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Updated: May 13, 2024 05:19 AM

Moncton KickFit is located in Moncton (City in New Brunswick, Canada), Canada. It's address is 1966 Mountain Rd, Moncton, NB E1G 1A9, Canada.

1966 Mountain Rd, Moncton, NB E1G 1A9, Canada

44FW+38 Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

+1 506-854-8210

Questions & Answers

Where is Moncton KickFit?

Moncton KickFit is located at: 1966 Mountain Rd, Moncton, NB E1G 1A9, Canada.

What is the phone number of Moncton KickFit?

You can try to calling this number: +1 506-854-8210

What are the coordinates of Moncton KickFit?

Coordinates: 46.1227485, -64.8541492

Moncton KickFit Reviews

Michelle Gallant
2020-01-11 11:34:40 GMT

I've tried the gym ..walking around waiting for equipment and trying to figure out what I was going to do next and 2 hours later still not sure if i got the best workout.Then I tried kick fit ...loved it in and in roughly 45 mins and know that a got awesome work.I tell everyone that will listen about this gym.It took me awhile to get my head around paying 100$ a month but then I realized it was worth it I am taking care of myself.great staff as well if u cant do something because you have an injury or just cant do it today they will give you another excercise to do.They are your personal trainer. I enjoy going and letting off some steam from the day.You definitely need to come in and try it.

Kim Goguen
2020-01-11 12:42:15 GMT

I absolutley love KickFit.... I'm a lifer...the trainers are awesome and motivating. I look forward to going each day to see what new workout I'll do as it changes daily so you definetly never get bored. I'm hooked...Who doesn't like kicking and punching things it's fun 🥊💪Go try it out the first workout is free

Brad Butland
2020-01-11 16:08:11 GMT

Best gym I’ve ever been in. No class times, a trainer with you almost every moment you are there, and a great non-judgmental environment! If you aren’t sure about gyms but want to take care of your body, come here!

Allison Finnamore
2020-01-11 03:00:46 GMT

Great workout in a friendly, supportive environment. Great for all skill and fitness levels. Just go!

Rachelle Desmeules
2021-08-07 13:59:27 GMT

Friendly and knowledgeable trainer. The place is clean and the equipment in good condition. Great job.

Cara Smith
2021-01-16 11:59:54 GMT

Great workout! No experience required!

Darlene Raniere
2020-10-02 11:07:49 GMT

Love the full body workouts .

Jamie Stanert
2019-12-27 22:18:44 GMT

The best physical fitness ever. Final.

Georgette Daigle
2020-08-11 17:52:29 GMT

Great workout! Great results!

Jake D
2019-09-13 18:29:29 GMT

Stop by for a workout!

2021-04-25 20:35:33 GMT

Great full body workout. They lend gloves to protect the hands and keep the place very clean. As a novice boxer, I could have used more coaching to ensure my technique was okay. That said, it's for the workout, not a pure bocing gym.

Justin Savoie
2019-10-10 15:12:40 GMT

Only been here the once but far so good. The setup is designed to fit any levels and any goals that you have around fitness with flexible hours and exercises.

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Moncton is the most populous city in the Canadian province of New Brunswick. Situated in the Petitcodiac River Valley, Moncton lies at the geographic centre of the Maritime Provinces. source

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