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Updated: March 01, 2024 09:38 AM

B&B HOTEL Osnabrück is located in Osnabrück (City in Germany), Germany. It's address is Hamburger Str. 10, 49084 Osnabrück, Germany.

Hamburger Str. 10, 49084 Osnabrück, Germany

73F7+C7 Osnabrück, Germany

+49 541 181760

Questions & Answers

Where is B&B HOTEL Osnabrück?

B&B HOTEL Osnabrück is located at: Hamburger Str. 10, 49084 Osnabrück, Germany.

What is the phone number of B&B HOTEL Osnabrück?

You can try to calling this number: +49 541 181760

What are the coordinates of B&B HOTEL Osnabrück?

Coordinates: 52.273574, 8.063183

B&B HOTEL Osnabrück Reviews

Matt Davey
2023-07-23 09:32:44 GMT

Super convenient and good value. Free parking. Receptionist was super helpful providing us with pizza and beer. Location is good for us and right next to rail station. Good value for a night over on our road trip.

Robert Barker
2023-04-08 07:40:01 GMT

My wife and I travel often in Germany to visit family. We love the quality and consistency of the B&B Hotel chain and Osnabrück is one of our favourites. The reception here is always friendly and helpful. The breakfast is great and it is also well positioned for a walk into the city centre when we have time.

2023-11-25 02:54:25 GMT

Nice place, good quality, fresh rooms.

Dave McMillen
2019-08-04 19:01:52 GMT

Awesome. Inexpensive, ample parking and a great breakfast. Close to the station and town centre too and many places to have an evening meal.

Rooms are good size and bathroom is very good. Everything is spotless. Excellent value for money.

Stavros Sotiriou
2022-08-06 14:27:32 GMT

Fantastic value, comfortable & clean rooms, decent breakfast, spacious car park, not too far from the city centre (and very close to the train station)!

howard harvey
2018-06-23 14:06:37 GMT

Very nice non descriptive. Does what it's supposed to do. Nice modern contemporary. Reasonable breakfast price, clean rooms, good at being exactly average, and having all that you would expect.

Sarakinos Genitsaridis
2022-04-04 20:04:49 GMT

The lady at the reception desk is very helpful and kind. There is free parking. Nice functional happy rooms.

Elif Hatun Kilicbeyli
2022-05-05 19:49:23 GMT

Clean, hygenic, so comfortable. Breakfast has variety fresh products. Advice to everyone .

Krzysztof B.
2020-10-14 19:28:15 GMT

Very clean and nice room, quiet area, free parking available just next to hotel, quite good breakfast.

Leszek Humm-Gaska
2022-02-18 08:32:05 GMT

A nice reasonably priced hotel very near the train station, nice room, friendly staff and nice breakfast area

Tony Arapo
2020-02-19 13:13:21 GMT

Nice and clean rooms. Every day they change towels . And not too expensive I would go again.

Zenab Khouder
2022-06-23 11:55:37 GMT

Clean room and good location. Most of the employees were very nice and very helpful.

James Trujillo
2017-06-19 20:21:21 GMT

Very affordable, with very comfortable, modern and clean rooms. Also quite close to the train station. Very friendly staff and 25h access

Sezgin U.
2023-01-03 08:06:10 GMT

Clean, super easy, prices are pretty satisfactory.

sean wright
2022-09-06 05:43:10 GMT

Good clean hotel, free parking,good location.

2023-07-18 15:30:15 GMT

Clean and quiet. Breakfasts poor.

Dariusz Fidrysiak
2019-02-27 18:42:56 GMT

Great Hotel, very clean , we will come back next time, thank you so much

2018-02-11 16:01:21 GMT

Great value for money..clean comfortable...good breakfast

Lady4real Hadi
2019-10-17 10:14:06 GMT

Their Artists 🎶are very👍👍👍 good 🎤🎤and the Record label is the Best to be with in👍👍

claudio camerino
2018-12-22 12:45:20 GMT

Clean with great breakfast, fantastic value

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Osnabrück is a city in Lower Saxony in western Germany. It is situated on the river Hase in a valley penned between the Wiehen Hills and the northern tip of the Teutoburg Forest. source

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