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Updated: March 21, 2024 01:13 AM

Victor's Residenz Hotel Gera is located in Gera (City in Germany), Germany. It's address is Berliner Str. 38, 07545 Gera, Germany.

Berliner Str. 38, 07545 Gera, Germany

V3PM+J4 Gera, Germany

+49 365 43440

Questions & Answers

Where is Victor's Residenz Hotel Gera?

Victor's Residenz Hotel Gera is located at: Berliner Str. 38, 07545 Gera, Germany.

What is the phone number of Victor's Residenz Hotel Gera?

You can try to calling this number: +49 365 43440

What are the coordinates of Victor's Residenz Hotel Gera?

Coordinates: 50.8865323, 12.082837

Victor's Residenz Hotel Gera Reviews

Piotr K
2023-04-13 17:51:51 GMT

Good option in Gera although looks a bit old. Nevertheless way better than other places in the city. Rooms are spacious and clean, although you can feel the spirit of 90', hotel restaurant is really good and overall service top class

David Gilland
2019-08-13 20:45:57 GMT

Arrived here after being delayed, detoured, beaten down, demoralized and generally inconvenienced on the so-called "Autobahn", on which I was foolish enough to attempt to travel in a motor vehicle with the vain and arogant assumption that I would reach my intended destination within 4 OR 5 HOURS OF THE TIME I ACTUALLY WANTED TO! This welcoming, clean and friendly house of respite greeted me in the parking garage (costs extra) with a vending machine with (relatively) cold beer on offer for €2 a pop , which provided much needed refreshment. Our room was super clean and the breakfast was great (costs extra, but worth it). Super friendly service as well, especially at breakfast. Do yourself a favor and stay here. Does anyone else think Miles Davis did his best work at the Plugged Nickel?

Rafał Dembe
2018-07-15 13:50:11 GMT

Very comfortable specious rooms for less than other **** hotels. Not too modern, still fine. Also typical 4 star hotel breakfast = excellent. Out best value for money choice on the way from Poland to southern France.

Dirk Verheyden
2018-12-30 08:52:07 GMT

Very nice rooms. Friendly personnel. Good prices. Extended breakfast. We didn't look at the sauna. Dinner was exquisite!

2022-01-29 11:24:33 GMT

The rooms seemed a little older, but everything was clean, maintained and overall would definitely stay here again. Thank you for the breakfast.

2017-09-23 21:58:41 GMT

Nice, central location. Staff speaks English very well, and accomodates requests. Great breakfast buffet.

Iwona Wilczek
2019-05-15 08:45:59 GMT

Nice place, staff and comfortable room. Very good eating in restaurant. Big hotel with parking.

Rafael Furman
2022-02-05 20:54:24 GMT

Very Good hotel in the middle of the city.

2018-02-21 19:04:39 GMT

nice hotel, friendly staff, great breakfast

Paul Hempel
2020-03-25 19:34:45 GMT

Very nice place with best personal we have ever seen!

Stefan Wagner
2021-06-17 23:10:33 GMT

Clearly upscale at a modest rate. Recommended

Piyush Ankoliya
2022-02-16 21:43:15 GMT

Nice one.

Seung Hwan Yoon
2017-03-16 06:41:14 GMT

A quiet and cozy place in a small town.

Harun Mujakovic
2022-07-09 08:44:37 GMT

Thanks for excellent service!

Der Gutachter
2023-11-07 19:07:06 GMT


Joe Gyver (Joe Boldt)
2017-08-30 18:01:24 GMT

Connvenient rooms, friendly service

Thander 99
2021-08-30 20:55:07 GMT

The best hotel in gera

Jonas Deller
2018-07-20 16:37:05 GMT

War toll

Oliver M. Kuffel
2018-09-26 02:33:05 GMT

Perfect for a business traveler

Oliver Nölcke
2019-03-30 17:27:07 GMT


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Gera is a city in the German state of Thuringia. With around 93,000 inhabitants, it is the third-largest city in Thuringia after Erfurt and Jena as well as the easternmost city of the Thüringer Städtekette, an almost straight string of cities consisting of the six largest Thuringian cities from Eisenach in the west, via Gotha, Erfurt, Weimar and Jena to Gera in the east. source

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