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Updated: April 15, 2024 08:25 AM

Achimota Golf Club is located in Lapaz (Town in Ghana), Ghana. It's address is JQGH+X6X, Accra, Ghana.

JQGH+X6X, Accra, Ghana

+233 54 410 0052

Check Time Table for Achimota Golf Club

Monday6 AM to 5 PM
Tuesday6 AM to 4:30 PM
Wednesday6 AM to 4:30 PM
Thursday6 AM to 4:30 PM
Friday6 AM to 4:30 PM
Saturday6 AM to 4:30 PM
Sunday6 AM to 4:30 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Achimota Golf Club?

Achimota Golf Club is located at: JQGH+X6X, Accra, Ghana.

What is the phone number of Achimota Golf Club?

You can try to calling this number: +233 54 410 0052

What are the coordinates of Achimota Golf Club?

Coordinates: 5.6274819, -0.2218888

Achimota Golf Club Reviews

Samcilla Baakojr
2022-03-21 19:29:25 GMT

Drive pass the Achimota Police Station (when you're coming from Achimota New station), towards the Achimota Hospital and School. The road on your left under the bridge leads to the Golf Club whilst the road on your right leads to the Hospital and school.

The Golf Club, well-maintained fairways and greens, has a welcoming relaxed atmosphere. Closed Mondays and Fridays but you can almost always get a Tee time with a couple of day's notice.

It has a good driving range/academy with inexpensive pros on Hand for tution.

The course is within a distinctive environment in Accra that is also surrounded by music from churches and event grounds for funerals, particularly on weekends.

Derrick Acquah
2023-08-31 17:42:11 GMT

It a nice place,u feel the atmosphere of nature bcox The forest is all around and the area is Seren. I loved the place the moment I got there.

limbs kunta
2024-03-01 17:20:13 GMT

A very nice place with joy

Selorm Peter
2017-11-05 13:59:29 GMT

This is where I open my cane and bamboo production shop, u can also pay me a visit for more.

Kojo Bonney
2024-04-11 20:29:46 GMT

Very nice

Harry A
2023-07-06 20:48:13 GMT

Beautiful landscape for golf lovers and, non golfers. Very good amenities

emmobee defresh
2023-11-29 15:18:24 GMT

Cool for playing ur games

vivian obeng mensah
2020-10-10 07:20:41 GMT

To tell u what, I didn't really enter the place tho, I just passed by infront of the golf club, so can't really say much, but looking at how the entrance is I think it will be a great place to be. And I saw people driving inside, some whites and blacks. I think its a great place

Raymond Amezado
2024-01-30 20:43:07 GMT

Best Golf Club ⛳ in Ghana

Kwame Adu Manu
2019-02-04 00:19:25 GMT

Well anything Achimota related is pretty awesome. Great golf course and always well kept attended to. This is a great destination to relax and play some golf. Lessons are also provided for newbies. And oh you should proceed to take a tour of the legendary Achimota School after some rounds of golf course. Hopefully soon golf will be added to the sports curriculum.

samuel gyimah
2023-12-26 20:50:38 GMT

The best Golf course 👌

Nii Nartey
2018-06-15 13:38:49 GMT

Nicer than I had imagined. The only memories I had about golf in Ghana were from the terrible images GTV used to show back in the 90's, so I had very low expectations going in. The place is well developed and the golf course looked really nice and neat. There's also a shop that has everything you'll need for golfing. Kudos to the people running the place.

Franklin Nii Anyetei Ako
2018-09-21 22:16:40 GMT

A very nice golf course that is normally and occasionally used to host both local and international golf competitions in the country.

People can enroll as club members and enjoy themselves whilst fraternising with a crop of people from different walks of life.

Apart from the main courses they have practice courses for newbies and and very young ones.

The strategic location of the golf course in the country makes it very historic and easily accessible from all parts of the city

After playing golf, one can find various refreshment items at the club house. Be it fruit juices, beers, cocktails and various types of drinks.

It's the ideal place for business meetings and even stand up programs. The cooperate fraternity also or mostly hosts serious and different tournaments there.

It the ideal place to stay for your cool afternoon relaxation because driving through the Shaddy cool Forrest is very ideal and very pleasant because one can at least stay under the shade during a hot sunny day.

I will always recommend this place for both family gate away relaxation or pleasure or friends or workers retreat.

I remember how pleasant it was having a sweet picnic during an old school reunion, meeting friends that I have not met for over twenty one years and over.

Just visit there and then write your review to attract friends, family and even tourists to enjoy the famous Achimota Golf Club.

Note that membership is open to only serious people or the general public who are willing to abide by the laws and principles of the club.

Ms B
2020-10-28 18:31:18 GMT

Great Golf Range💃🏽🥰😍

2019-05-25 15:00:02 GMT

Awesome place we thank the Chairman and our Golf coach Mr.Wincoat and Mr.Samsung for providing platform to all the golfers. The tournament was a wonderful experience.

Godfrey H
2022-06-05 16:23:23 GMT

8km, refreshing greens always.

Joe Okine
2022-08-19 21:50:52 GMT

A very good place to play golf for pleasure or competition....evergreen place with good air with good air space and spectacular sounds of birds around

Saviour Fianu
2021-02-17 19:48:45 GMT

One of the best if not the best golf park in Ghana. Great place to network whilst engaging in physical activity.

Samuel Olowo
2021-05-29 14:48:39 GMT

The Achimota Golf Club posses one of the best course in Africa , with dynamic landscapes, well structured inter twine workways. Its some ten Kilometers north of Accra in the grounds of Achimota School

Jason Marais
2023-09-07 12:15:43 GMT

Lovely place a must see

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