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Updated: March 19, 2024 02:31 PM

Rancho Guacamayo Hotel & Restaurante is located in Bonao (City in the Dominican Republic), Dominican Republic. It's address is Calle Ángel Peña #8, Bonao 42000, Dominican Republic.

Calle Ángel Peña #8, Bonao 42000, Dominican Republic

VHQ2+3J Bonao, Dominican Republic

+1 809-559-9420

Questions & Answers

Where is Rancho Guacamayo Hotel & Restaurante?

Rancho Guacamayo Hotel & Restaurante is located at: Calle Ángel Peña #8, Bonao 42000, Dominican Republic.

What is the phone number of Rancho Guacamayo Hotel & Restaurante?

You can try to calling this number: +1 809-559-9420

What are the coordinates of Rancho Guacamayo Hotel & Restaurante?

Coordinates: 18.8877311, -70.4484156

Rancho Guacamayo Hotel & Restaurante Reviews

Ibrahim Heredia
2023-09-17 21:37:01 GMT

It's a beautiful hotel with a great view good food and very friendly staff. Some areas can be a little noisy

Louis Pimentel
2023-12-27 10:58:23 GMT

Highly recommend for travelers interested in mountain tourism.

2023-02-26 21:48:08 GMT

Hidden gem in Bonao. Came with the in-laws. Spent the day in the beautiful garden and then in the pool. The food for dinner was super delicious and the staff was super nice 💖. Great time here!!

Dirk Triller
2023-01-21 09:33:28 GMT

A little bit outside the town of Bonao, the hotel is located in a fantastic nature surrounding with rivers and mountains. They do have some awesome birds there...the hotel is secure and the stuff friendly... a bit pricy but well worth a visit

Esteymy GD
2023-03-13 01:06:53 GMT

I attended a wedding at this place. Everything was wonderful, I really loved this place.
You can go with families, friends, couple or whoever you want to

Marlon Giancarlos Bonilla Díaz
2021-12-07 22:12:22 GMT

If you are planning to go to the north of Dominican Republic, this is a very excellent place to visit with your family and children. It has typical food but fairly prices, swimming pool, few exotic animals and playground for children.

The only negative point is that is quite far from the main avenue but you can enjoy the view and the green environment.

Giselle Cruz
2019-12-01 15:04:57 GMT

It is with a great pleasure I give the best review to Rancho Guacamayo. I've been staying at El Rancho (is what I call it 😊) every other month this year; when I visit my boyfriend and his family, in Bonao. The service is beyond amazing, the cleanliness is on point, just how I like it. I was just there Nov 10th. I hope they have availability for end of December. My boyfriend and I look forward to waking up at El Rancho on New Years day.
Thank you for your hospitality may God continue to bless your business and your beautiful family, your hard work does not go unnoticed and is greatly appreciated.
One last thing:
Thank you for your value, your prices are exceptional!
There's no better place to stay in Bonao than at Rancho Guacamayo.

Giselle Cruz

ivette v.
2018-02-23 21:51:43 GMT

I don't even know where to begin. The staff was wonderful. The food was delicious. The resort is immaculately clean. There's a little something for everyone to do.

The original plan was to stay for two nights. I stayed for three. I couldn't get enough of the hospitality. Bryant, Victor, Miguel, Suli, Hector and all those I forgot to mention made me feel welcomed. They pampered me. I had the pleasure of speaking to the owner Antonio Marte. I thanked him for all of the food options to choose from, which allowed me to maintain my vegan lifestyle during my stay. However, the only thing that was missing was soy milk. He assured me the staff always kept a stash for him on site. He then asked his daughter, Eunice to let the kitchen staff know to accommodate me upon my request. She assured him, at the moment there wasn’t any soy milk. He then asked her to send someone to fetch a few containers for me. How awesome was that! That’s what I call excellent customer service. Sure enough that very same day I had my café con leche.

I stayed in an air conditioned Superior Suite. The room was clean and beautifully decorated. I enjoyed a hot shower every night. I was able to stay in contact with my friends and family abroad and in D.R. thanks to the unlimited Wi-Fi, not only in my room but through-out the whole resort.

I loved my stay and plan on returning soon to enjoy the new spa and river water fall pool, which is in the works.
Thanks you all for a memorable vacation!!!

Santo Lebrón
2023-05-09 04:48:05 GMT

I consider this a great place to spend a day with the loved ones.

Robinson Lamu
2018-07-03 12:41:24 GMT

Great place, awesome food, five star service. I went there and really enjoyed my stay, the staff really cares about visitors and it's quite easy to get there.

suzzette caceres
2018-07-26 02:10:03 GMT

Great place, welcoming, clean, friendly staff, safe, peaceful and beautiful scenery. I recommend Rancho Guacamayo to anyone. Its great for families, groups and even for couple getaways.

Eric Best
2020-11-11 22:53:45 GMT

Definitely a great place to stay. Friendly staff, good food, nice rooms.

Wilkin Graph
2020-08-19 14:35:19 GMT

Awesome place, quality and clean areas.

It's a paradise on the earth rep+++

Lourdes Mendez
2022-10-08 17:23:49 GMT

This place is a gem!! Everything was great and the staff are super friendly and helpful!!!

Carmen H. Ov
2021-01-02 17:31:55 GMT

We had my sister’s 15 here and it was a great experience...delicious food and staff was very friendly

Ms. V
2022-02-09 03:46:49 GMT

Had a FANTASTIC Time at the Electronic music party !! Haven't had this much fun in a longgggg time ... I LOVE BONAO

dulce andujar
2021-08-19 00:08:16 GMT

Great service, nice very and clean and easy location

William Veras
2020-08-20 00:48:00 GMT

Beautifull Place, Well Maintained and Delisious Food. We enjoy the OneSay Pass At Rancho Guacamayo

not looking back never
2020-10-06 22:40:40 GMT

Amazing Hotel in Bonao Dominican Republic , very friendly people, amazing food , very affordable prices

Miriam Veloz
2019-10-13 22:44:13 GMT

Amazing ecological place!! The food was great

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Bonao is a city in the Cibao region of Dominican Republic. It is the capital of the Monseñor Nouel province. The city is located in the center of the country, to the northwest of the national capital Santo Domingo. source

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