Maxi Supermercado Maianga

Supermarket in Luanda

Updated: March 16, 2024 09:42 AM

Maxi Supermercado Maianga is located in Luanda (Capital of Angola), Angola. It's address is R. João Rodrigues 30, Luanda, Angola.

R. João Rodrigues 30, Luanda, Angola

56HJ+68 Luanda, Angola

+244 222 334 010

Check Time Table for Maxi Supermercado Maianga

Monday7 AM to 9 PM
Tuesday7 AM to 9 PM
Wednesday7 AM to 9 PM
Thursday7 AM to 9 PM
Friday7 AM to 9 PM
Saturday7 AM to 9 PM
Sunday7 AM to 9 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Maxi Supermercado Maianga?

Maxi Supermercado Maianga is located at: R. João Rodrigues 30, Luanda, Angola.

What is the phone number of Maxi Supermercado Maianga?

You can try to calling this number: +244 222 334 010

What are the coordinates of Maxi Supermercado Maianga?

Coordinates: -8.8218897, 13.2307779

Maxi Supermercado Maianga Reviews

Massiel Naranjo Martínez de Cordoves
2021-04-01 12:32:16 GMT

The Maxi is 1 of the supermarket more cheaper than the others. You can buy the essential products. The most that I love is the chicken roast . I absolutely recommend the place

Issa Nshiewat
2021-12-28 22:34:13 GMT

Good for shopping good service and have a nice coffee shop at the entrance

Gilberto Garcia
2019-05-01 16:17:15 GMT

Was busy, one hour of waiting for gril chicken, after all was easy to get away.

Dung Dang
2021-10-15 19:21:56 GMT

Good service, fresh it❤

Cristina Corrente (Bluerose)
2020-09-14 21:20:21 GMT

It is my home shopping. They have a great staff,very helpful .

Gio Alfonsi
2018-03-08 12:48:07 GMT

One of the most convenient shops in Luanda downtown (Marianga). Especially for drinks

Richard Hills
2020-01-07 15:06:12 GMT

Best supermarket I found in central Luanda

2023-03-21 19:16:36 GMT


Muhammad Wajahat
2019-07-06 05:09:38 GMT

Cheapest place to purchase grocerry

Maria Valente
2018-02-20 07:47:13 GMT

Good for big shopping

Generoso Gzua
2021-04-09 13:35:38 GMT

Id like this place

Marlon Vigelandzoon
2018-05-06 14:07:01 GMT

Nice supermarket the centre of Luanda

Alexandra Xana
2021-07-25 15:02:17 GMT


2019-11-16 23:49:03 GMT


Alberto Pereira Sobrinho
2019-03-29 10:45:41 GMT


Cialdine Correia
2017-11-28 21:02:46 GMT


Aércio Da Cruz
2019-05-26 12:01:55 GMT


chapeu de bico
2020-04-03 05:56:33 GMT


Marvelis Rodriguez
2023-11-01 19:30:10 GMT

Bons preços, bom atendimento

Estevão Indji Salvador Esteves Esteves
2023-02-10 15:43:13 GMT

Ouvir dizer não é o mesmo que ver!!!!
Pude visitar muitas lojas desta cidade porem na maxi obtivemos produtos com preços acessíveis cuidados de conservação aceitável. A quem ama mas o dinheiro do que aquele que é o dono do dinheiro porem na maxi a sua receição calorosa foi bweee fixi !!! Por mi estamos juntos.

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