El Grano de Caffe

Cafeteria in Moca

Updated: March 08, 2024 04:31 PM

El Grano de Caffe is located in Moca (City in the Dominican Republic), Dominican Republic. It's address is Autop. Ramón Cáceres km 7, El Higüerito 41000, Dominican Republic.

Autop. Ramón Cáceres km 7, El Higüerito 41000, Dominican Republic

9C7G+69 El Higüerito, Dominican Republic

+1 829-686-8128

Check Time Table for El Grano de Caffe

Monday8 AM to 5:30 PM
Tuesday8 AM to 5:30 PM
Wednesday8 AM to 5:30 PM
Thursday8 AM to 5:30 PM
Friday8 AM to 5:30 PM
Saturday8 AM to 7 PM
Sunday9 AM to 7 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is El Grano de Caffe?

El Grano de Caffe is located at: Autop. Ramón Cáceres km 7, El Higüerito 41000, Dominican Republic.

What is the phone number of El Grano de Caffe?

You can try to calling this number: +1 829-686-8128

What are the coordinates of El Grano de Caffe?

Coordinates: 19.3631161, -70.5740645

El Grano de Caffe Reviews

Jennifer Morel
2023-07-04 17:36:50 GMT

The food and drink menu is delicious but the the real gem is the service. The attentions from the owners to the baristas is outstanding!!

Lizbeth Sanchez
2022-09-05 13:10:24 GMT

Great for picture taken and and a nice little coffee day very quiet very poppy. The snacks were delicious the coffee was delicious I highly enjoyed it

Adalberto Rosado
2023-12-27 14:53:11 GMT

Me encantó muchísimo. A really lovely experience. Would definitely come back

Marianne Rodríguez
2021-05-27 20:45:00 GMT

Cozy and unique! This is an excellent pit stop for a nice cup of coffee, a fun atmosphere and beautiful hand-crafted goodies!

Amaris D
2023-05-14 02:22:32 GMT

Cute coffee shop with great coffee and desserts

Virginia Gomez
2022-07-07 05:07:56 GMT

Great way to start your day!!

Felix Toledo
2023-10-04 19:32:11 GMT

Nice 🙂

Antonio E. Garcia
2020-11-09 01:07:22 GMT

Great hot cocoa, great coffee , I love the waffles too!! A wonderful place to hangout with friends and have a good time!

Emilie Sanmartin
2022-11-19 12:33:08 GMT

Awesome little spot. Very artsy. Very friendly and comfortable.

Daniella Correa
2021-07-10 03:26:36 GMT

Great spot wonderful service and great coffee ! So glad we ran into this place

Rhodney Lamar
2021-12-27 12:57:12 GMT

Awesome food and service! My new favorite place.

Jose R. Quezada
2023-08-06 11:46:36 GMT

A place where you can feel all the good vives.
Highly recommend.

2022-08-24 16:41:22 GMT

Great customer service and coffee.

David Bufka
2021-05-20 13:15:46 GMT

A coffee oasis in a desert :)

Matan Damary
2023-07-11 17:26:53 GMT

Great coffee and waffles!

Gregory Sánchez
2022-01-08 20:15:09 GMT

Nice cozy place 👌

Mirian Muñoz
2023-07-17 21:22:36 GMT


kelvin peña
2023-07-11 19:26:52 GMT


Michael Ramirez
2022-03-26 17:55:36 GMT

Great coffee!

Jaime Rojas
2022-01-31 15:07:39 GMT

Naturallly relax!!

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Moca is the capital of Espaillat province in the Cibao region of the Dominican Republic, and is the tenth-largest city of the country with a population of 173,442 inhabitants. source

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