Papa Remo

Mexican restaurant in Erding

Updated: March 08, 2024 04:08 PM

Papa Remo is located in Erding (Town in Germany), Germany. It's address is Am Rätschenbach 27, 85435 Erding, Germany.

Am Rätschenbach 27, 85435 Erding, Germany

8W55+6G Erding, Germany

+49 8122 900497

Check Time Table for Papa Remo

Monday5 PM to 1 AM
Tuesday5 PM to 1 AM
Wednesday5 PM to 1 AM
Thursday5 PM to 1 AM
Friday5 PM to 3 AM
Saturday5 PM to 3 AM
Sunday5 PM to 1 AM

Questions & Answers

Where is Papa Remo?

Papa Remo is located at: Am Rätschenbach 27, 85435 Erding, Germany.

What is the phone number of Papa Remo?

You can try to calling this number: +49 8122 900497

What are the coordinates of Papa Remo?

Coordinates: 48.3081082, 11.9087924

Papa Remo Reviews

Anna Pointner
2024-03-06 10:56:32 GMT

Great restaurant. The location is a little bit small, but the food was excellent and the service was good. I had the burrito, it was delicous. I can definitely recommend it.

M. Marzulla
2023-07-03 19:09:03 GMT

Super lively on a Saturday night, but they got us a table indoors. Service was wonderful. We were craving some tacos (fajitas for me) after a long vacation, and they were great. It's a little different than in the States, ingredients-wise, but that made it better, in my opinion. Its always fun seeing how others create their dishes, and the ability to order excellent German beer with your food can not be understated. Pure comfort food and a great atmosphere.

Rohan K
2023-06-11 11:20:19 GMT

Great place to hang out and have a fun and peaceful dinner with friends and family. Variety of cocktails and mexican/american food available. Very good service. Parking available nearby.

Bharath Kumar
2023-09-04 11:47:50 GMT

Very nice place to visit.. Service is really good.. Best to get a reservation before. Ambience is very good.
They are completely open now after covid regulations are removed.
Taste got better, as well as crowd. Definitely recommend for a prior table reservation.

Jan Graham
2019-10-19 13:58:26 GMT

Been here twice on a recent trip to Germany, once for food and once for drinks. Both times excellent. Cocktails freshly made, authentic and can actually taste the alcohol in them! Food was gorgeous, even though we were pretty late on a Sunday evening (when vertually no one else was open and serving food). Would definitely recommend and hope to come back again.

Daniel Rieger
2023-11-06 00:04:47 GMT

Really good balanced food, wedges and wings sweet and tender nice place

Daniel Stanley
2023-11-27 15:03:00 GMT

One of the best Mexican food I have had!

רפי כהן
2023-09-25 21:39:07 GMT

Very tasty food! Excellent service!

Richard Hopkins
2018-02-14 10:34:58 GMT

Delicious food. I was lucky to get a table at this clearly very popular restaurant.

Zoltán Török
2023-06-09 06:56:35 GMT

Everything was fine, the atmosphere of the restaurant was very Mexican. The waiter was very nice and the snacks were big

Peter Hylton
2017-06-09 22:49:03 GMT

So friendly and so lively. The food was excellent and the cocktails tasty and strong. 10 out of 10!

Harshavardhan Musanalli
2019-11-05 05:45:11 GMT

I love this restaurant. Burritos, cocktails are really great. My friends, colleagues too like this place. Super friendly staff and they speak good English too...

הודיה רוזנווסר
2023-09-27 18:38:49 GMT

Amazing food wanderful service

Sean Taylor
2021-08-27 17:52:17 GMT

Good Mexican food as always with friendly staff who can speak English for our visitors always worth a visit if you fancy something different than German food.

Viktor Balogh
2019-09-28 19:58:25 GMT

Amazing meals, even late into the night. Service was funny and professionel, much recommended!

Tanja Wegerer
2023-11-26 21:04:49 GMT


Anna Gurcenko
2018-08-24 00:06:19 GMT

Just wow for everything! Amazing food, great service. Very impressed

Ramon Bezanilla Carmona
2019-03-21 23:44:03 GMT

Great food, huge portions and nice cocktails.

Cristian Bostan
2020-03-03 06:30:04 GMT

Good food, not too spicy, big servings, nice staff! 😉

Adelina Ardelean- Mădăras
2019-04-21 20:49:05 GMT

Delicious food, big portions and faire prices! A must do in Erding!

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Erding is a town in Bavaria, Germany, and capital of the rural district of the same name. It had a population of 36,469 in 2019. The original Erdinger Weissbier is a well-known Bavarian specialty. Erding is located around 31 kilometers northeast of central Munich, about a 30-minute drive by car. Regular S-Bahn trains connect to Munich and beyond. source

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