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Updated: March 12, 2024 11:45 AM

Vos' Your Independent Grocer Port Perry is located in Port Perry (Town in Ontario, Canada), Canada. It's address is 1893 Scugog St, Port Perry, ON L9L 1H9, Canada.

1893 Scugog St, Port Perry, ON L9L 1H9, Canada

4337+43 Port Perry, Ontario, Canada

+1 905-985-9772

Check Time Table for Vos' Your Independent Grocer Port Perry

Monday8 AM to 6 PM
Tuesday7 AM to 9 PM
Wednesday7 AM to 9 PM
Thursday7 AM to 9 PM
Friday7 AM to 9 PM
Saturday7 AM to 9 PM
Sunday7 AM to 9 PM

Questions & Answers

Where is Vos' Your Independent Grocer Port Perry?

Vos' Your Independent Grocer Port Perry is located at: 1893 Scugog St, Port Perry, ON L9L 1H9, Canada.

What is the phone number of Vos' Your Independent Grocer Port Perry?

You can try to calling this number: +1 905-985-9772

What are the coordinates of Vos' Your Independent Grocer Port Perry?

Coordinates: 44.102845, -78.937275

Vos' Your Independent Grocer Port Perry Reviews

Sarah Davidson
2023-09-04 00:17:18 GMT

I ordered 6 trays for my brothers wedding from the deli expecting to have to do my own tweaking and last minute touches.
I was so incredibly impressed with the beautifully presented trays made by their deli manager that I didn’t have to do anything other than open the lids. She came in early so they were fresh and perfect for the occasion.
I can’t say thank you enough.

2020-07-12 01:32:18 GMT

Stopped in to get a few things on the way home from a full day Of Visiting Port Perry.They did have some greet me at the door . I like that. Its not a huge store but for a smaller town it's perfect. They do have a beer selection, and a Joe Fresh clothing store inside. On checkout we lined up and a manager told us which cashier to go to . Not a long wait. My cashier was amazing I wish I had got her name . She helped me and explained the points card system and how to redeem. thank you.

T Lange
2023-07-29 01:09:14 GMT

We got a flat tire in the parking lot and the staff were incredibly helpful, specifically the cart attendant outside. We didn't get his name, but he stayed and helped us as best he could. They also let us put our groceries in a fridge while we changed the tire so nothing would go bad. Thanks guys, you made a very stressful situation a lot more manageable!

Sherzod Shukurov
2023-09-04 04:45:47 GMT

The view behind the store to Port Perry Beach was amazing

Mellow Miles
2023-06-04 15:05:59 GMT

We went to a park nearby on a holiday and we were delighted that this grocery store was open. We bought some prepared meals. The price was reasonable and has great portions. The place was clean and well stacked items. Employees who served us were friendly.

Dona Moore
2023-04-04 15:39:42 GMT

I pass through Port Perry at least once a month, and I schedule a grocery shop there every time.
The produce is fresh and plentiful, the bakery is simply sumptuous, grocery ailes are front faced, beer aisle has a wide selection; all the hard work of the associates. I always come out with fresh flowers. Last but not least are the friendly and efficient front line workers.
Congratulations to management and staff for your outstanding store.

2024-01-08 03:39:30 GMT

Large clean store, polite and helpful staff

Mirko Mandic
2023-10-15 21:46:25 GMT

Incredible fresh..cheaper than other food stores

Brandon Puckrin
2023-09-02 15:31:15 GMT

If you get there early enough, there's tons of excellent selections at reasonable prices.

Kathy Dobbie
2023-09-08 08:15:04 GMT

Love this grocery store an the staff ,alittle pricey but

Debbie Crawford
2023-03-23 01:26:33 GMT

Just a thank you for your wonderful and generous gift of flowers to West Shore Village today. You made so many residents happy.

DurgaVara Prasad Bali
2022-01-02 22:18:17 GMT

Prices are reasonable. The Joe Fresh store inside has great discounts running and I got a good shirt for $14. We also got muffins, strudels and cup cakes in discount for just $7 all together in an offer.

Sarah Caroline Smith
2023-03-23 14:28:31 GMT

Really good quality for fruits! I go here from Whitby to get big bags of flour! Staff is friendly.

Susan Prange
2023-03-01 19:32:40 GMT

This store is clean and very well stocked. There's always plenty of cashiers and helpful staff

anna mitchell
2023-07-25 19:45:50 GMT

Good chicken wings and sometimes I luck out and find brisket.
Average prices

Ron Routh
2022-10-23 00:57:04 GMT

We haven't been in Vos' Independent for several years. The transformation is sensational. The store ranks with Brown's Independent in Stittsville. The Port Hope Independent could take lessons from both.

julie mcnee
2022-05-11 16:23:11 GMT

Well toda y I had a great experience with butcher he was really helpful.. He cut up a huge prime roast into small steaks.. He was very thoughtful. Thank you...

Karen Freund
2023-06-17 01:52:23 GMT

Love this grocery store. Good selection, wonderful employees, and I love the flower/plant selection.

2023-01-05 17:34:24 GMT

Visited The area and was getting hungry, Vos was an excellent choice with their hot take away. Friendly staff and excellent service. Thank you

John DeFields
2022-04-18 23:19:16 GMT

Excellent, well laid out store. The produce section is especially well stocked and fresh. I was very impressed! Friendly helpful staff.

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Port Perry is a community located in Scugog, Ontario, Canada. The town is located 84 kilometres northeast of central Toronto, north of Oshawa, and east of Whitby. Port Perry has a population of 9,553 as of 2021. Port Perry serves as the administrative and commercial centre for the township of Scugog. source

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