Strandbar 443

Bar in Worms

Updated: March 01, 2024 09:38 AM

Strandbar 443 is located in Worms (City in Germany), Germany. It's address is Am Rhein 9, 67547 Worms, Germany.

Am Rhein 9, 67547 Worms, Germany

J9PG+49 Worms, Germany

Questions & Answers

Where is Strandbar 443?

Strandbar 443 is located at: Am Rhein 9, 67547 Worms, Germany.

What are the coordinates of Strandbar 443?

Coordinates: 49.6353444, 8.3759192

Strandbar 443 Reviews

Umair Khan
2023-06-19 15:43:26 GMT

Well, i had some cocktails, and they were delicious with a bowl of Nachos. Nice place to sit and relax with a view of river. Love to visit again.

Frances D
2023-07-10 20:19:56 GMT

Super cocktails, atmosphere and view!

Dmitry IOPS
2021-09-09 21:54:02 GMT

Very cozy place. You can eat and drink here. Better than other restaurants around.
But paid WC!

Dave Dunn
2020-05-30 13:24:17 GMT

Such an awesome concept. This place is so relaxing, it's an absolute must visit.

corrina gee
2023-08-27 14:15:47 GMT

Cocktails are great served by a gentleman thier he makes them great , scenery is noce and food is great too

2023-06-12 12:51:59 GMT

Beautiful relaxed atmosphere. We had a lovely time drinking and watching the river

Bruno Andreatta
2023-05-30 07:30:13 GMT

Absolutely beautiful place. I went las week with my friends and had a lot of fun.

Saskia Albert
2020-06-28 18:23:39 GMT

I love this place in the summer time. It feels a little like holiday on the beach. Cocktail in your hand, feet in the sand. You get the idea :) Staff is friendly. Drinks and food is good.

Yossi David
2023-07-18 19:36:29 GMT

Beautiful place

Alex Benz
2021-08-21 15:10:44 GMT

Great drinks, staff and view!
Prices ok

Nathalie Lalala
2018-09-11 12:27:48 GMT

Lovely Strandbar! Super sweet atmosphere and a lovely view over the lake! Recommend!

2019-08-08 18:37:04 GMT

Nice area in the city, good burger

Olena Kuzhel
2019-04-11 07:38:11 GMT

The best place in Worms to spend in a hot summer weather!

Nithin Nadakkaparambil Uthaman
2022-05-22 23:35:16 GMT

Nice place to visit

Daniele Genovese
2023-07-23 10:08:01 GMT

Strandfeeling pur

Ecem Yücesoy
2022-05-17 12:18:38 GMT

Great atmosphere!

Sandi Alexandra Nathan
2019-09-08 05:28:20 GMT

Another great bar.

2023-05-03 16:04:07 GMT


Kevin Dexheimer
2020-07-27 13:40:27 GMT

Nice location to hang out

Sabine Armbrüster
2020-07-14 20:22:09 GMT

Best place to be in Rhoihesse! 😎🏖

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City in Germany

Worms is a city in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, situated on the Upper Rhine about 60 km south-southwest of Frankfurt am Main. It had about 84,646 inhabitants as of 2022. A pre-Roman foundation, Worms is one of the oldest cities in northern Europe. source

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