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Updated: March 01, 2024 09:38 AM

MILANEO Stuttgart is located in Stuttgart (City in Germany), Germany. It's address is Mailänder Platz 7, 70173 Stuttgart, Germany.

Mailänder Platz 7, 70173 Stuttgart, Germany

Q5RM+F7 Stuttgart, Germany

+49 711 5409300

Check Time Table for MILANEO Stuttgart

Monday10 AM to 8 PM
Tuesday10 AM to 8 PM
Wednesday10 AM to 8 PM
Thursday10 AM to 8 PM
Friday10 AM to 8 PM
Saturday9:30 AM to 8 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is MILANEO Stuttgart?

MILANEO Stuttgart is located at: Mailänder Platz 7, 70173 Stuttgart, Germany.

What is the phone number of MILANEO Stuttgart?

You can try to calling this number: +49 711 5409300

What are the coordinates of MILANEO Stuttgart?

Coordinates: 48.7912211, 9.1832001

MILANEO Stuttgart Reviews

Vasilis Karakatsanis
2023-12-11 20:38:32 GMT

Very functional and practical mall at Stuttgart city center. I have appreciated the lockers at the second floor ,the fully christmas decoration and the cover of every tiny to big need.

D K (Dee)
2024-02-21 16:52:32 GMT

You can find a lot of the same Brand Shops as Königstraße but in one big Mall. It's also next to the U-Bahn stop making it perfect for shopping on cold/rainy days.

There are quite a few fast food options for when you get hungry and a Supermarket too.

It does get quite busy during school holidays and weekends.

Dileepa Weerasingha
2023-12-22 20:46:07 GMT

Beautiful, spacious and convenient place to visit for everythings.

Mc_ jabulani
2022-10-16 06:28:30 GMT

A Nice place and very organized too.
And if you're hungry and you crave a Chinese food..the one I posted their pictures here are very good, their meal taste so nice and the worker's are super nice and fast .. I like them and I will go there again... visit and you will definitely be wowed... thanks 😊👍🏾

2022-07-15 08:25:26 GMT

The best shopping mall in Stuttgart. It is not big it is huge. It will take atleast a week to properly experience everything in Milaneo shopping center. It is very close to the Stuttgart main railway station . A very beautiful place to spend time with family and friends. The mall closes at 8:00 pm which I think very soon for visitors or tourists but really a good shopping experience. This is a must visit spot in Stuttgart. I am highly satisfied with my experience hope you too will. Please follow and like me on Google maps for more reviews.

Ouissal B.
2022-04-09 20:42:14 GMT

Almost all stores have now reopened and in-store shopping and eating are now possible.
I always have a great time here.
They added a VR game that seems worth trying, but might be temporary.

Markus “markobear1”
2022-11-01 02:01:27 GMT

WOW.. Milaneo shopping complex is a city within a city.
With 43,000 m² of space for shops and restaurants, the Milaneo is the largest shopping center in the region. [2] The building contains more than 200 shops and restaurants, as well as 417 rental apartments, a hotel and offices. [2] The rent for retail space is 39.50 euros per square meter and month, for large stores with more than 1,000 m² a monthly rent is 17.90 euros per square meter. [3] The rental income from the shopping center is said to amount to 22.83 million euros annually.
There are hotels, apartments, condos all within steps of the Milaneo Megamall.
You can get your teeth filled, your botox injections, a face lift all while you grab your morning Starbucks and your egg Mcmuffin..
Stores are everything from supermarkets to clothing stores
Hit the website for a complete updated list.
There are kids play areas , a massive food court and over 190 stores.
All this is reachable using several Ubahn lines which stop within steps of the Milaneo.
Saturdays and especially those Saturdays that are rainy Milaneo can be an absolute madhouse with people and kids running AMOK. 🏃‍♂
That said this Megamall has it all.
IF you can't find it at Milaneo, it probably isn't made and you don't need it anyways !!!!!!!!!!!!! 🤷

Ravi Lal
2024-01-12 11:22:30 GMT

Big shopping mall. The train takes you right to MILANEO mall. The food court is right on top. We had dinner in the food court. Our visit to MILANEO was around 7pm. The mall was busy with people, with lots of shops open. We walked around and discovered this place is for a trendy audience. The train service was very regular which was helpful for visitors or tourists.

Manisha Sree adithya Sivaramakrishnan
2023-11-10 17:19:39 GMT

Shopping centre Milaneo is a great place with entrance in all direction.. There are wide variety of food options.. also to mention the branded stores, great place for a rainy day and shopping lovers...

Kateryna Telyatnikova
2023-12-10 13:57:15 GMT

This is a huge place with a lot of different shops, fast food, lounge zones. There is a toilet. It's close to the city center and transport.

Sherif Elsayed
2023-04-08 20:30:10 GMT

We basically live in Milaneo 😅
My kids consider it our second home 🏠😊

Adriana Y
2023-12-01 20:42:05 GMT

Nice mall, lots of food options, shopping in person is not my thing but I go to this mall sometimes for their really good boba drinks and sushi restaurant.

Ameerah W.
2024-02-10 11:05:38 GMT

I was definitely impressed by this mall especially the lounge to rest. A visit is recommended

Raijo V James
2022-11-15 21:19:43 GMT

One stop for everything! Better than Konniestrbe!

Abin Abraham
2022-10-02 14:39:25 GMT

Public Library
This is one of the nicest libraries I have ever visited..easily reached by U-Bahn.. The architecture is amazing... The entry to the library is free.

Shane Frith
2023-10-23 15:40:36 GMT

So many stores and you can get any kind of food that you like. It's a great big mall area and easy to get lost in.

Vanessa Fakhoury
2020-08-01 16:59:36 GMT

Very nice shopping center. A lot of options and pretty much everything you need, from grocery shopping to buying pants, shoes, make-up or having a snack at the “food-court” on the top floor.

Sze Ling Hoo
2023-10-26 20:25:02 GMT

Lovely shopping mall with supermarkets and plenty of boutiques. There are 2 hotels located in the exact same building: Aloft Stuttgart and Adina.

Swetha n
2024-01-18 09:39:10 GMT

Nice mall. But it doesn't have a bookstore except for the manga store.

Zeeshan Shareef
2023-08-04 19:50:05 GMT

It is one of the best shopping mall in Stuttgart. Here you can find all under one roof. Here are all the big brands, clothing, shoes, kids zone and a small playing area.
On 3rd floor you can also find the food street that offer different variety of food.

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