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Asian restaurant in Duisburg

Updated: March 18, 2024 02:05 PM

Asia Palace is located in Duisburg (City in Germany), Germany. It's address is Auf d. Höhe 47, 47059 Duisburg, Germany.

Auf d. Höhe 47, 47059 Duisburg, Germany

CQR4+J7 Duisburg, Germany

+49 203 36397525

Check Time Table for Asia Palace

Monday5:30 to 11 PM
Tuesday5:30 to 11 PM
Wednesday5:30 to 11 PM
Thursday5:30 to 11 PM
Friday5:30 to 11 PM
Saturday12 to 3 PM
Sunday12:30 to 11 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Asia Palace?

Asia Palace is located at: Auf d. Höhe 47, 47059 Duisburg, Germany.

What is the phone number of Asia Palace?

You can try to calling this number: +49 203 36397525

What are the coordinates of Asia Palace?

Coordinates: 51.4415885, 6.7557444

Asia Palace Reviews

Omolara puddicombe Adebayo
2022-02-28 08:26:59 GMT

I came here on my birthday and I loved it. Varieties of food, sea food, drinks and lot more. I really enjoyed myself! Definitely going back soon.

I came here again and I still love everything about it.

Szonja Hanis
2023-12-10 07:29:16 GMT

With a group of 12 people we had a great Lunch at Asia Palace. Different kind of preferencies we had and everybody came out with full belly. Vegetarians, vegans and glutenfree options we could find more than what we needed. Price is great. Service was nice. Everything is organized and easy to find. Huge parking place in front of the restaurant (at Kaufland) is an extra plus.

Super Adi
2024-03-14 15:30:56 GMT

Is a good an cheap place where to eat ( 33 Euro per person) I go there oftenly to eat .

ibnu maulana
2023-12-24 10:37:17 GMT

what a awesome asia restaurant with all unbelievable foods and drinks.. you may choose any food ready to eat or you may choose then ask chef to cook for you... overall i will say "perfect"

Fan Wei
2021-07-09 19:00:53 GMT

Really good experience. Nice seafood barbecue and various beverages which are included in the price of buffet. Recommend.

Joshua Adebayo
2022-07-09 17:24:43 GMT

This place is mind blowing. There are different varieties of food. I love it here. 10 stars.

Yan Alves
2021-11-06 10:44:09 GMT

Just great! Everything is great!
The price, the service, the food (dessert just so delicious!) And also very good for children!
I'm from Netherlands 🇳🇱 and when i go back to germany i will definitely come back here... I hope you guys stay so.

Holger Büttendorf
2024-03-02 19:34:54 GMT

Top 💥 👍🏼 😃

Виктор Старокожев
2023-01-30 08:09:34 GMT

Hello , everybody)))
Several times was here.
15 friends or couple , doesn't matter, every one time oll is delicious, especially grill menu))
Thanks so much for oll stuff Asia Palace🥳👍👍👍

2023-08-21 23:50:03 GMT

Simply the best all you can eat buffet in Duisburg

Nazneen Arisha
2023-10-07 13:32:11 GMT

Good food and friendly staff.

Debora Dy
2022-04-11 19:52:09 GMT

Tasty food, with huge variety of wok options, I loved the amount of fish and seafood. Everything tastes really nice and it’s very fresh.

pangga Balasa
2022-11-19 13:55:18 GMT

We love it very much. Superlicious and the place is very nice. Veey good ambiance.

Evelyn Owusu
2022-06-11 21:39:02 GMT

All you can eat, very affordable for everything you eat from here and you can eat at any number of times you want to, with fresh foods and dessert. Will definitely visit again

Emmanuel Atta-Darkwah
2021-12-20 13:52:24 GMT

The food is good, the environment very neat and service was great. All in all a highly recommended place for the family and friends.

Adrian Simion
2020-01-13 06:13:17 GMT

Good food

Jad Joumaa
2023-01-24 19:57:33 GMT

Amazing food, great service 👍best of luck

Emelia Allotey
2022-06-20 03:53:41 GMT

Soo many choices to decide on I recommend this place for every gathering, birthdays, family outings and many more

Stephen Osei
2022-11-28 12:55:32 GMT

Delicious Food and a lot varieties at affordable Prices.

2022-03-12 15:40:23 GMT

Very good food for good price! New favorite restaurant 👍👍👍

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