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Updated: April 16, 2024 03:51 AM

INTERCONTINENTAL CONTINENTAL HOTEL AND CASINO is located in Luanda (Capital of Angola), Angola. It's address is 56QV+746, Luanda, Angola.

56QV+746, Luanda, Angola

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Coordinates: -8.8118482, 13.2427647


2024-03-13 18:45:55 GMT

I loved this hotel. The staff were excellent, the food was good, the room was spacious and I had the best 4 nights sleep in a comfortable bed.
It is expensive, but for me it was a great stay.

Ari Yeltsin
2023-11-18 13:04:57 GMT

I have been to intercontinental for a business conference and the service was impeccable, the architecture and the view inside the hotel is truly amazing , I hope I get to experience the buffet one day , I’ve heard good things about it

Annie XU (Annie)
2023-10-17 18:46:57 GMT

Thursday Asian night, the food is satisfying. There are Chinese dim sum such as Xiao Long Bao, and chinese cold dishes and hot dishes dishes are great, showing the charm of Chinese cuisine. Desserts and fruits are adequate, especially the chocolate dessert.

2024-02-25 08:32:24 GMT

Beautiful scenery.
Polite and English-speaking staff.
$$$$, but, worth it.

Bruno G. M. Neto
2023-05-15 06:36:48 GMT

I stayed in all "top" Luanda Hotels, but after the opening of the Intercontinental the whole market changed. None of the other hotels, including 5 stars hotels are comparable to the high quality of the provided services by Intercontinental. It is the only real international top hotel chain and the services, all staff (cleaning services, guards, services, restaurants, middle or especially the top management) are amazing and treat you as a special guest. The rooms are beautiful, comfortable mattresses, beautiful marble (and pristine) bathrooms), the view over the city bay... the view...
Other hotels are fine, but none accumulate my 5 stars rating in all different provided services. Thank you for making me feel home every time i am a guest in this amazing Hotel.

Mike Novic
2023-01-26 20:46:44 GMT

Very beautiful hotel with a modern architecture inspired by cruise ship. I stayed in a suite which great, super clean and has a stunning view of the city. Its also ideally located and nearby Marginal a great place for a walk or walk by the sea. The staff is polite and welcoming and you can seat the pool side to chill with good music .

Aldo Espinosa
2023-05-19 05:34:45 GMT

Beautiful hotel, top location in the city. Very friendly and welcoming staff! Nice and modern architecture. Clean, comfortable and tranquil. Excellent quality of food and beverages.

Peter Thewo
2023-11-11 09:41:08 GMT

Great Hotel enjoyed my stay ! Restaurant staff and bar great service!

Eve Went
2023-04-30 13:25:16 GMT

we have the hotel driver and one security man drive us to our boat who were both exceptional. We had severe difficulties getting through immigration and they were amazing and I would like you to tell them how impressed we were as they went well behind the call of duty on the 20th May 2023
We have forgotten their names but please make a note of this on their personal file

Nguienguie Luis
2023-11-07 21:44:18 GMT

Great view, delicious food. My advice is to introduce in the menu angolan food and drinks.

Shelby Kemper
2022-07-24 17:23:20 GMT

The hotel was absolutely wonderful! I had the best stay. I received an upgrade for being a Platinum Ambassador, which was very appreciated. Every interaction with staff, from the moment I arrived until the moment I left, was so kind. I'm not a native Portuguese speaker and everyone took the time to be patient with me and let me practice. The staff learned my name and were so friendly over the course of my stay.

The breakfast buffet has a wide variety and includes made-to-order omelet and crepe stations. The food was very good throughout my stay and they even asked the temperature I wanted my steak for room service! I'm looking forward to the other restuarants opening for a little more variety.

I've stayed at Epic Sana in the past, but moving forward this is definitely my go-to spot for luxury in Luanda.

Peter Mutuku
2022-09-30 11:49:28 GMT

This was my first visit to Angola and my first stay at the hotel.

The hotel is fantastic and modern. The management has taken time to ensure everything is perfect, from the rooms to the service. The are still completi6some of the upper floors of this 23 story hotel but that by no means interferes with the guests comfort. Actually unless you are told you would never know its that good. I highly recommend it.

The breakfast is great with a good selection and super fresh food and pastures. Lunch and dinner are ala carte unlike buffet for breakfast.

I will definitely stay here on my next business trip.

Kazi Irene BoaVentura
2023-05-14 07:19:51 GMT

A beautiful 5 star luxury international hotel. The hotel offers 3 dining resturant, meeting rooms, conference space, full Conciarge Service and excellent service. If you are a IHG member you are immediately recognized and treats as such with special members amenities applied. It's the only luxury hotel in Angola.

Joao Pisco
2023-03-18 16:00:44 GMT

Great hotel with suberb conditions. The rooms are very spacious and well equiped. Super confy beds. The staff is very atencious and welcoming. I was here with my family and I consider that is a suitable hotel to travel with family or in business. Thank you for welcoming us.

Jan W
2022-08-21 10:18:54 GMT

Everyone knows that Intercontinental is top of the pops. Including their pricing politics.
It shouldn't come as a shock. But still.
The buffet restaurant...
35.000 AOA ~ 82 $US, before the beverages. (2022)
The food and service was good, of course. But neither caviar nor oysters in chamber music setting.
Price and quality should be proportionate.

In a country where I don't speak the language, it was nice to engage with well-educated Englishspeaking staff.

The TV channels selection sucked! Big time!
Only American third grade news and movie channels. Plus BBC World and Sky News.
No international, African or local channels. What a shame. Do learn from the Gulf region Intercontinental hotels.
Waisted opportunity to learn something while travelling.

Henrique Almeida
2022-10-11 08:29:32 GMT

The best hotel in Luanda. You can find the the definition of luxury at the InterContinental Luanda with top quality facilities, amazing food and impeccable service. This is by far the best Hotel in Luanda. Last but not least, the director Nuno Neves and his team were always there to provide any assistance needed, including providing a courtesy ride from the hotel to the tennis club on a Saturday when the hotel was full with guests for the funeral of a former president. Parabens!

Giulia Faleri
2024-01-05 08:03:46 GMT

I really appreciated to stay in this hotel. The interiors are stunning, the service is top level and the food is high quality. The hotel is very modern and clean. Rooms are big, with lots of lights, comfortable beds and nice forniture. The ocean view is something incredible: sunset, sunrise, night… every moment is unforgettable with this landscape.

Each day there are different and tasty food choices, especially for breakfast. The food is fresh and is possible to find intercontinental food as well as local food choices.
I would highly recommend to stay at Intercontinental Luanda Miramar for all this positive points and also because its location, Miramar, is central, beautiful and close to lots of amenities: shops, restaurants, corniche, clinics. It really worth 100/100

I liked a lot this place and especially during the new years eve party. The food was super and the music very good. Beautiful decorations and atmosphere both in skylounge and in the pool peri peri

Christa Reynaud
2023-03-22 18:54:15 GMT

Highly recommended to stay here. The staff is professional and friendly and go out of their way to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

Omni Cubes
2021-01-30 23:41:29 GMT

Beautiful, modern building. Great location, at a highly valued part of town, Miramar. Excellent view, sitting on atop a hill, it's got a seafront view and a view to the town centre as well as a historic sites. Ample parking space, two entrances, great restaurant and bar. Friendly staff and great amenities with a pool and swim bar, jewleries, bank and ATMs, ballroom and conference centre

Joao Muacavanda
2024-01-04 22:56:34 GMT

Great bay view from your room, 5 min distance to Luanda bay, where you can walk and exercise every morning.


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