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Science museum in Wolfsburg

Updated: March 09, 2024 07:59 AM

Phaeno Science Center is located in Wolfsburg (City in Germany), Germany. It's address is Willy-Brandt-Platz 1, 38440 Wolfsburg, Germany.

Willy-Brandt-Platz 1, 38440 Wolfsburg, Germany

CQHR+G5 Wolfsburg, Germany

+49 5361 890100

Check Time Table for Phaeno Science Center

Tuesday9 AM to 5 PM
Wednesday9 AM to 5 PM
Thursday9 AM to 5 PM
Friday9 AM to 5 PM
Saturday10 AM to 6 PM
Sunday10 AM to 6 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Phaeno Science Center?

Phaeno Science Center is located at: Willy-Brandt-Platz 1, 38440 Wolfsburg, Germany.

What is the phone number of Phaeno Science Center?

You can try to calling this number: +49 5361 890100

What are the coordinates of Phaeno Science Center?

Coordinates: 52.4288531, 10.7904745

Phaeno Science Center Reviews

Cigin Kuriakose
2024-01-18 03:42:17 GMT

Excellent place for kids, students and science enthusiasts. Lot of installations based on science theories. Every installation is a working model and the best thing is that you are not a mere spectator, but plays an active roll in the working of each of the installations. Loved the illusion bridge the most... It was mind blowing.

Kishan Pandey
2024-02-07 10:10:56 GMT

Upon seeing it I felt like, I just stepped into future or something. Just Amazing
#Keep Clean

Andrea Winkel
2023-10-31 18:03:03 GMT

Awesome science centre! Great for all ages, plenty to see and do. Highly recommend visiting. You might see this little one there too!

Gr8 Abican
2023-04-09 14:34:08 GMT

It's a science museum with lots of fun activities for the kids, including science lab, tech lab, and music.
In fact parents can also enjoy the place and different areas of it.
Receptionists and all the employees were friendly and well-behaved and, most importantly, they can guide you in English as well.
It is a fully recommended place. Lastly, you should bring your own food as there are limited options to eat there but there is a proper sitting place to eat your food.

Ieva Čekavičiūtė - Žalienė
2022-06-21 15:17:32 GMT

Wonderful place, highly highly recommended. Activities throughout the day for both small and large. We were with 10 year old and 2 year old boys. We all went with the impressions. Thinking about everything, little ones have activities, although there is fun for adults as well 😀 Everything is written in detail in German / English. If you have a picnic room, you can buy coffee, water, snacks or ice cream there. If not, you can go back again. Employees are always with a smile, helpful. Super place to spend all day 👌

Isaraporn Kongchana
2022-08-05 18:45:00 GMT

One of the best museums we have been. Everything us hands on and gas German n English explanations. Kids stayed until closing time. Would definitely go back again.

Somiya AK
2018-07-01 07:55:50 GMT

If u are in Wolfsburg this is a must place to visit for all age groups . Kids had so much fun that they didn't want to come out. So many interesting things to see .my kids ages are 5 and 3 and both of them enjoyed so much and all science exhibits in very interesting way

Josefin Enertz
2023-08-07 18:02:07 GMT

Awesome place to visit! We were there with our curious 10 yo abs the whole family loved every minute of it and wanted to try everything. Very hands on and exciting.
We spent 2,5 hours here, but could easily stayed another two hours or so.

Zaid Alhajjaj
2018-04-16 15:01:58 GMT

The place which makes you really feel that you where kidnapped by aliens and you do not belong any more to our beloved planet.
The design which was made by the Iraqi-British architect Zaha Hadid, will make you feel that it was impossible to build such a place without being in another planet.
From inside it offers a magnificent chance to feel the real applied science on the children and young people level.
For a family I could guarantee that it would be a joyful experience.
Although the weather was not that big support but we could make it and enjoy the day.
Best regards.

Mrs. H!Ness
2020-08-30 15:18:32 GMT

if there would be six stars then six would be the right one. or eight? anyways. a very cool place for everyone. small and old. u can definitely understand science better and its especially now in Corona times really cool. and such a fantastic building. bravo!

Krupakar Rao Potlapally
2021-11-15 22:00:44 GMT

Absolutely loved the place. Been here as a part of a college trip. This place reminded me of my school days when we used to go to science museums. The exhibits were very informative. Included all types of science experiments and inventions, ancient to modern and futuristic. I personally spent around 5 hours in this place, yet couldn't look at all of them. A good place to spend your holiday.

Bayan Othman
2023-12-03 14:37:23 GMT

A very nice, creative, and interactive scientific attraction, I really recommend it for Family outgoing..
There is something for every age.

Sri E
2019-05-27 08:23:21 GMT

The best science centre / museum I have ever been too. No matter the age, everyone would definitely enjoy this place.
I can only say that this is a unique place and you would never regret going there. Time reqd is around 4-5 hrs minimum.

Susan Daniels
2023-12-01 21:16:30 GMT

Wow what a fantastic science museum, went with family, includes 2children under 4 they loved it. Spent hrs there.

Dalibor Milenkovic
2018-06-05 00:35:12 GMT

Must see & visit! The building is architectural modern masterpiece - the content endless number of scientific experiments that can be tried & performed. Especially useful for school children!

Daniel Mazurkiewicz
2019-09-12 15:09:16 GMT

Very interesting place. Must-see point for Tech-lovers. If you want to see and try all the experiments, you need to prepare for at least few hours. Staff also is doing special shows few times in the day.

Leo H
2023-06-20 17:23:29 GMT

TLDR: This is by far the most impressive, hands-on, seemingly endless science museum we’ve ever visited. Just go!

If you’re considering visiting this place with curious kids then put down your phone and start heading out the door.

Pretty much all the exhibits were functional and each one was more interesting than the last.

Aniket Deshmukh
2023-05-16 14:43:33 GMT

Best place for kids to get to know the science behind everything

Denis Mamontov
2019-01-01 21:02:22 GMT

A great way to engage with science and have an interesting day with family and friends. Kids friendly. They host a lot of workshops and theater plays. There is a food court on site, I recommend ordering a salad for the price-savvy.

2022-07-15 08:47:02 GMT

Truly inspiring place where you can observe and test by yourself a variety of "things" related to math, physics, optics, kynetics, mechanics, etc..

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