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Updated: March 16, 2024 04:26 PM

Hosen-in is located in Otsu (City in Japan), Japan. It's address is 187 Oharashorinincho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto, 601-1241, Japan.

187 Oharashorinincho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto, 601-1241, Japan

4RCM+GH Kyoto, Japan

+81 75-744-2409

Check Time Table for Hosen-in

Monday9 AM to 5 PM
Tuesday9 AM to 5 PM
Wednesday9 AM to 5 PM
Thursday9 AM to 5 PM
Friday9 AM to 5 PM
Saturday9 AM to 5 PM
Sunday9 AM to 5 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Hosen-in?

Hosen-in is located at: 187 Oharashorinincho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto, 601-1241, Japan.

What is the phone number of Hosen-in?

You can try to calling this number: +81 75-744-2409

What are the coordinates of Hosen-in?

Coordinates: 35.121335, 135.8339816

Hosen-in Reviews

Apolinaras ŠKIKŪNAS
2024-01-01 11:36:46 GMT

An exclusive place with a special energy, cozy gardens and all lovely surroundings. It's definitely worth a visit to indulge your soul.

Ashton Lee
2023-05-04 07:25:40 GMT

What is worth dying for? As you walk past tranquil rock gardens & enter the tea room under the shade of the Mount Fuji shaped pine tree you notice the ceiling wood’s beautiful coloring stained by a great sacrifice. A bloody footprint here… The death mask print of a warrior long gone there... For over 400 years ago the Lord Samurai Tototado and 370 of his samurai defended Fushumi castle in Kyoto from a great siege by opposition forces. Vastly outnumbered Tototado’s samurai held the castle for 11 days of bloody combat. With nothing left to give the Samurai finally ritually commuted sepukku on the 11th day. With their lives forfeit they would not become hostages or trading pieces. What did they die for? Everything. They held off a greater forces & gave their lord Tokugawa Ieyasu the time needed to rally his forces for the decisive battle. Which they won. Ushering in 200 years of a continuous peace. The blood stained floor boards of Fushimi castle during now peaceful time were used at three separate temples one of which you are now reading about here. Not as flooring beneath ones feet but as ceilings. To keep above one’s head. Top of the mind. To not forget. To honor. So think of this as you drink your freshly ground tea and enjoy your sweet snack. The sacrifices that shape battles. The battles that shake history. The actions that echo on into eternity.

Xian Jie Lee (XJ)
2018-06-13 17:53:09 GMT

Hosenin has a beautiful garden just behind the ticketing counter that most visitors miss out on. The main garden with the 700-year-old tree shaped like Mt Fuji with its blood ceilings from Fushimi Castle are the main attraction, bjt don’t miss out on the other garden either! Entry is expensive at ¥800, but it comes with a bowl of matcha.

Liz Mudry
2023-11-05 14:15:34 GMT

There are so many beautiful things to see in this little temple. And the staff is so sweet! I've lived in Kyoto and have visited many temples; Hosen-in has always been my favorite.

Hyunsoo Cho
2018-11-02 15:16:17 GMT

If you miss here during Kyoto trip, you will regret. Hosenin Temple is smaller than Sanjen Temple, however, it is worth a visit to have meditation and refresh. Don’t forget to take free tea and sweet. You should pay it in Other temples.

Vadim Krisyan
2019-05-26 15:58:30 GMT

Ohara is a nice 1/2 day trip from Kyoto. This temple and the neighbor one are great to rest and enjoy some serenity moments. You can consume green tea as wel!!

Doc Halladay
2023-05-14 11:43:44 GMT

The ‘Zen’-ness will depend a lot on who’s there. Group tours might ruin the experience. But all in all, it is a tranquil place and well-kept. Definitely worth visiting if you decide to get up early and spend about half-day in Ohara

Richard Smittenaar
2016-09-03 13:14:03 GMT

Famous for an old tree, but the mixed dry rock and plant garden also attached was far more interesting, and seems to be a rare type, as far as I can tell after a holiday of temples.

2017-11-18 09:08:39 GMT

Beautiful temple. Incredibly serene. If you have the chance, go in the Autumn (from November) for the night time showing. This I felt was the most spiritual of all the temples in the area.

Vincent Giersch
2023-11-10 10:34:21 GMT

Loved it!

2016-11-30 06:10:08 GMT

I think here is better than SanJenIn, not crowded, and very calm, relaxed. Here also gives you a cookie and tea...

Gwendolyn Wong
2017-03-13 13:43:05 GMT

An excellent garden/temple like what others have said below, PLUS a lesser-known gruesome past. Don't forget to checkout the ceiling's wooden planks when you are in the hall. Details of its tragic yet honorable past are entailed in the brochure and in a calligraphy frame (in Japanese) hang at the center of the temple hall. Its history will surely give you an unusual feeling on how you experience the seemingly serene ambiance.

2017-12-28 07:30:38 GMT

Nice garden view,
When it rains, It must be a perfect place!
I love the experience in there =)

Thế giới Khám phá (Sơn NS)
2021-12-17 09:14:13 GMT

“Hosen-in Temple”

Hosen-in Temple is a temple of the Tendaishu sect located north of the hchuaf Sanzen-in in Ohara, Kyoto. The temple was built in 1012 as a temple of Shorin-in. There are two gardens in the temple grounds. The first garden is Bankanen; From the room, looking through the gap between the pillars can clearly see the bamboo grove and Ohara village on the opposite side, and that image is like capturing the landscape in a picture frame so this garden is also called is "Gakubuchi" (picture frame). The second garden is Tsurukameteien - built in the middle of the Edo period; this is a famous garden with a lake shaped like a crane, a mountain simulating the shape of a tortoise, seeing the ancient garden of gardenia as the scene of Horaisan mountain (Bong Lai mountain); This wonderful view can be enjoyed through the fox window. In addition, in this garden, there are over 300 years old luxuriant Sala trees.

In addition, the Chitenjo (blood ceiling) relocated from Fushimi Castle in Genkoan is also a highlight of Hosen-ji Temple (there is also a "blood ceiling" at Genko-an Temple in Takagamine). These are the floor tiles at Fushimi Castle - which was once soaked with the blood of hundreds of martial artists under Torii Mototada - a close loyalist of Tokugawa, who fought with Mitsunari Ishida's army and committed suicide here. In order for the souls who died in the fierce battle that year to rest in peace, floor tiles in Fushimi Castle were used as ceilings in five temples, including Hosen-ji Temple. Today, when we look at the ceiling that still has these bloodstains, we will understand how fierce the war in the warring States period was. In addition, at Hosen-ji Temple, there is another point not to be missed, which is a 700-year-old Japanese white pine tree shaped in the shape of Mount Omifuji (Mount Fuji of the Omi region).

Mika a
2019-08-30 12:53:16 GMT

Drink match tea in front of nature 🍵 Amazing!

Tharit Bunteongjit
2015-12-13 11:36:37 GMT

Picturesque landscape of old garden, served with green tea and Japanese dessert. Very unique experience. Although, ticket price is quite high.

Gavin Zau
2017-02-04 23:29:47 GMT

Small temple but has fantastic garden. There is one side with a 700 year old pine tree and the other side is a magical garden. Definitely worth a visit.

Kitty Kitty
2018-11-11 05:31:41 GMT

Beautiful garden with a 700 year old tree. Sipping matcha while taking in the view is a religious experience in itself.

2016-10-10 14:07:56 GMT

I had great time here. Ticket is including matcha and mochi. Hosenin would makes you relax and comfortable.

2019-03-12 14:08:36 GMT

great place near Kyoto

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