMT

Great quality

Tony Martinez
2021-02-28 09:14:26 GMT

Humble place

Aleksandra Koroljova
2024-04-29 16:53:41 GMT

Очень вкусно,очень приятный персонал,первый раз в этом городе,очень впечатляет,особенно этот ресторан 😍

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Narva-Jõesuu is a seaside resort town in northeastern Estonia by the Gulf of Finland of the Baltic Sea. Administratively part of Ida-Viru County, it is located on the west bank of the Narva river which forms the Estonia-Russia international border. source

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