Ferretería Bambu

Hardware Shop in Sonaguera

Updated: March 14, 2024 04:26 AM

Ferretería Bambu is located in Sonaguera (Town in Honduras), Honduras. It's address is RP45+VJ9, Bambu, Río Esteban, Honduras.

RP45+VJ9, Bambu, Río Esteban, Honduras

Questions & Answers

Where is Ferretería Bambu?

Ferretería Bambu is located at: RP45+VJ9, Bambu, Río Esteban, Honduras.

What are the coordinates of Ferretería Bambu?

Coordinates: 15.8071547, -86.290888

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About Sonaguera
Town in Honduras

Sonaguera is a town, with a population of 15,730, and a municipality in the Department of Colón, Honduras, Central America, located approximately one hour southeast of La Ceiba. Sonaguera Municipality has a population of 48,087. source

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