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Updated: March 11, 2024 09:54 AM

Jerivá - Outlet Premium BSB is located in , Brazil. It's address is BR-060, Km 21 - Zona Rural, Alexânia - GO, 72930-000, Brazil.

BR-060, Km 21 - Zona Rural, Alexânia - GO, 72930-000, Brazil

VJJ2+3H Alexânia, State of Goiás, Brazil

+55 62 99601-4259

Check Time Table for Jerivá - Outlet Premium BSB

Monday9 AM to 9 PM
Tuesday9 AM to 9 PM
Wednesday9 AM to 9 PM
Thursday9 AM to 9 PM
Friday9 AM to 9 PM
Saturday9 AM to 9 PM
Sunday9 AM to 9 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Jerivá - Outlet Premium BSB?

Jerivá - Outlet Premium BSB is located at: BR-060, Km 21 - Zona Rural, Alexânia - GO, 72930-000, Brazil.

What is the phone number of Jerivá - Outlet Premium BSB?

You can try to calling this number: +55 62 99601-4259

What are the coordinates of Jerivá - Outlet Premium BSB?

Coordinates: -16.119874, -48.3986086

Jerivá - Outlet Premium BSB Reviews

Rafaela Freitas
2023-12-14 01:07:07 GMT

Very good. It was quiet when I went on a weekday.
Good food, friendly service.
They take credit cards.

Steven Robson
2023-07-12 11:16:03 GMT

Great place to get great products all from Nike to local brands, from designer to standed cloths. I always stop here when I'm back home spend hours here.

Khaled Kamal
2021-10-11 00:23:29 GMT

Excellent place for shopping. Good number of brand outlets are available here. Like Nike, Adidas, Oakley, Levis and many more. Sharing the guide map of the shopping mall complex.

Anjali Smith
2019-03-05 11:21:23 GMT

Great Expression, good line and Pao do queijo. Good buffet style food at moderate prices. I like the Jeri a in Abadiânia when you drive towards Anápolis.

Juliana Isidorio
2020-09-06 19:18:50 GMT

Nice place to buy some dishes from Goiás. The food is delicious, specially the snacks.

Iury Belo
2020-02-15 15:47:16 GMT

Very good experience, prices are expansive but compensate in the quality.

Luiz Antonio Alves do Carmo
2021-03-07 11:03:25 GMT

Nice place, excellent food and good service.

Elaine Cristina
2020-07-10 17:31:04 GMT


Mrcarlao Augusto
2023-01-05 21:43:55 GMT


Rafael Santos
2019-10-03 20:57:17 GMT

Top d+

Johnattan Manso
2023-01-18 02:38:32 GMT


Equip Casa
2022-08-24 15:45:41 GMT


2021-11-06 16:47:42 GMT


Jeison Almada
2020-07-24 13:10:04 GMT


Silvio leão
2022-06-24 11:04:13 GMT


Pablo Martinez (Pablo´sGourmet)
2022-08-12 18:12:23 GMT


Victor Hugo Satil Dâmaso
2022-04-23 01:20:21 GMT


Estuda “Dah Zord” Djnd
2021-08-17 22:29:42 GMT


Tom “Aroeira” BJJ
2022-03-03 15:37:01 GMT


Ranieri Mesquita
2020-10-12 22:25:52 GMT


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