Barber shop in Yancheng District, Kaohsiung City

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5/5 Published: Jan 28, 2023

Translated: Very professional, very fast, very good-looking
Original: 很專業 很快速 很好看

5/5 Published: Jan 28, 2023

Translated: There are three professional barbers. The service is first-class. The fee is cheap
Original: 有三位專業理髮師傅.服務一流.收費平價

5/5 Published: Jan 28, 2023

Translated: The proprietress is amiable and has first-class skills. She will first ask the customers what hairstyle they want, and then make suggestions for the best trimming. The head, neck, and shoulders are so fast that I feel numb all over my body. It is less, and the cost is very close to the people. It is definitely the best choice for the petty bourgeoisie. I think I will become her long-term customer.
Original: 老闆娘待人和藹可親,技術也一流,會先問客人想要什麼髮型,再提出建議做最好的修整, 頭頸肩馬殺雞的手法讓我渾身酥麻,工作造成的疲勞,肌肉僵硬的情況減輕了不少, 而且費用非常親民, 絕對是小資族最好的選擇, 我想我會成為她的長期客人了。

5/5 Published: Jan 28, 2023

Translated: This is a barber shop with a haircut method handed down from the ancient Japanese era. It is very nostalgic. Haircut, shampoo, face shaving, ear digging, facial massage, and mask are only 600 yuan. The haircut in the Japanese era is very enjoyable and comfortable. The most special thing is to shave the face. The barber gently slides the razor across the skin of the face to shave off the facial hair and beard. When the razor moves across the face, you will feel A kind of pleasure that combines fear and comfort, it is an indescribable sense of comfort, this kind of facial shaving is definitely a technique that requires hard work and a long time to learn, otherwise it is easy to hurt the customer's face, enjoy this This kind of shaving service is worth the fare, and this kind of shaving seems to be enjoyed only by us men, and girls' delicate skin is not suitable
Original: 這是一家有著古早日本時代傳下來的理髮方式的理髮店,非常的讓人懷念,理髮加洗髮加修面加挖耳朵加臉部按摩加貼面膜,這樣才600元, 日本時代的理髮方式是很享受很舒服的,最特別的就是修面,理髮師用剃刀輕滑過臉部皮膚,把臉毛.鬍鬚剃掉,當剃刀在臉部划移時你會感受到一種揉合害怕和舒服的快感,那是一種難以言喻的舒服感,這種修面絕對是需要下苦功花很長時間才能學習到的一種技術,不然很容易傷到客人的臉部,享受這種修面的服務就值回票價了,而且這種修面好像是只有我們男人才享受的到,女孩子細嫰的皮膚就不適合了

5/5 Published: Jan 28, 2023

Translated: tech stick
Original: 技術棒

5/5 Published: Jun 29, 2022

Translated: Good big sister, according to the head shape, trim the hairstyle that suits you.
Original: 好大姊,針對頭型修剪出適合你的髮型。

5/5 Published: Apr 29, 2022

Translated: The boss is very skilled!
Original: 老闆娘技術不錯!

5/5 Published: Jan 29, 2020

Translated: Good location. Good service
Original: 地点佳.服務好

4/5 Published: Jan 29, 2019

Translated: The technology and attitude are unmatched by a 100 yuan barber shop.
Original: 技術與態度是100元理髮店不能比的。


No. 53, Dagong Rd, Yancheng District, Taiwan 803

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J7GM+QH Yancheng District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan


Experience 好來鄉理髮廳

好來鄉理髮廳 - Photo Pics


好來鄉理髮廳 - Photo Pics


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