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Updated: March 18, 2024 11:01 PM

John Doe Escape Game is located in Lille (City in France), Belgium. It's address is 6-8 Rue des Jardins, 59800 Lille, France.

6-8 Rue des Jardins, 59800 Lille, France

J3Q9+HC Lille, France

+33 3 62 27 63 99

Check Time Table for John Doe Escape Game

Monday9 AM to 12 AM
Tuesday9 AM to 12 AM
Wednesday9 AM to 12 AM
Thursday9 AM to 12 AM
Friday9 AM to 12 AM
Saturday9 AM to 12 AM
Sunday9 AM to 12 AM

Questions & Answers

Where is John Doe Escape Game?

John Doe Escape Game is located at: 6-8 Rue des Jardins, 59800 Lille, France.

What is the phone number of John Doe Escape Game?

You can try to calling this number: +33 3 62 27 63 99

What are the coordinates of John Doe Escape Game?

Coordinates: 50.6388999, 3.0685229

John Doe Escape Game Reviews

Alex G
2023-10-26 07:16:54 GMT

I took a hen party to John Doe in August and we all had an incredible time. We had a last minute dropout occur and the staff were happy to change up the rooms and refund us the additional place. Even though we failed the escape room, we still all had a great time and the tasks were really innovative.

Cesar Doitte
2023-11-27 15:30:51 GMT

Fun and high in emotions if you play along! The puzzle were fun and satisfying

Jan “Theo” Theobald
2021-11-19 16:09:41 GMT

As an English speaker, it was very nice journey due to the exit game prison! The translations and the hints was good!
I did this with my colleagues tougher an it was a lot of fun!
Tha k you for that!

Jack Wodcke
2023-05-10 12:59:34 GMT

It was a great experience with the family, would definitely recommend and had an enormous amount of fun !

Davy van delsen
2019-07-02 05:32:47 GMT

Just loved it. Already played several escape room but this is one of my top3. Nicely done for riddles and well decorated.when in Lilles and you want and escape room...come over here and enjoy!

Yaël Pelabon
2023-05-06 21:35:13 GMT

I recommend !! That was just an amazing experience. I had a lot of fun, thank you for the great staff

Olivia Chung
2021-12-31 12:31:29 GMT

Just completed The Temple escape room and Agent Dark was amazing!!! She made the experience extremely fun :] thank you!

2023-04-11 04:52:20 GMT

It was very fun and the staff is great ! Totally recommended

Charles-Louis Jeanson
2020-01-05 21:02:20 GMT

Great fun !
We did not make it , but one of my best escape game experience, thrilling !

Nazim Ayad
2023-01-18 00:13:29 GMT

Not bad but little bit expensive...

Adrian SZP
2022-08-12 15:49:19 GMT

Top !

Bob Kelsey
2019-01-30 19:12:29 GMT

We did it! With some help, but anyway =) Can recomend this place

Martin Vielvoye
2022-10-10 10:45:09 GMT

Thanks again, Agent P !

Selth Blackwings
2018-11-04 22:01:02 GMT

Hard with not that many puzzles but the puzzles are very complex.

Didier Vermeulen
2023-04-18 18:04:52 GMT


James Mason
2016-08-29 08:58:36 GMT

Great fun

Laurent Mamelin
2023-01-13 18:57:20 GMT


François-Xavier Bombecke
2020-08-21 16:53:06 GMT


Thomas Watterlot
2020-10-09 20:46:08 GMT

Excellent escape game

Victor Delmas
2019-02-17 13:13:50 GMT


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