Cathedral of Notre-Dame of Tournai

Catholic cathedral in Tournai

Updated: March 08, 2024 06:42 PM

Cathedral of Notre-Dame of Tournai is located in Tournai (City in Belgium), Belgium. It's address is Pl. de l'Evêché 1, 7500 Tournai, Belgium.

Pl. de l'Evêché 1, 7500 Tournai, Belgium

J94Q+JJ Tournai, Belgium

+32 69 45 26 50

Questions & Answers

Where is Cathedral of Notre-Dame of Tournai?

Cathedral of Notre-Dame of Tournai is located at: Pl. de l'Evêché 1, 7500 Tournai, Belgium.

What is the phone number of Cathedral of Notre-Dame of Tournai?

You can try to calling this number: +32 69 45 26 50

What are the coordinates of Cathedral of Notre-Dame of Tournai?

Coordinates: 50.6065012, 3.3890157

Cathedral of Notre-Dame of Tournai Reviews

Andrew Streams
2023-06-14 17:11:26 GMT

Lovely cathedral. There are archaeological works being undertaken which are fascinating. Great organ. Some of the renovations may upset some people but really what you are seeing is history unfolding.

2023-07-27 09:06:47 GMT

One of my favorite cathedrals in Europe. Just checked in to see how it looks after renovation. Looks fabulous ! Obligatory spot if you visit Belgium.

Rafay Syed
2020-11-27 12:16:03 GMT

Beautiful and underrated cathedral. Really short walk from the center square of the city, with a panoramic, bird's-eye view from the nearby Belfry. No large crowds of tourists, just emptiness and peace. The interior is also always open to enter and respectfully admire, and is quite beautiful.

Carl Nys
2023-05-19 15:45:39 GMT

Impressive building in one of the most impressive old city centers. Also visit one of the many musea near the center. Read my other reviews.

Victor Ginzburg
2022-06-09 13:15:56 GMT

Tournai cathedral is the world best example of the high romanesque architecture, completed in 13th century.
The best way to appreciate the structure is to see it from the top of the bell tower across the square.

Inne Michielsen
2021-03-14 13:52:21 GMT

Unfortunately the cathedral is in restoration, but we will definitely revisit afterwards!! Very pretty!!

Bart Eekhaut
2020-08-17 16:06:15 GMT

The roman part has been renovated both in and outside, but we'll have to wait probably a few years to have the same splendid view on the gothic part

Dorien Rydant
2024-02-13 18:57:00 GMT

It was worth it to visit !!

Ben Liebrand
2019-04-11 16:59:16 GMT

It was amazing to be able to visit this cathedral.

Lavinia Miron
2019-08-15 19:28:05 GMT

Very impressive Cathedral which combines gothic and romanesque styles.

NeZz Moy
2022-03-06 17:24:23 GMT

Absolutely Very Huge Church

Jean vR
2020-08-11 19:35:08 GMT

Beautiful cathedral in the midst of reparations. the treasure is beautiful although no photos can be taken.
The restoration premises some amazing results and the parts are ready to be seen are breathtaking.
Free entry makes it a place not to be missed in the centre of Tournai.

Philipp Lingenfelser
2019-06-11 06:49:01 GMT

Impressive building with great examples of different styles. Sadly the Gothic choir has been and still is closed due to huge renovation works.
Nice cafes can be found nearby.

Nadim S
2019-08-04 09:23:44 GMT

Great place to see how the church rose from Roman baths to the cathedral you see today. Detailed information about the different ground plans of this sober cathedral. Do visit the treasure chamber, as it is well worth the low admission price.

Radmila Zas
2019-12-22 20:59:03 GMT

How beautiful!!! Amazing and unique

Sandra Webster
2019-07-17 11:12:41 GMT

Beautiful town, Cathedral and Bell Tower.

Michael Kunze
2018-07-30 20:48:10 GMT

Very exiting cathedral. It's not so big but it gives a good impression how the architecture developed since the time of the romans. Beautiful building !

David Sanders
2019-07-27 22:24:07 GMT

If you're in Tournai, don't skip it! Every town in Belgium seems to have a pretty Romanesque or Gothic church, but this is a majestic mideaval cathedral. Inside the church is an area where they have excavated down multiple levels to Roman times.

2021-04-23 09:04:54 GMT

Beautiful! Tournai Cathedral has been on the list of the most important heritage of Wallonia since 1936 and on the World Heritage List since 2000.

Rui Pinto
2018-12-02 14:43:19 GMT

Beautiful. Make a detour if needed because it's worth it. Visit the city. It's small and in 2 hours you're done.

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Tournai or Tournay is a city and municipality of Wallonia located in the Province of Hainaut, Belgium. It lies 89 km by road southwest of the centre of Brussels on the river Scheldt, and is part of Eurometropolis Lille–Kortrijk–Tournai, In 2022, the municipality of Tournai had an estimated population of 68,518 people. source

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