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Updated: March 09, 2024 07:00 AM

BAUHAUS Speyer is located in Speyer (City in Germany), Germany. It's address is Iggelheimer Str. 30, 67346 Speyer, Germany.

Iggelheimer Str. 30, 67346 Speyer, Germany

8CP7+J2 Speyer, Germany

+49 6232 60350

Check Time Table for BAUHAUS Speyer

Monday7 AM to 8 PM
Tuesday7 AM to 8 PM
Wednesday7 AM to 8 PM
Thursday7 AM to 8 PM
Friday7 AM to 8 PM
Saturday7 AM to 8 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is BAUHAUS Speyer?

BAUHAUS Speyer is located at: Iggelheimer Str. 30, 67346 Speyer, Germany.

What is the phone number of BAUHAUS Speyer?

You can try to calling this number: +49 6232 60350

What are the coordinates of BAUHAUS Speyer?

Coordinates: 49.3365947, 8.4125518

BAUHAUS Speyer Reviews

Stanislav Kiselevskii
2024-01-22 17:17:37 GMT

I found here a most stuff I needed for my home improvements.

Mot Kyoss
2020-09-06 12:08:49 GMT

Yes you can ... build nice things with the tools that are available here. This typical German Baumarkt features everything you need to renovate your home. It also has a lovely outdoor section with plants and soil for your garden. You could call it a garden center too. The curious thing about this center is also, that it features boats and boating supplies. That's a rather unique feature and I believe it may have something to do with the Rhine river that is nearby. I highly recommend visiting this place. And it features a fast-charger for electric cars nearby.

2023-03-31 13:35:22 GMT

Everything you expect from Bauhaus. Knowledgeable, helpful staff. Wide range of products to choose from.

Sára Huszár
2020-07-05 06:22:49 GMT

Well stocked, big store. Nice and helpful employees. :)

Yunus Yigit
2021-09-03 14:11:21 GMT

Good place for building tools and materials,
Pretty much everything involving tools is in there

Subash Adhikari
2023-03-17 15:43:17 GMT

Everything you need for house to build and repair

Andre Treibe
2023-09-20 18:03:57 GMT

Top Personal

Christopher Harrison
2021-10-25 17:52:14 GMT

Well trained and friendly staff

Christine Angermeier
2018-08-13 06:26:50 GMT

Had what we needed but was too warm

marius meszaros
2023-04-01 13:06:08 GMT


Waiel Alyassin
2019-09-19 17:43:22 GMT

Very big store

Christian Herm
2023-06-30 14:50:34 GMT


Patrick Halx
2022-09-27 06:04:59 GMT


Sabine Helbling
2019-02-07 18:10:51 GMT

Ggh, k

Stefan Alt
2019-04-23 05:30:49 GMT


Sergiu Ciprian Edves
2021-10-05 15:08:31 GMT


made max
2021-08-05 19:56:17 GMT


Danijel Bojic
2021-05-23 17:03:53 GMT


lastar “Nick” marinica
2020-06-17 03:01:35 GMT


cristian mihaila
2020-11-03 06:44:43 GMT


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Speyer, historically known in English as Spires, is a city in Rhineland-Palatinate in Germany with approximately 50,000 inhabitants. source

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