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Updated: March 17, 2024 09:26 AM

Palmarium Hotel Ankanin'Nofy is located in Toamasina (City in Madagascar), Madagascar. It's address is 96V7+W9F, Ampanakary, Madagascar.

96V7+W9F, Ampanakary, Madagascar

+261 34 17 729 77

Questions & Answers

Where is Palmarium Hotel Ankanin'Nofy?

Palmarium Hotel Ankanin'Nofy is located at: 96V7+W9F, Ampanakary, Madagascar.

What is the phone number of Palmarium Hotel Ankanin'Nofy?

You can try to calling this number: +261 34 17 729 77

What are the coordinates of Palmarium Hotel Ankanin'Nofy?

Coordinates: -18.6051846, 49.2134211

Palmarium Hotel Ankanin'Nofy Reviews

Carl Nielsen
2023-08-24 19:41:28 GMT

A really nice place/Hotel, very helpful guides who willingly show and tell about the fauna and animals of the area.
The place is now owned by locals, I like that. The entire hotel feeds a small town of around 100 residents, each of whom individually contributes to making it all work.
When you're out swimming, you'll meet a local choir that entertains on the beach.
It is also possible to get out to a small island to see the rare aye aye lemur which is only active at night

Arielle R
2022-04-13 22:16:22 GMT

Enjoyed our stay there, the food was good and the staff was friendly & helpful. Both the staff at Palmarium Reserve and Palmarium Beach catered to our needs.
The bungalow was good value for money given that we were a party of 5, maybe because we visited on offseason.

Ron Backner
2022-11-19 06:22:02 GMT

If you want to se the Aye Aye lemur and other species of lemurs this is the place to stay in. The hotel is beautiful. Your room is a specious hut and the restorant is very good.

Cagan Hakki Sekercioglu
2018-01-20 23:59:38 GMT

Beautiful place and ideal location for seeing the aye aye. You can see other lemurs here too, 6 other species. These seem to be introduced but the aye aye is native. Birding is pretty slow. The scenery is beautiful. However, be careful about going wearing sandals. There are sand fleas here and I got tungiasis after 2 pregnant female sand fleas buried themselves between my toe nails and toes. I extracted one myself and had a doctor extract the other. There are no long-term consequences but you can get secondary infection. So keep your feet covered here!

2019-07-17 12:20:07 GMT

Beautiful settings of, well, rain forest, with romantic bungalows for 2-4 with cute palm tree roofs, lovely deck with loveseat, chairs and hammock, big comfy beds with mosquito nots looking like a fairytale cabins with spacey bathrooms (no doors between bathroom-bedroom). super lovely stuff shows you local fauna and flora. lemurs accompany your days, even meals. oportunity to see, hear and meet at least 3-4 species of lemurs plus aye-aye (separate island for protection). great food, great drinks. little cute beach, bbq possible. stairs! getting to and off by boat after 7km in 4x4 (around 20 minuts on quite bumpy roads), not sure if suitable for wheelchairs (probably not - or maybe they will carry you, try and ask?). anyway, WOULD RECOMMEND. bottled water for drinking and personal hygiene (ladies) recommended by our guide all over madagascar.

gruntpig traveling
2018-10-22 12:34:19 GMT

Fantastic place to see lemurs close up . The cabins are basic but have their own shower and wc . they are great to stay . Especially if you want to hear the indri and lemurs sounds next to your cabin . Once heard you will never forget

Helen Allen
2023-10-31 14:01:23 GMT

The Palmarium is in a stunning location in it's own reserve. The guides were very knowledgeable and adept at finding the smallest of species even at night. The lodges are fitted out well albeit without hot water. WiFi if you are desperate is in the communal areas. We were first woken at about 4.30am by the sound of the Indris and then others joined in. Good fun to watch the lemurs make their way down to the tables to drink out of the vases.

Sethu T
2023-06-30 07:16:03 GMT

Nice Hotel in good location. Limited electricity, limited wifi. Keep gadgets aside and enjoy nature.

Jan Marvin
2022-10-09 19:38:10 GMT

Great great great resort! Stuff is very nice, the food is great and the island/jungle is incredible! Very interesting tours, super guides!!

Thomas Berli
2014-08-06 09:54:13 GMT

Fantastic place! Nice atmosphere and food, but especially the little reserve with all its Lemurs is fantastic! This is the place to be if you want an up-close Lemur encounter.

Izak Kapi
2023-01-03 15:06:33 GMT

My favorite stay of my Madagascar vacation. Amazing location and great staff.

Richard Rain
2023-04-17 14:13:45 GMT

Excellent exo losge. So many oemures and swimming is great.

2022-12-01 14:27:58 GMT

I had a great stay there! I would definitely recommend.

Jennifer Ziegler
2022-07-03 15:52:52 GMT

Lemurs literally everywhere! Amazing staff. Great food!!!

BZEN ebikes
2022-12-29 12:54:46 GMT

Amazing nature. Very nice hotel.

Mehmet Sakinc
2016-06-05 17:05:35 GMT

Magnificant place, in the littoral forest on the sands and Lemurs and Aye-Aye

2020-02-04 14:17:10 GMT

Love here

Crystal Harris
2017-09-22 22:23:01 GMT

Nice I love it!

Henry Berton
2024-01-05 13:01:13 GMT

Wunderbares Resort, alle Bungalows direkt an der Steilküste mit direktem Zugang zum Meer.
Inklusive sehr neugieriger Lemuren.
Sehr schön, nur zu empfehlen, obwohl es natürlich etwas teurer ist als im Landesinneren.

volana marchadour
2024-01-23 08:37:01 GMT

La Palmarium est très bien car nous pouvons voir les différentes espèces de lémuriens en liberté. Le service est de bonne qualité ainsi que votre accueil.

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Toamasina, meaning "like salt" or "salty", unofficially and in French Tamatave, is the capital of the Atsinanana region on the east coast of Madagascar on the Indian Ocean. source

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