Fortress of Machaerus

Historical place in Madaba

Updated: April 20, 2024 04:28 AM

Fortress of Machaerus is located in Madaba (City in Jordan), Jordan. It's address is HJ8F+XPM, Madaba, Jordan.

HJ8F+XPM, Madaba, Jordan

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Questions & Answers

Where is Fortress of Machaerus?

Fortress of Machaerus is located at: HJ8F+XPM, Madaba, Jordan.

What are the coordinates of Fortress of Machaerus?

Coordinates: 31.5674615, 35.6242878

Fortress of Machaerus Reviews

Judy Pos
2024-02-05 08:24:30 GMT

Stunning views and site! Easy to reach with a car and the hike up us very short.

Isra Benedetti
2023-12-05 14:53:43 GMT

Very beautiful place, speaking about both history and religion, love it ❤

Ammad Zafar
2023-09-12 13:08:38 GMT

Amazing place. Beautiful views of the dead sea. This was a fortress under Harold Antipas around 1 BC and he said to have imprisoned John the Baptist (Yahya a.s) and later beheaded him here.

Joshua Andrew
2017-11-23 18:43:23 GMT

The place where John the Baptist was imprisoned and beheaded. A true piece of history. Castle was destroyed by an earthquake in the 1900s so all that is left of it is its ruins. There's quite a fair bit of walking to do to get to the top of the hill but it's definitely worth it! Lovely scenic view of the dead sea as well.

Cherry Lau
2019-01-06 07:32:31 GMT

Magnificent view. You should definitely spare some time to walk all the way to the top of the ruins of the fortress. Its a bit slippery with small rocks and could be a bit tiring for those who are physically inactive; but its totally worth it! Amazing view up there and during the hike. Bring a water bottle and your camera!
For those with biblical background, this is said to be the place where Herod the Great built his fortress and where John the Baptist was imprisoned and later beheaded.

World Traveller
2018-11-07 08:01:05 GMT

The place is the fortress where John the Baptist was beheaded. It's the ruined palace with only two pillars distinguishable. You have to trek a bit to reach there, but not that hard. You can also find a prison cell where he was

Reema Ann Mathew
2020-02-21 12:52:32 GMT

Its beautiful place but lots to walk. Once you reach the top we can find remains of the fort. I dont reccomend it for people who have trouble walking.

Mohd Salam Younes
2018-04-08 08:10:46 GMT

It's part of Christian pilgrimage places in Jordan, related to the decapitation of John the Baptist, not far from Dead sea nor Ma'en natural hot baths where Herodotus the great used to treat himself, the zone is extremely magnificent, many interesting trails and suitable accommodation in Madaba 35km from the fortress

Abel Tasnady
2019-03-05 08:23:00 GMT

Come here for the terrific view. They are still digging for ruins and it's there's not much to see yet.

Ivo Ebel
2019-03-10 06:27:50 GMT

Excellent views and nice walk. Come in the late afternoon, if closed you can go around the fence, it's ok.

Abdelazim Sultan
2021-07-09 14:38:13 GMT

A very spiritual place!! Walking up the mountain is one of the unforgettable experiences! Once you are up the mountain, the air is uniquely refreshing!

Rick Nerud
2019-04-09 14:33:55 GMT

Many people told me it was not worth the extra drive & time. That there was nothing to see, just a couple pillars that were placed there, and a floor, that's it... BUT we took our tour and we loved it! The view is absolutely amazing! When you see the location and the surrounding topography with your own eyes it was very obvious why the Fortress of Machearus & later Herod's palace was built there with it's commanding view and natural 360 degree defensive position! Then to understand the history of the Herod's, that included Philip & Antipas, and Antipas married to the Nabatean King Aretas' daughter, then divorcing her for his brother Philip's wife Herodias and the resulting war that Herod lost....
Then the Bible study from Luke 3:1-2 that historically gives all the tetrarches and the reason Herod Antipas was there...then Matt 14:1-5, giving the reason why John the Baptist was imprisoned there, then Matt 12:2-6, that tells of John's desire to ensure Jesus was truly the Messiah, and the compassionate response Jesus sent back, (but did not go back to set him free or to save his physical life), and lastly back to Matt 14:6-12, and the beheading of John the Baptist.
From all this we have three Christian Life lessons:
1. There are sometimes costs for standing for righteousness. (See Foxe's Book of Martyrs)
2. It's understandable to sometimes doubt, but WHEN we do, just like Jesus sent confirmation to John by reassuring him that He was fulfilling Isaiah 61:1-2, go back to God's word to reaffirm your faith.
3. God has a purpose for your life! John fulfilled the purpose for his life, to fulfill Isaiah 40:3-4 & Malachi 3:1-3, 4:5-6. What is God's purpose for your life?!

Ladislav Velebil
2022-03-09 17:51:20 GMT

The ruins are insignificant, but the view over surroundings is spectacular and in my opinion worth the visit.

Adéla Suchomelová
2023-04-22 12:50:56 GMT

We came around 8 a.m. on a week day and we were there alone - not even anyone at the ticket office so we didn't pay anything. About 15-20 minute hike to the top, where you get a nice view of the Dead see.

Daniel Lim
2022-11-21 14:19:22 GMT

Takes approx 30 mins from car park to the fortress. Need to climb down flight of steep stairs, then uphill walk to the top. Fantastic views of the dead sea and the surrounding mountains.

Amanda Jolley
2019-11-17 15:27:08 GMT

This is a beautiful place with amazing views. The stone steps coming down from the visitor center are steep in places, and the hike up the hill is also steep. It is worth it though - I did the hike in about 25 minutes, and I am not in good shape. It is beautiful at the top - walk around to see the ruins and the views. The hike back was almost more treacherous - it's very steep, and they have not finished installing the stone walkway.

Akhil P
2018-08-29 18:20:33 GMT

It is believed that John the Baptist was killed in this fort. Now only few remains of the fort is present here. A deserted area near Amman. Bed wins used to live in these areas.

Mike Akpami
2021-09-01 16:35:54 GMT

A reminder of the need for men like John the Baptist who will speak truth to people who are in power, no matter the cost. A call to sacrificial living.

Bilal Nazir
2023-07-04 09:52:31 GMT

If you want to visit this place . Visit in evening or after rain to get a better view of Jerusalem. Otherwise don't visit.

Mutha Trucka
2020-09-11 14:56:23 GMT

This is one of my favorite historical sites to visit in Jordan. I really like that there are no fences and you can roam around as much as you want. Make sure you take a look at the super deep cave on the side of the hill under the fortress, facing the parking lot.

Also be aware that if you visit, you'll have to climb a pretty steep hill to get there. It's nothing crazy but if it's hot outside, you'll be sweating quite a bit. There is pretty much no shade there (other than the caves)

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