VENDAS/Dino Canjengo

Diamond Merchant in Luanda

Updated: February 27, 2024 03:48 PM

VENDAS/Dino Canjengo is located in Luanda (Capital of Angola), Angola. It's address is 56PJ+43M, Luanda, Clemencia, Angola.

56PJ+43M, Luanda, Clemencia, Angola

+244 936 076 330

Questions & Answers

Where is VENDAS/Dino Canjengo?

VENDAS/Dino Canjengo is located at: 56PJ+43M, Luanda, Clemencia, Angola.

What is the phone number of VENDAS/Dino Canjengo?

You can try to calling this number: +244 936 076 330

What are the coordinates of VENDAS/Dino Canjengo?

Coordinates: -8.8146556, 13.2301756

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About Luanda
Capital of Angola

Luanda is the capital and largest city of Angola. It is Angola's primary port, and its major industrial, cultural and urban centre. source

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