The Dubliner

Irish pub in Erding

Updated: March 08, 2024 11:54 PM

The Dubliner is located in Erding (Town in Germany), Germany. It's address is Keltereistraße 2, 85435 Erding, Germany.

Keltereistraße 2, 85435 Erding, Germany

8W48+5M Erding, Germany

+49 8122 956130

Check Time Table for The Dubliner

Monday5:30 PM to 1 AM
Tuesday5:30 PM to 1 AM
Wednesday5:30 PM to 1 AM
Thursday5:30 PM to 1 AM
Friday5:30 PM to 1 AM
Saturday5:30 PM to 1 AM
Sunday5:30 PM to 1 AM

Questions & Answers

Where is The Dubliner?

The Dubliner is located at: Keltereistraße 2, 85435 Erding, Germany.

What is the phone number of The Dubliner?

You can try to calling this number: +49 8122 956130

What are the coordinates of The Dubliner?

Coordinates: 48.305453, 11.9166418

The Dubliner Reviews

Paul Langan
2023-09-13 17:26:18 GMT

Went just for Beers! Good vibe, would definitely go again! Close to train station, close to downtown!

Marco Antonazzo
2023-10-12 22:33:50 GMT

I really liked the service and the atmosphere, waitress today was super nice. They make homemade fries here, just delicious!

Max Waldron
2023-11-21 20:31:32 GMT

Live music great atmosphere and good beers. What else could you want.

Robert_Mihai Penciu
2023-04-09 20:50:56 GMT

Best best small pub a great place for people, and special staff

2023-08-15 18:47:02 GMT

Just had the Beef Burger with Chips, which went really great with a pint of Beer, Great Food and Beer, Great Service & Atmosphere, i love comming here 🤩🍻🍔

John Kuehn
2022-12-25 21:34:35 GMT

The food is amazing! The atmosphere is excellent. Get there a bit early to secure seats or make a reservation. It is popular.

Kari Held
2019-05-29 17:18:57 GMT

Wonderful pub! Very cozy and relaxed atmosphere. The food was great too. My husband ordered the chicken burger which he loved. Though he primarily went there for the Guinness! :)) It came with the most amazing potato chips. I had the feta salad which was also very yummy and it was a very generous portion if you are having it as a main meal. Super!

Simon Nash
2017-12-09 19:07:35 GMT

Fantastic Irish venue. Amazing selection of whiskey from all over the world and the owner Paul has vast knowledge of them all. Refreshing to find a genuine authentic Irish Pub in a beautiful town like Erding. The Guinness is on par with the best pints you'll find anywhere in the world, including Dublin. If you're in the area, I highly recommend you drop in for a pint, a chat about the whiskey or even a wine.

2017-04-17 20:27:21 GMT

Having seen a lot of Irish pubs in Austria & Germany and given the fact that Erding is not exactly a very multicultural city, this pub is surprisingly nice and humble while still providing a very satisfying variety of beverages. Staff is German, the owner is Irish. The amount of whiskys kind of spoiled me, this being my home town pub. The only pub in the world I like more than this one is the Porterhouse in London :P

Sean Taylor
2021-06-16 09:46:28 GMT

Great alternative place in Erding to order something that isn't Stiftungs or Erdinger on draft. Food is pretty good too and the staff always welcoming and Friendly. I always take visitors there which says it all.

Niranjan Ravikumar
2017-12-20 09:08:13 GMT

Nice ambience, great service and fantastic food and beer!

2016-10-04 22:48:17 GMT

Very friendly pub. Impressive whisky menu and simple what you want food menu. Good place to just relax when visiting and open late.

Susanne K
2017-11-08 10:02:08 GMT

Five stars, even though the food isn't that great. But the prices are good, the service is always nice, the location is perfect. One of my all time favorite places to meet with friends.

Georg Hanslmaier
2019-08-17 21:02:27 GMT

Just love it. The food is really good and not even expensive but the beer well... What do you expect... Irish haha

Elias Kernbichler
2018-05-30 23:41:58 GMT

Great place to eat indian food. We had a vegetarian plate for two and it was very delicious!
5/7 would eat again!

Jonida Make Up Artist
2018-08-04 20:54:21 GMT

One of the bests Guinness beers i have ever tasted that are not in Ireland. Great one. Highly recommended.

Kay Kilian
2018-05-26 07:30:53 GMT

Best pub in town!

Kenny Meyers
2016-09-30 20:00:15 GMT

What a great friendly small pub. Paul the proprietor knows a vas amount of knowledge on the great selection on scotch!!!

Sacha Senra
2020-10-03 08:31:03 GMT

Good food, nice beer and excellent service.

Aaron McDanield
2019-08-19 21:43:34 GMT

Fantastic, very friendly staff. Even spoke English which made it super easy for us visiting!

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Erding is a town in Bavaria, Germany, and capital of the rural district of the same name. It had a population of 36,469 in 2019. The original Erdinger Weissbier is a well-known Bavarian specialty. Erding is located around 31 kilometers northeast of central Munich, about a 30-minute drive by car. Regular S-Bahn trains connect to Munich and beyond. source

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