Caranay Store

Supermarket in Alaminos

Updated: March 15, 2024 08:03 AM

Caranay Store is located in Alaminos (City in the Philippines), Philippines. It's address is 2407, National Highway, Bani, Philippines.

2407, National Highway, Bani, Philippines

5VG4+HM Bani, Pangasinan, Philippines

+63 75 553 2140

Questions & Answers

Where is Caranay Store?

Caranay Store is located at: 2407, National Highway, Bani, Philippines.

What is the phone number of Caranay Store?

You can try to calling this number: +63 75 553 2140

What are the coordinates of Caranay Store?

Coordinates: 16.1764911, 119.8566574

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About Alaminos
City in the Philippines

Alaminos, officially the City of Alaminos, is a 4th class component city in the province of Pangasinan, Philippines, and is known for being the home of the Hundred Islands National Park, which is composed of 124 islands and is located off the coast of Barangay Lucap. source

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