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Updated: March 19, 2024 12:40 AM

Colibri SPA & Massage is located in Punta Cana (Town in the Dominican Republic), Dominican Republic. It's address is Bulevar de Noviembre, 1 edificio Centro Profecional, 3 nivel, Punta Cana 23000, Dominican Republic.

Bulevar de Noviembre, 1 edificio Centro Profecional, 3 nivel, Punta Cana 23000, Dominican Republic

HFCV+P8 Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

+1 829-656-3330

Check Time Table for Colibri SPA & Massage

Monday9 AM to 8 PM
Tuesday9 AM to 8 PM
Wednesday9 AM to 8 PM
Thursday9 AM to 8 PM
Friday9 AM to 8 PM
Saturday9 AM to 8 PM
Sunday9 AM to 5 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Colibri SPA & Massage?

Colibri SPA & Massage is located at: Bulevar de Noviembre, 1 edificio Centro Profecional, 3 nivel, Punta Cana 23000, Dominican Republic.

What is the phone number of Colibri SPA & Massage?

You can try to calling this number: +1 829-656-3330

What are the coordinates of Colibri SPA & Massage?

Coordinates: 18.571796, -68.506709

Colibri SPA & Massage Reviews

Anastasia Shu
2021-12-04 03:48:08 GMT

My mom and I had a really great experience at Colibri SPA with Elena- the owner. Elena has a very positive vibe and is not like any other masseuse. I was struggling with lower back pains and my mom- with muscles around thighs and lower back and could not walk straight. After only 3 sessions with Elena both of us felt much much better! I have returned to work and the effects are still there.

Huge thanks to Elena!

Angelina Lâm Trần (Little Nghiệp)
2022-03-31 20:49:05 GMT

She blew my mind with her wonderful techniques. I felt like Earth’s gravity turning back to 0. My whole body was just floating away. Highly recommend for tourists. This place is legit and Yelina is a real magician ❤🥰😘

Cenia Santana
2021-02-17 02:27:09 GMT

I don’t write reviews unless something is outstanding. I had an amazing massage done by Ruth, her hands were like magic, and Ruth is also a physical therapist who knows the physiology of the body. Elena recommended her to me because she was not available at the time. This place has beautiful energy, very clean & smells great & the price is perfect. Thank you so much ladies for the wonderful time!

Olga Zaitseva
2019-08-09 18:38:45 GMT

Elena is the master of her job. Great massage, she senses every tension of your body and works it out. I feel new every time after sessions. I recommend this experience for anyone who really wants to get total relaxation.💯

2022-04-04 16:42:01 GMT

100 percent recommended. Don't look for anything else, truly a unique combination of massage backed by knowledge. Positive person, well worth the appointment and commute even a long way. Always being in the neighborhood, it's worth making an.

2022-01-30 18:24:35 GMT

Elena has amazing hands and unique energy, everytime I stay in Dom Rep always drop by. Especially recommend after a long flight- Elena makes wonders🙂

2020-11-04 23:33:36 GMT

It's not easy to find a good massage in DR, but Elena defunitely knows her job. She is very responsive and adjusts the massage the way you need it, she feels the body and has very good energy.

2019-10-11 00:28:31 GMT

If you are looking not just for a relaxing massage, but also to cure yourself/ fix some problems - this is a place to go! Elena is amazing! Not only she knows what to do, but she also cures you with her super high energy! Highly recommend! It is hard to find a good professional! I wish she would live near by so I could visit her more often! :)

Alexander Podolskiy
2020-12-04 14:38:10 GMT

I found this place by local people recommendations. And I was not disappointed by quality of the service. Elena knows what she is doing. I came to her with my lower back problem, and can say that she is using unique approach of identifying and fixing a root that causes a pain. Definitely 5 stars. Thank you Elena.

Rajendra Jaini
2019-02-25 23:13:56 GMT

The level of service and quality of massage at this Spa was phenomenal! Elena combined techniques from Thailand, Sweden, Vietnam, and who knows where else to find ways to relieve the tension that I knew I had, as well as tension and pain that I didn't even know I had. I went in thinking it was only my lower back that was hurting, but she also relieved tension from my knees (many miles walking at a conference and post conference events, as well as beach walking), and she did it without instruction or guidance. I had tried the massage under moonlight, and daylight massage on the beach, but this one was hands down the best I have experienced in years! The rate was so reasonable, I was sure i misheard, and to be honest, I would have paid 2x. Highly recommend is an understatement!

Diane Marbourg
2021-01-10 19:43:21 GMT

Highly recommend having a massage at Colibri Spa if you are in the Bavaro Beach area! Elena is very professional and a skilled masseuse. She will customize your massage to address your specific needs. You can find her in the Ducassi building near Wacamole restaurant.

janese garrett
2019-02-26 18:20:20 GMT

Found this place by asking a trusted local source! Elena was fantastic, she is a true professional. Well priced and easy to locate! I hope she is here for my next visit to bavaro!

Raman Arora
2021-10-17 06:17:34 GMT

Really good massage...i tried 90 mins one.. Really liked it. It's located inside the locked building, so call them to get access..

Roman Fedorov
2020-08-17 00:41:40 GMT

Great massage, best in Dominican.

Camilla Vox
2019-02-15 18:04:10 GMT

The best Massage in Puntacana!

Doni Richardz
2019-02-25 19:38:19 GMT

Nice touch to my vacation! Thank you

Alex Taize
2019-02-19 15:56:35 GMT

Best massage in city!

Vittorio Vittorio
2019-02-19 15:33:13 GMT

Great value for the money

zhia noory
2019-09-01 19:46:27 GMT

Great Job.

Gi Mo
2019-03-16 22:06:26 GMT

Wonderful spa

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Punta Cana is a resort town in the easternmost region of the Dominican Republic. It was politically incorporated as the "Verón–Punta Cana township" in 2006, and it is subject to the municipality of Higüey. source

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