Mohns Park

Park in Gütersloh

Updated: March 01, 2024 09:38 AM

Mohns Park is located in Gütersloh (City in Germany), Germany. It's address is Yorckstraße 8, 33330 Gütersloh, Germany.

Yorckstraße 8, 33330 Gütersloh, Germany

W99J+5V Gütersloh, Germany

+49 5241 3007800

Check Time Table for Mohns Park

Monday2 to 6 PM
Tuesday2 to 6 PM
Wednesday2 to 6 PM
Thursday2 to 6 PM
Friday2 to 6 PM
Saturday1 to 6 PM
Sunday12 to 6 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Mohns Park?

Mohns Park is located at: Yorckstraße 8, 33330 Gütersloh, Germany.

What is the phone number of Mohns Park?

You can try to calling this number: +49 5241 3007800

What are the coordinates of Mohns Park?

Coordinates: 51.9179134, 8.3821692

Mohns Park Reviews

Nora Yisela Oicatá Páez
2023-10-29 11:51:24 GMT

This is a beautiful place in Gütersloh!! The park is perfect to spend time with family, friends or to be alone. The park is also very clean and quiet.

Sarah Corrêa (smüller)
2023-06-18 09:46:06 GMT

Very beautiful place. Amazing to listen to the birds singing and also the acoustic is very nice.
The shades from the trees are amazing to be in.

Kirk South
2017-05-21 20:29:08 GMT

Fantastic place for everyone. Sports area. Park for kids. Mini golf and a kiosk. Also a nice place just to walk round and get some fresh air. There is also an outside theatre place. Music, films and other entertainment are provided through the year.

Oduor Obura
2018-09-17 17:22:48 GMT

Such a lovely place. During summer, this wonderful place offers quite a respite. If you are a flowers and trees person, this might just be the park you have not yet discovered! There is quite a variety of flowers and the landscaping is marvelous!

Rezhwan Afandi
2023-06-19 23:33:23 GMT

A beautiful place and the people are nicer

Petrica Dobasu
2023-10-08 15:20:23 GMT

Ok !

Reuben lord
2019-10-01 18:15:16 GMT

A calm place with lots to do: mini golf, netball courts, basketball courts as well as an amphitheater.

vartan samir Marian
2021-06-21 01:52:05 GMT

Great Park , it should have a restaurant here

Alexandru Suliman
2022-05-15 21:36:56 GMT

Verry nice!

Amy Maehler
2017-06-12 06:23:27 GMT

Perfect for kids of all ages.

Hagen Schumacher
2019-08-18 07:08:03 GMT

Free park with lots of activities

Asha Arta
2022-05-27 18:17:43 GMT

Good 👍

Kilua Kurd
2021-06-27 20:35:51 GMT

So nice

Siwan Siwan
2019-06-14 16:04:44 GMT

I love it
Its perfect for the children

2018-11-05 20:17:15 GMT

Nice park

laura greenhouse
2017-04-15 05:51:21 GMT

Good fun

Şafak Darcan
2023-01-08 20:04:29 GMT


zina gjoka
2023-06-24 11:10:08 GMT


Adam Dabic
2023-06-13 08:20:19 GMT


Süheyla Yildiz
2021-07-28 14:28:34 GMT


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