Die Weberei

Cultural center in Gütersloh

Updated: March 01, 2024 09:38 AM

Die Weberei is located in Gütersloh (City in Germany), Germany. It's address is Bogenstraße 1-8, 33330 Gütersloh, Germany.

Bogenstraße 1-8, 33330 Gütersloh, Germany

W92H+V3 Gütersloh, Germany

+49 5241 234780

Check Time Table for Die Weberei

Wednesday5 PM to 12 AM
Friday5 PM to 12 AM
Saturday5 PM to 12 AM

Questions & Answers

Where is Die Weberei?

Die Weberei is located at: Bogenstraße 1-8, 33330 Gütersloh, Germany.

What is the phone number of Die Weberei?

You can try to calling this number: +49 5241 234780

What are the coordinates of Die Weberei?

Coordinates: 51.902152, 8.3776582

Die Weberei Reviews

Ambideluxe Moments For Living
2022-01-05 15:36:04 GMT

The biggest shopping center in europe 🛍 - welcome to Westfiel Centro Oberhausen. The christmas 🎄 decorations are just awesome. See it for yourself on the photos and much better as a life in person experience. Free parcing, lots of fashion stores, a giant food court, 2 levels, an official lego store, an official Apple store, many well known fashion and luxury brands, seating places to rest or wait… could be more… and eventually some playing options for kids. Outside you will find a restaurant mile, the Lego Discovery Center Oberhausen (worth a visit with kids) Sealife Oberhausen (also worth a visit watch out for combi tickets) and also a multiplex cinema (Cinestar) the Metronom Theater 🎭, an adveture bath & swimming center, the Gasometer, and so much more… worth a visit. Plan with at least 3-4 hours for the centro alone when you are there the first time and enjoy it.

Jonas Ro
2022-02-13 14:44:59 GMT

Art and culture centre of Gütersloh. There is a cinema and a restaurant. In summer festivals are held in the parc close to the old weaving mill.

Pushpraj Singh
2023-10-25 16:15:43 GMT

Fine food, beer and ambience

2023-02-13 18:54:55 GMT

Very cozy place. Nice for a night out with friends. Good food and drinks

Tony Lawson
2023-01-25 07:34:51 GMT

Great location for large groups. Top notch service and food.

Fatima De Sousa
2019-09-18 21:32:19 GMT

I always end up here when I want to meet my friend. Good food and prices. Cool Ambiente and Great Location in Gütersloh

Marius Werner
2019-02-07 10:27:46 GMT

It was nice.. the staff was welcoming and the atmosphere is very good.. it's not too loud because the accoustics are good..

Anatole Leopold Gomersall
2021-01-16 11:59:21 GMT

The only place that cares for (youth) culture in Gütersloh. Everywhere else just cares for the has-beens. They need our support, so be there.

just me
2019-08-21 12:24:19 GMT

Great store, they should put shopping baskets, it's hard to shop and keep everything in your hands

2023-11-01 22:33:47 GMT

Gut 👍

Drago Drago
2023-09-11 20:39:37 GMT


Ionut Galea
2023-07-24 15:30:41 GMT


Soheil R
2019-09-23 19:59:51 GMT

Good beers and good food

Craig Timoney
2021-07-29 21:35:13 GMT

Tip top

Barry Brown
2017-07-05 10:07:46 GMT

Good parties and food

José Correia
2023-02-01 18:12:09 GMT


Charlotte Köker
2018-07-03 10:32:34 GMT

Best club in gutersloh

Andrei Dummy
2019-06-22 22:51:25 GMT

Very Nice 🤗

Aron Staude
2019-12-01 09:24:07 GMT


Mario Gentsch
2018-07-19 10:31:39 GMT


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Gütersloh is a city in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, in the area of Westphalia and the administrative region of Detmold. Gütersloh is the administrative centre for a district of the same name and has a population of 100,194 people. source

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