IRD D6 (University) is located in Liwā’ al Bādiyah ash Shamālīyah al Gharbīyah, Mafraq, Jordan. Address of IRD D6 is North West Badiah District, Jordan. IRD D6 has quite many listed places around it and we are covering at least 74 places around it on



North West Badiah District, Jordan

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Digital Address (Plus Code)

78VP+Q3 Zaatari Village, Jordan

Google Map Location

32.2944218, 36.3352146

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  • University

frequently asked questions (FAQ):

Where is IRD D6?

IRD D6 is located at: North West Badiah District, Jordan.

What are the coordinates of IRD D6?

Latitude: 32.2944218
Longitude: 36.3352146

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